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Growing in Consciousness Aligning

Susan Kramer


1. Acceptance
2. Accessing and Harmonizing into our Higher Self
3. Affirmations
4. Agelessness
5. Aligned
6. Analyze, Accept, Incorporate Repeatedly
. Attitudes Underlie Thinking, Speaking and Acting

8. Awareness Precedes Change
9. Becoming More Conscious Step by Step
10. Be-ing in the Present, Moment to Moment to Moment
11. Beyond Earth-Bound Reality
12. Conscious Communion, Conscious Harmony
13. Developing a Discerning Mind, Developing Will Power
14. Earth—Our Planetary Airport
15. Energy of Happiness

16. Finding Love, Defining Love
17. Flow of Energy, The
18. Hardware, Software
19. Heaven or Hell?
20. Housekeeping
21. Humanity's Goal
22. Impressions Imprinting
23. Input's Influence
24. Is Lying Ever Justified?
25. Journeying
26. Loosening the Knots in our Heart
27. Love and Science—One in Consciousness
28. Loving Wisdom
29. Making Memories
30. Mastering the Master-Disciple Relationship
link to Part II; writings numbered 31—59

1. Acceptance

Being gracious and relaxed
with the outcome of a situation
even if it turns out differently than anticipated

Each of us is a part of the whole. To retain our personal peace of mind, we need only play our part the best we can.

In relationships, we retain our peace of mind when we remember that we are here to control our own actions—but not the actions of other independent adults. And acting for the highest good of ourselves and others gives us the greatest peace of mind. If we act selfishly instead, our mind and body will feel uneasy and restless.

When results are not what we had anticipated, we can look to see why. Then we will see more of the variables that brought about a different outcome from what we wanted or expected to happen. This observation will aid us in understanding that each of us has our own path leading to a desired result.

When we think and act as if our way is the only way, we limit our knowledge of options that we may find useful in similar situations in the future.

Aligning with and acting for the highest good
Allowing others the freedom to make
and act on their own choices, free of our control
Developing kindness by showing empathy and being self-giving
All the while preserving our peace of mind
by following our voice of conscience
Following our voice of conscience consistently
Enjoying our growing consciousness constantly

2. Accessing and Harmonizing into our Higher Self

Accessing our Higher Self
by following our conscience
allows us to live
in our fullest consciousness

We harmonize our actions into our Higher Self when we follow the prodding's of our intuition and our conscience. Each day we flow into and out of the various following forms of conscious and unconscious awareness —all impacting and forming our overall state of consciousness. And when we live our lives by following our conscience consistently, we grow into our fullest potential of conscious awareness.

Waking Awareness…

Thoughts running through our mind, upon which we choose to act—consciously by evaluating the whole situation—or from our automatic subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind being our storehouse of past experiences and reactions; programmed responses that are colored by our physical energy, attitude, and emotion of the moment.

Dream State…

Watching and participating in events without the limits our physical body, morality, or rational mind impose on us in our waking state.

Deep Sleep…

Without being preoccupied in our mind's ramblings, our physical body rejuvenates.


Like its name—super—in this state of consciousness we can find out what we need to—know to function optimally in the moment. It is our lifeline connecting us to the aspect of our Creator/Sustainer living within us. Being consciously aware in this state moves us into the ‘director’s seat’ of our life. And as the conscious director of our actions we can make use of the various options to produce a beautiful ‘play’ of life. In another example: A super giant is a star that is many times larger and brighter than our sun. As such, it has a greater luminosity and storehouse of energy than our sun. Our Higher Self is our own super giant and our usual waking awareness is like our sun. We get along and survive with our sun, but by contacting and using the directed energy of our ‘super giant’ Higher Self, we have a more fulfilling life, because we are harmonizing with a powerful and all-knowing Source of what is just right for us at any given moment. It is during the state of usual waking awareness that we can best utilize the superconscious information available to us.

How can we experience our Higher Self residing in us? And how do we integrate its usefulness into our usual waking functions and awareness?

When we pay attention to and follow our conscience we grow into and harmonize with the directive of our Higher Self.

Learning how to become fully aware of and use all of our aspects, is part of the natural progression of our evolution.

Our conscience is the part of our Higher Self that assists us in acting for the best interests of ourselves and others in a given situation. It is discriminative. The conscience evaluates the entire situation with all its ramifications before drawing a conclusion. It’s message directs us to the way that allows us to feel most easeful in our physical body when thinking about the situation. As soon as we stray in our mind or actions from the directive of our Higher Self, we get some sort of distress signal, reflected by how our body feels. Some of these signals are: tension headaches, digestive upsets, lack of vitality, inability to concentrate, feeling emotionally upset—we lose our feeling of being in harmony with life.

By listening to our conscience, following the options that feel comfortable to us—as read by our body feeling easeful and our mind feeling peaceful--and by not disrupting anyone else’s harmony and peace, we make use of the awareness of our Higher Self.

We hear our conscience ‘speak’ to us when we are in a calm state of mind. Otherwise we can’t hear that little quiet voice within that lets us know right from wrong for the situation we are in or considering. When we are feeling stress we have trouble discerning the best course to follow. In order to access the wisest course, we can step back from ourselves and the situation for a few moments. This can be done by taking a few deep breaths, closing our eyes, and allowing our body to relax fully. In our mind we can look at the situation for what it is—a situation—a happening in the world that we are participating in, but that is not attached to us as part of our beingness. We see our situations more objectively when our emotions and self-centered ego can step aside. From a relaxed body and objective mind we more easefully tune into the best course to follow.

By listening to and following our conscience, which works in conjunction with our Superconscious—expanded awareness—we are harmonizing our Higher Self into our state of usual waking awareness. Then we are really functioning as an integrated unit. We are enjoying life in its fullness—we are best able to pilot the plane of our life.

3. Affirmations

Making firm in everyday living
What has been formed in the mind

As in any creative process we get an idea in our mind before we manifest it physically. An architect visualizes, then puts down his plan on paper in a form the builder can use to construct a solid building.

Affirmations work the same way. We are the architect, then the builder—bringing into form what began in thought.

To use affirmations:

1. Determine the need;
2. Decide and visualize what the end result will be;
3. Make the affirmation in the present tense.

Affirmations bring thought into form. They should be repeated verbally and mentally many times a day, particularly upon rising and retiring. When first forming an affirmation, take time to write it down. Look at the written form, memorize it, make it clear and definite in your mind, feel its energy in your body while repeating it. Remember that thought and planning come before physical change.

Specific uses for affirmations…

For mental change: Mentally affirm in present tense the new way you wish to be, such as: I use positive attitudes. I see the bright side of situations. I tune into the harmony of life. I act for the highest good of myself and others. I act for the highest good of the situation.

To get rid of an addiction or bad habit: I am aware of my peace and happiness without outside stimulants. I allow harmonious resolves to my conflicts. (We use alcohol to deaden our will to resolve issues.)

To help another person we can affirm: (Person's name) is becoming aware of their inner peace and harmony. (Person's name) is self-sustained without taking in harmful substances. When we make affirmations on another's behalf we are uplifting ourselves at the same time—positive thoughts produce positive results.

From the first thought of change, change occurs. That is the cause and affect law of nature. As we think, so we become, and because of what we become, we generate new thoughts in a similar tone, on and on.

In addition to specific affirmations we can make some very simple ones to cover our whole life. Affirm: I am, at all times, acting for the highest good of myself and creation. I act peacefully. I am in tune with my natural harmony. I act with caring love. These positive affirmations tune us into the channel of our own perfect sate of harmony—which we then broadcast as harmonious signals for everyone's benefit.


1. Form affirmation in the present tense and repeat with firm conviction.
2. Use affirmations to bring about positive change—mentally, physically, and emotionally.
3. To produce the highest good use the universal affirmations to bring about harmony and peace and caring love in our world.

I am peaceful
I am acting for the highest good
I am acting with love

4. Agelessness

Aging falls within the natural order of the physical universe. Aging is really just reconstruction—one form replacing another—being replaced by still another format. We accept change more easily with objects wearing out, than with our physical bodies wearing out—even though we know that the elements in objects that are worn out become in some way part of another object in the future, as atoms are ageless. The atoms composing all creation continue on and on, alternating in cycles of solidified and free

Energy—seen or unseen to the human eye.

We don't as easily accept the changes aging causes in our own bodies. Even if we resist the obvious process of change—change still happens. With us, the natural evolution is that as our physical body deteriorates, we feel the internal incentive to begin developing our consciousness. We begin the journey of exploring our timelessness. So the aging of our body is not a loss to us in the long run—it is a motivation for us to explore and expand in awareness of our soul's agelessness.

Others who observe the aging of our bodies are not necessarily aware that we may be regenerating—changing for the upward evolution of our internal and eternal conscious awareness. They do not realize that we are growing still, not in physical format, but growing into our expanded Self, our self that is an integral and eternal vibrant link in the entire seen and unseen creation.

But as we notice our bodies aging, it is our reminder, literally our wake-up call, to put our energy into the development of the esoteric qualities—love, kindness, caring—those qualities that expand our personal awareness of our interwoven life within all other life. When our current physical body ages so much that it no longer functions as the house for our mind and soul, we take up residence in an unseen but still conscious format in our progression in agelessness.

In format seen—format unseen we continue on with unbroken consciousness of ourselves...

Acting for our own and others' highest good, is the best way to show we care. It is from the feeling that we are interrelated, intermeshed within creation, that we naturally act for the highest good. Eventually, we feel so comfortable interacting with others, that we realize that no one is really a

Living and acting for the highest good of the situation is a process of processing—we take in, mull over, and come up with something different. And in that middle space we digest and integrate new insights into our consciousness, or we suffer indigestion by only partially understanding and analyzing what is going on with us and the situation.

While still digesting—before the additional insights are integrated usefully—our thoughts, words, and actions reflect our undigested state. While in distress, we are still in processing mode. Facing our issues of conflict takes courage and energy. Accepting that our goal is what benefits us, can facilitate processing. Living each moment for the highest perceived good flushes out discrepancies between our words and actions. As we live in

line with our highest thoughts and words, we purify our mind; pushing out undigested remnants of our past. As these old issues come up to our conscious mind, they can be burned up by our most current consciousness of what living for the highest good means to us.

Energy applied to living the highest good
processes, digests, integrates
Resulting in clarity of mind
happiness in living

It is more of a challenge to show care and love with 'difficult' people. Their actions, or what they say, screech across the grooves in our mind, and we get uncomfortable feelings in our body while with or thinking about them.

We can protect ourselves from the uncomfortable affects of difficult people by:

- Avoiding contact with them;
- Observing what they do or say, while maintaining neutral feelings and thoughts about them;
- Or, doing the opposite of being the mental observer, by being surrendered and open to their form of expression—allowing new grooves of a different reality to be recorded in our mind and stored for reference. During this new recording, we do not have to give up our own position or way of thinking; we are expanding our own experience base.

Difficult people have yet to have contact and personal experience with their underlying state of harmony.

If we are the one others label 'difficult' and now want to get along with others harmoniously, we can take stock of the way we are handling situations in our life. We mainly learn by trial and error. After we have continual problems in relating harmoniously, we begin to ask ourselves why. After the reasons outside ourselves are exhausted, we are more motivated to begin personal self-improvement. This is usually the last resort, but the right place to get to know our underlying happy self. The sincere desire to know about ourselves—our Source—leads to experiencing our underlying harmony; which imbues our subsequent thoughts and actions with harmony—we begin having easier relationships in all aspect of living.

Beautiful uplifting music is made up of the harmonious blending of separate notes. We are each like notes of music, acting in phrases; and when conscious of our grace and balance, we form melodies and symphonies with everything around us.

Outer actions
Reflections of our state of consciousness
To be happy, to be able to show others care and love
requires our underlying harmony
to fully play out with everyone
in a melodious symphony

In closing, when we see people who have a mental or physical condition that does not allow them to communicate themselves clearly through their body, they are in transition. This transition phase can go on interminably by our standards of 24 hours a day, but on the eternal clock it is but a short moment. Everyone, aware or not, lives in agelessness.

The deconstruction of our bodies is only a transition
in our progression of Self-awareness
Noticing that our bodies age
is an incentive—a wake up call
to explore and learn
about the agelessness of our being
As the moth nestled in a cocoon
seemingly slumbers unconsciously
it is in reality changing form
before breaking out into a format
allowing greater freedom
So we, too
can grow through kindliness
within the sheltered cocoon
of our aging bodies
and in one moment
break free
Forever expanded in consciousness
Forever aware of our agelessness

5. Aligned

German translation of Ursula Clarke

Each of us
a conscious soul
is master of our mind
We choose to dwell or not
on our passing thoughts
We choose when to use our mind
as a creative tool
to come up with solutions
Every action of our body
is response to a thought from mind
Conscious mind or cellular mind
Our bodily systems function as a result
of the intelligence of our cellular mind
Mind precedes bodily function
on all levels
Mind can change its mind
to reshape any function in our body
at any time
As conscious souls
we have control over the use of our mind
which passes on to mind having control over
the actions of our physical body
All states of mind
our emotions, attitudes, determinations
effectively alter the composition of our body
moment to moment
Bliss, the state of mind
closest to our conscious soul
most effectively balances, heals
bodily ills
Bliss is the reward for making the choice
to bring our mind into alignment
with the highest good of the moment
Bliss is blissful because it is
the fullest expression of each moment
Our mind aligned
with our soul by bliss
best blesses our body
and everybody

auf deutsch...

Im Einklang

Jeder von uns
eine bewußte Seele
ist seines Geistes Meister.
Wir bestimmen, ob wir bei unseren
vorübergehenden Gedanken
verweilen wollen oder nicht.
Wir bestimmen, wann wir unseren Geist
als schöpferisches Werkzeug benutzen,
um Lösungen zu finden.
Jede Handlung unseres Körpers
ist die Reaktion
auf einen Gedanken unseres Geistes -
bewußter Geist oder biologischer Geist.
Unsere körperlichen Systeme funktionieren
als Folge der Intelligenz
der Zellen unseres Gehirns.
Auf allen Ebenen rangiert der Sinn
vor körperlichen Funktionen.
Der Sinn kann seine Meinung ändern
und jegliche Funktion in unserem Körper
zu jeder Zeit umgestalten.
Als bewußte Seelen haben wir Kontrolle
über den Gebrauch unserer Sinne.
Und darauf folgt, daß der Sinn
die Handlungen
unseres physischen Körpers kontrolliert.
Alle Stadien unseres Geistes
Gefühle, Einstellungen, Entscheidungen,
ändern wesentlich das Wesen unseres Körpers
von Augenblick zu Augenblick.

Glückseligkeit, der Zustand des Geistes,
der unserer bewußten Seele am nächsten ist,
gleicht aus, heilt - höchst wirkungsvoll -
körperliche Leiden.
Glückseligkeit ist die Belohnung dafür,
daß wir die Wahl getroffen haben,
unseren Geist in Einklang zu bringen
mit dem höchsten Gut des Augenblicks.
Glückseligkeit ist wache Achtsamkeit
in jedem Augenblick.
Glückseligkeit ist voller Glück,
denn sie ist der vollste Ausdruck
jeden Augenblicks.
Unser Geist, in Einklang mit unserer Seele
durch Glückseligkeit,
segnet bestens unsern Körper
und jedermanns Körper.

6. Analyze, Accept, Incorporate Repeatedly

All of our actions are our own choosing
Allowing someone else to guide us
is our own choosing, too
We each author our destiny

We interrelate—we give and take. There are always at least two ways to act in a given situation—we choose to act for the best resolve or not. The result of not acting for the highest good is disharmony—a sense of separateness.

Feeling connection
between ourselves and others
allows our greatest joy

Here is a four-part technique to gain conscious control and understanding of our mind:

1. Analyze the motives for past or planned actions;
2. Accept that those motives were or are valid;
3. Incorporate past lessons learned—wisdom—into current action;
4. Repeat the entire process—analyze, accept, incorporate—as an on-going pattern throughout life.

Personal action in harmony
with the highest good
preserves personal peace
And when everyone's actions
preserve personal peace
We will have
World Peace

7. Attitudes Underlie Thinking, Speaking, Acting

How we view life
sets the tone and tenor of our thoughts
our spoken words
and actions that follow

We have the choice to view life from either side—the positive optimistic side, or the negative pessimistic side.

By our free will it is our choice
to view for improvement
or just prove a point

By being flexible and open to the moment's input we have the best chance of seeing how a situation can grow into its best resolve.

Being stuck like glue in a point of view
we block out options
we may have found useful

Underlying our cover of thoughts is our bed of preconceived attitudes on life and living. Our attitudes influence our thoughts, our thoughts determine our words—written or spoken—which in turn determine our course of action.

Most important to remember is that
Attitudes precede thoughts
Thoughts precede words
And words set our course of action

To begin setting the stage for positive attitudes to have their play:

1. Keep in mind that more options for action are available when we are looking for the best resolve. And that the most options come to mind when we hold onto a positive attitude. A positive attitude says, 'let's work this out' and not 'let's fight this out'.
2. Resolve to act for the best resolve of each situation.
3. Remember the phrase 'action-reaction'. Positive actions produce positive results; negative actions produce negative results.

Happiness in living is our goal
no matter what form our outer lives take
No matter what our career goals are
Every person, every day
wants happiness to prevail
Positive attitudes
allow the greatest amount of happiness
to seep into the crevices and actions of our lives

8. Awareness Precedes Change

Positive change results when we become aware of, and accept a better way. We feel a new way is better when we experience more peacefulness, harmony, or joy, than by continuing in the old way.

As we all want happiness, we should welcome and incorporate our expanded

Insights—increasing our capacity for happiness in the process.

Expanded awareness
preceding change for the higher good
Allowing consciousness of more and more happiness

9. Becoming More Conscious Step-by-Step

Becoming more conscious step by step
by making harmonious choices

Consciousness harmoniously and intelligently directs every molecule in the physical and mental world. And, consciousness is the awareness of, the understanding of the harmonious workings of the seen and unseen universe.

The two concepts—directing and observing—are simultaneous. A conscious person, besides observing the inner and outer universal harmony, can also create harmony through positive attitudes, which bare thoughts and actions that serve the best of each situation in life.

Thoughts are energy in motion; their subsequent actions are energy in motion. In addition to thoughts and actions needing energy for their production, consciousness exists without using any form of energy. Consciousness is difficult to intellectually imagine—because even imagining uses energy.

Consciousness is experiential…

Consciousness has first an inactive stage that lives without any contact with energy. And consciousness has an active stage that manifests in the mental and physical worlds by riding upon waves of energy—riding upon, not immersed within. Intellectually this is about as far as we can go in explaining consciousness.

In consciousness there is nothing beyond us
that is not us
And all in this world
should be experienced with the attention
we give to ourselves
The conscious experience of ourselves beyond ourselves
develops through caring attitudes and actions
with all the world
Thereby, awakening awareness of ourselves beyond ourselves

We live in the schoolroom of life from birth to death. We tend to look at the current events going on in our life as permanent reality. When changes occur we are surprised and feel unsettled. Remembering that change is a life-long reality, we come to know and accept change as okay, adapting ourselves as necessary.

Changing format of reality
Reality as change
Remembering to adapt till gone beyond

Through living, our experiences compound. Momentum rolls us onward; onward and onward. Even if we wanted, we could not succeed at backtracking. What was then, was followed by other events, forming the present. All the changes that have occurred on the physical, mental, and emotional planes stand between us and the past as we knew it.

Moving along with all the changes
just continues

Acceptance that change is inherent in the passage of time, keeps us steadily on a forward roll. And lovingness incorporated in our attitudes and actions, gives us full and vibrant experiences in living.

Moving forward
Moving along
Moving along life's timeline

Practical Practices to Become More Conscious…

The following is a step-by-step process that allows us to have access and make use of both the inactive and active states of consciousness:

Stilling the physical body:

Sitting erect in meditation or lying in a deep relaxation pose uses minimal physical energy. While being so physically still and not falling asleep, we have a chance to observe the thoughts flowing through our mind—without making any judgement or taking any action whatsoever. We notice, that in our mind we have both the capacity to just observe, or to physically act upon insuing or continually created thoughts.

Learning we have the choice to act or not
on our emotions and thoughts
is a first step in becoming a conscious person

Using choice:

Now that we know we have choice, we see that we can take control of our own actions to create harmony in our lives. This is using the active aspect of consciousness. And by continuously upgrading our actions, we grow ever more in awareness of the innate harmonious workings in every aspect of creation. And we grow ever more aware of just how much we have a part in creating an ever greater degree of harmony in our mental world and in the world of action.


Acting harmoniously, becoming harmony
Acting consciously, becoming consciousness
Riding the wave
Riding the crest of the wave in thought and action

By holding positive attitudes and thoughts, and acting for the greater good we reap joy. Joy seeps into our lives—through the portals of our mind—into harmonious actions in the world. By harmonious action we feel joyful both in mind and energized in body. The more we make conscious choices the more conscious and joyful we become.

The wonderful result of taking the steps to become more conscious is that we simultaneously become more joyful—our experiences in living have more depth and meaning because we are consciously controlling our own thoughts and actions. Even when circumstances are not how we would have wished—we can control our own reaction to them and thus create harmony for ourselves. And what we create in our own mind, eventually manifests harmoniously in our lives.

Becoming more conscious step-by-step
by making harmonious choices
With attitudes positive
Love in our hearts and actions
We most fully enjoy our lives

10. Be-ing in the Present, Moment to Moment to Moment

One night as I was standing on the lawn and looking toward the stars—my vision became so fixed and concentrated for a moment, that I felt a direct opening to infinity in my outer and inner sight. It was as if I were at the center of the universe and at the same time as big as the universe. This was my first experience in feeling completely present in the here and now, and because I was neither thinking of the past or the future, I felt the infinite fullness of a single moment in time.

Usually my life is as when I am on a speeding train, and when looking straight out the window see nothing but a blur of images. But if I stay in the single moment experience in each ever-new moment, I instead see life as if the train were stopped, revealing the whole panorama of images around me.

I find in daily living that I enjoy every moment more fully by staying relaxed in my body and feeling relaxed internally in my attitudes and thoughts. Yes, life does speed along as the train running down the track but within my own being I remain relaxed. This is a relaxation that is not from being lazy, rather, I feel even more fully energized and concentrated on what I want to do in the moment.

I would like to share an essay I wrote some time ago on the concept of living more fully in each moment:

Time as Liquid Silver…

Given quality
Brightened capacity
Flows through our lives
as liquid silver
Liquid silver—
valuable, held dear, expandable, expendable

Time is flowing with a variable volume. When we are energetic we get more done in an hour than we would at a casual pace. One hour may by 60 minutes, but we can make it more valuable—liquid silver—by increasing the quality we put into that 60 minutes.

All aspects of living can have the quality of liquid silver if we always act from our highest consciousness. Each moment we use our free will to decide how to act. We can upgrade—viewing our time as precious silver; or downgrade—viewing our time as dust, to be whisked away. Our choice.

Journeying in Time…

Taking a leisurely drive, we enjoy the passing scenery without worrying about our destination.

During the journey of living we should enjoy what every moment holds—without putting off our goal of happiness or fulfillment for the distant future. We limit our opportunity to enjoy the present by thinking the future will be better.

Life's a string of connected events
giving shape to our time
Integral links
in the whole experience of living

We enjoy the present moment with the depth and insight we have gained in living. Past positive attitudes and choices compound, leading us to naturally fulfilling outcomes in the present. And today's positive actions continue this process into our future.

Living each moment
from our highest consciousness
insures a continuously more fulfilling
experience of life
Self-knowledge Improves the Quality of our Time
Knowing and being able to draw from our inner Source

Self-knowledge forms the foundation for building a happy, fulfilling life. When our actions are inline with the highest good we are contributing to our sense of wholeness and well-being—just as a house built upon a foundation with straight and true lumber creates a framework that perfectly supports its visible outer coverings.

By our actions we are known
With the insight of self-knowledge
we can create beautifully

Self-knowledge is like drinking from an ever-flowing spring of clarity. When we need guidance in any situation, the way that preserves our personal peace comes to mind. It is an open telephone line—directly from the pervading universal cellular harmony to our conscious mind. The more we converse on this open direct line to our all-knowing Source, the more we can use and incorporate these directives reliably. After awhile, the flow becomes so integrated into our waking consciousness, that the best resolve is automatic. This is open communication in its purest sense—the ultimate application of self-knowledge.

Some techniques to develop the connection with our Source are: ethical living, caring actions, meditation, and self-analysis.

brought out from within
imbues our daily actions
with truth and harmony
And personal integrity
increases the quality of our time

Personal Integrity…

We continuously create our reality by our choices, moment to moment—creating and maintaining harmony by following our conscience and acting for the highest good.

Personal integrity
takes courage

We are being courageous in living according to our conscience, when it would be easy to hide from others the fact that we are not following our conscience. It is easier to slide down the hill of life, maintaining or digressing in our current state of consciousness, than to follow the sometimes hard climb up the path of what we know is right. The reward for continually upgrading our personal integrity is that we become more conscious of our harmonious self-effulgent nature.

Through living with personal integrity, others notice that we can be trusted—we become a trustworthy friend, an asset to our world family.

By integrating our highest consciousness
we enjoy the most happiness in living

Plotting a Course Unlimited…

What dimension is unlimited by time, place, space?


Caring beyond ourselves brings warm-feeling energy into our body, into our waking consciousness—to be used in our interactions. Lovingness propels us to break free from the idea that we have a limited supply of mental, emotional, and physical energy.

The unlimited energy
brought on by our lovingness
catapults us beyond
the concept of limitation

Our inner guide—our conscience—is awakened and developed by our being unconditionally loving in our daily living. As we incorporate lovingness into every circumstance in living, we preserve our awareness of harmony and connection as interwoven threads in the cloth of creation.

Plotting a course unlimited
unbounded by time, place, space
when using the energy brought on by lovingness

In conclusion some thoughts…

Science has shown
that physical form is compressed energy
To our eye, matter appears solid
unmoving, unchanging
In reality, everything is changing its form
at varying rates in time
Our bodies change a lot over our lifetime
From a speck at conception
to billions of cells at maturity
In a state of flux, renewal, continually
All the while our body is changing
it is occupied
by the same consciousness
Our Self
In whatever form our body appears
at whatever age
We are always able to say
It is me
During all the changes
of our body and surroundings
we preserve our happiness
by adapting to
and accepting the format of the moment
Gracefully flowing from this moment's form
into the next
Within the changing format
of energy and matter
a consciousness exists, persists
untouched by change
that is not bounded by limitations of time
Our connection
within the unchanging consciousness
is our feeling of lovingness
manifested in caring actions
Lovingness stands on its own
The transient forms of time and energy
used in expressions of love
is how we make our time
as liquid silver

11. Beyond Earth-Bound Reality

The entire universe functions
in a plan and pattern of harmony
Its cycles interrelated
In sync with all
A scientific and logical observation

Harmony can not be the result of chance—as a 1,000 piece puzzle can not be put together by chance; every part must fit together perfectly in relation to its neighbor to complete the picture. Similarly, the universe is a giant 3-D puzzle with billions of pieces fitting together perfectly in relation to each other.

Mankind's creative intelligence can make up a cardboard puzzle, but some master creative intelligence has worked out and continues to work out the harmony within each atom and with the interrelationship of every atom of creation.

Atoms combine into molecules
Arrangements of molecules form the elements
the components of plants
the animal kingdom
our human bodies

Thus we see that the patterned harmony pervades all—simple atom to the billions of atoms combination of our human body. From this simplistic view, the workings and harmony of creation can be intellectually understood.

Harmony's Workings…

Where there is harmony no discord can be found. When we are getting along with all, we feel the atom's harmony in our lives.

How can we get along with everyone? By acting in kind and caring ways—by feeling the cellular roots of oneness we all share now, and shared even before our atoms were created.

Something can not come from nothing
The idea of harmony Was
before the physical creation emerged

The progression from single atom to human manifestation is a natural harmonious process. Along the pathway of evolution from atom to man the organisms grow more conscious of themselves.

There was a gorilla at the San Diego Zoo who communicated with humans using 500 hand signals of American Sign Language—including signals representing its emotional feelings and desires. Yet, the gorilla still lacks creative intelligence to design and create anything apart from its past experience.

As humans, we visualize in our thoughts and dreams what we have never done or seen, and can creatively use and combine the elements to make manifest our visions. We are drawing on a level beyond the physical world. No less-evolved form has the capacity to understand or use what is beyond its own form. To the extent of our awareness we can use our brain centers for abstract conceptualizing and for working out plans for bringing our ideas to physical form.

Harmony as Love…

We enjoy being in love. At those times in our lives when we are immersed in loving relationships life seems harmonious. We seem to notice the positive side—we enjoy the beauty, though always present, even more acutely.

Harmony—also called love
is an experience or sensation
of perfect compatibility

When the mind steps out of its natural harmony it is entering a fantasyland—the mind gets fooled about what is real. When we think or act in selfish, negative, or unkind ways we separate our consciousness from the big whole—we spin off that great orb of loving harmonious light, becoming a small separate satellite, wandering alone. It is when we allow the mind to separate us by selfishness and negative thoughts and actions that we lose our consciousness of the total experience of self-effulgent, self-generated love.

As the plant reaches for the light of the sun
we have the capacity and destiny to tune our antennae of mind
to the light of harmonious loving experiences
in all situations
every moment of our existence
for happiness

Beyond Earth-Bound Reality…

When do all-encompassing loving feelings become part of our conscious reality? At the human stage of the natural evolution we feel and observe this realization. Though the harmony is within every atom of our body and mind, we have not, till human form, had enough brain-power—extremely advanced and developed nervous tissue, to realize and make use of our innate harmony. In human form we first become able to realize and make use of our innate harmony and feel the happiness within our consciousness which is not dependent on any circumstance of our own body. And not every human will realize the innate happiness—harmony—in their current lifetime because of the circumstances and limitations in that person's current lifetime, such as an early death, self-centeredness, or numerous disabilities.

There is a natural evolution in human consciousness. All bodies look the same basically, but as soon as a person begins to speak and act we observe how very differently we each perceive the control we have to shape our own destiny. Those of us at the beginning stages of being a human are more self-centered. Those at the latter stages of human evolution have control over and awareness of themselves as manifestations of unconditional love for themselves, all mankind, and the entire creation—exhibited by their kind and caring actions.

An example of this progression of evolution in becoming consciously developed, is seen in the struggles of the helpless infant, then the struggles of childhood and adolescence—on to the calmer maturity of adults who take on the responsibilities of their own families—bringing the golden rewards of usefulness, peace, and contentment.

What one person attains in awareness
of the innate harmony
we all will attain
though many lifetimes may be required
to grow from self-centeredness
to feeling the bliss of self-givingness
We all have the chance to grow
toward realization of our inherent harmony
by holding positive attitudes
and acting in kind caring ways towards all
The bliss of harmony becoming perfected
by our own practice
till we are no longer the student
but one with the Master

12. Conscious Communion, Conscious Harmony


Awareness that if we
were not preoccupied
noticing others' faces or bodies
we could be enjoying our underlying
state of bliss

It is the perception of our physical eyes—in seeing separate forms everywhere--that seems to override the perceptions of our bodily feelings— bodily feelings telling us that we are inter-linked with each other.

Looking around we see the variety of individual forms everywhere. When we close our eyes we perceive our presence amongst the same scene, even though we are not seeing with our physical eyes.

Wherever we are
we perceive our own presence and identity
regardless of eyes open or closed

Beyond the perception of seeing with open eyes and perceiving with feelings is the awareness of harmony.

In harmony we feel ourselves integrated—part of the scene of each changing moment. In this state of completion, we feel settled, comfortable, in communion with everything and everyone surrounding us.

One of the parts
Part of the One
In conscious communion
Conscious harmony

13. Developing a Discerning Mind, Developing Will Power

Developing a discerning mind
allows us the most happiness in living
Developing will power
allows us to carry out what we determine
is for our ultimate good

When we are able and willing to make the choices and carry through on what is best in each situation we maintain or regain harmony in our lives.

We develop a discerning mind by first following the guidelines that religion and society have laid out for us—basically the golden rule extended. 'Do unto others as we would have them do unto us' and do unto ourselves what allows us to preserve our personal peace, happiness, and health.

Developing will power only comes when we are mentally convinced on what we want. Because it is harder to walk a straight line than a wide road we must be more than convinced to follow through on a plan. We must diligently apply ourselves to our plan all day long. An example of using the combination of discernment and will power is with ending the habit of cigarette smoking. We first use our discerning mind, to consider the pros and cons of cigarette smoking on all aspects of our life. As we all intellectually know that scientific research has shown cigarette smoking is dangerous to our health it is up to us through the use of our will power to quit smoking.

It is in the combination of discernment and will power that we upgrade the quality of our life and make space for our consciousness to expand.

There is a certain degree of refinement needed before the more esoteric thoughts and experiences can flow through our minds—taking shape through our actions.

Accelerated growth in consciousness
with its inherent happiness and bliss
comes about
when we have used discernment and will power
often enough
that we spontaneously do what is for the best
in each waking moment

14. Earth—Our Planetary Airport

Earth lies below our feet
We touch down
rest, and refuel
as needed

At the airport of Earth, we get everything we need to function and grow—all the raw materials we need to maintain and sustain. Each day we take off on our individual flights, coordinating our course around others' flights in progress.

Our body, like an airplane
transports us through life

As we fly our body-plane in the clear open sky we can look down on the broad expansive view. And we can use these moments to look back on what scenes we have already experienced, and then by looking forward, see where that course of events is leading us. We can decide if course changes—attitude and action adjustments—will lead us to a destination more in line—aligned—with our goals.

In every ongoing moment
we can make course adjustments
that will maintain our sense of balance
by living our life lovingly
for the highest good
for the best resolve of ongoing situations

Living a balanced life, we maintain harmony with the rest of creation. By maneuvering our plane easefully around turbulence, our takeoffs and landings in others' lives become smooth—even uplifting.

Touching down on planet earth
resting, refueling
Zooming off again
in our body-plane
A trip enjoyed thoroughly
when maneuvered in flight
for the highest good

15. Energy of Happiness

Free-flowing energy
running through us as a river
from a hidden source
Finding its outlet
in our positive thoughts and actions
Energy continuing on
in those whose lives we touch
from person to person
Transforming our world ever
for the better
Energy of happiness
Awakened in us
from the well-spring of our unseen roots
lying just beneath our everyday consciousness
Energy of happiness
Brought to our awareness
by claiming a positive attitude
Choosing to pull the good out of defeat
Choosing to multiply the good of success
Energy of happiness
Aroused by our free-will to again turn
toward the sun of illumination
chasing away clouds of selfishness
Energy of happiness
Ever available
by our choices for the higher good
Ever sufficient to infuse our lives
with bliss and joy

16. Finding Love, Defining Love

What is everlasting is Love
And Love is harmony
Love happens
when we harmonize our relationships and actions

Being in harmony allows the natural universal energy to flow through us perfectly, without inhibitions and blockages. And, when we are most fully energized we feel our best emotionally, mentally and physically. When feeling our best we are able to be our best in the world.

Feeling best
we most easily are our best
It compounds

When we act harmoniously with care and for the best resolve of each situation, a beautiful circle of sweet and fulfilling energy circulates—within us and between us. And as with a comet streaming through outer space leaving a trail of sparkling energy behind, we too, when fully energized by our alignment with harmony, leave a visible trail of harmonious energy within the humanity by our kind and caring actions.

Defining Love:

Vibrant energy circulating harmoniously within us, spun off to include others in a never-ending trail of our caring thoughts; our caring actions.

What love is not:

Love is not emotional satisfaction from emotional neediness. That comes and goes.

Love is not a business of giving and therefore expecting to get. Those situations come and go.

Love is not received from any material object, nor from any limited source, whatsoever. What is not permanent comes and goes.

Finding Love:

To tap into love, to find love's Source and feel love's force we must harmonize and align ourselves beginning with the very core of our thinking and our attitudes, which are then brought to the forefront by our harmonious actions—actions for the highest good of prevailing conditions.

The experience of love—feeling its strong uplifting energy—overtakes us mentally when we feel harmony in our relationships, physically when we feel vibrantly alive, and emotionally when our mental and physical harmony escape from us into caring about others, too.

Love is the outpouring
of our soul, our inner Source
Love is ever with us
when we attune ourselves
to our innate Vibrance
Which then bursts forth
as our caring and thoughtful actions
in the world

17. The Flow of Energy

While relaxed and peaceful feeling
energy flows through us freely
Energy flowing freely through us
by attitudes positive
actions productive
Sustaining every molecule
Powering every feeling, thought, action
Energy ever-flowing
Most vibrantly charged
during our caring and loving
thoughts and actions
given freely of ourselves
From the unseen Source
By the unseen Force
energy flowing freely
through our lives
From the unseen Source
By the unseen Force
our lovingness compelling
the most vibrantly charged energy
to flow into our lives

18. Hardware, Software

Our brain the hardware
Our mind the software
Our consciousness connected
to mainframe of the Divine
with a trunk line
to our individual mind
Working through mind
Working through brain
Working out our wishes and thoughts
through our body

Our bodies are the hardware—brain, nervous system and all our senses that

perceive. Our mind is the software—the program that uses our bodily senses to both receive and communicate. Our mind also stores and processes input gained through experience and analysis—transforming, broadening its own concepts in the process.

As our mind-body discovers through much trial and error that loving and caring result in feelings of harmony, we begin acting more harmoniously.

Harmonious loving attitudes
and their subsequent caring actions
develop consciousness
in our mind-body
The operator
using our own particular software
in our particular hardware
is really our Self—our eternal soul
our eternal Self-consciousness
Our self using our mind-body
to grow in consciousness
of its Self
our interaction with the world
are for growth in consciousness

How do we come to know our Self—our eternally conscious operator?

By aligning harmoniously with transcendental qualities—lovingness, truth, peace—we then begin experiencing that which is not dependent on sensory input or output. As our mind-body grows in consciousness, we more often act on the highest good of the moment. We become congruent in mind-body-Self—giving us our greatest feelings of fulfillment.

Cellular memories
inherited from our parent's
mind-body experiences
and their parent's
mind-body experiences
along with input from our own
mind-body experiences
are the software-hardware we use
to grow in consciousness
into congruency
Our mind-body
having become aware
of our eternal Self
Thereafter functioning fully, lovingly
in Universal Awareness
Our brain the hardware
Our mind the software
Our consciousness connected
to mainframe of the Divine
with a trunk line to our individual mind
for action-interaction in the world
for fulfillment
even while living
in the world

19. Heaven or Hell?

Heaven or Hell
Happiness or Sadness
Harmony or Discord
States of mind
Status of being
Chosen by free will

Heaven and hell are not destinations in our future. They are with us right now as our state of mind.

Heaven is our mind in harmony
Hell is our mind in discord

Our internal-eternal goal is to transform discord into harmony through making choices for the highest good of each situation.

We have free will
to transform each moment
into a hellish or heavenly outcome

A positive attitude combined with obeying our inner voice of conscience breeds happiness. By adding a caring, loving attitude to positive thoughts and actions we radiate our heavenly state of harmony and temporarily uplift others to consciousness of their own heavenly possibilities.

Heaven or Hell
Status of mind
Chosen by free will
Heaven or Hell
Happiness or Sadness
Harmony or Discord
States of mind
Status of being
Chosen by free will

20. Housekeeping

When we keep our houses neat, clean and orderly, we can easily find what we want, and are always ready for company.

And while we live on planet earth, our body, mind, and emotions are the personal house of our soul. By keeping ourselves clean and pure in thought, word, and action—holding an attitude of caring and kindness—we enjoy the most happiness in our life.

We transport ourselves everywhere in the house of our bodies—therefore we are ever responsible for our own state of happiness by keeping all aspects of ourselves during each situation of the day in a good state of 'housekeeping'.

To keep our personal body-mind-emotional house clean we can:

1. Eat a well-balanced diet as close to its natural state as possible.
2. Follow a health regime of meditation; deep relaxation; stretches and aerobic activities.
3. Keep caring attitudes. By being caring we preserve our personal peace and harmony.
4. Hold positive thoughts. Positive thoughts deliver positive results—positive plans of actions.
5. Then carry out the positive plan of action—producing even more joy and harmony, both in our own house and in the lives of others.

And finally, to make our house truly a home, express thankfulness for everything we have and can do in our lives. Thankfulness uplifts us in spirit—it is the energy of spirit that powers our lives.

Keeping our surroundings
and our personal house of body, mind, emotions
in order and in beauty
brings the most happiness
the most harmony
into our lives

21. Humanity's Goal

The goal for each of us
is the same goal for all of us
Our individual goal
Our communal goal
is unbroken happiness
Happiness perceived as harmony
in every aspect of living
Though separate in our individuality
we are as one in our humanity
Ever one of the parts
and part of the One

Humanity's goal on the larger scale is what each person's goal is—as the force of one of us, multiplied many times over becomes the whole of humanity.

We feel happy when we are in harmony—when we harmonize with our family, friends, community, and as a country of people with the whole world.

As we each learn that our happiness or harmony is felt when we act for the best of each situation, we will, for our own happiness, learn to spontaneously know and act for the best.

As we individually and communally
become more conscious
our world as a whole
will grow in consciousness

22. Impressions Imprinting

Impressions imprint in brain matter
in proportion to attention applied

Each impression in its arrangement of chemicals integrates into and updates our reality. The greater the impact on the mind—such as from added emotional or devotional energy—the greater and more lasting that particular arrangement of brain chemistry.

The energy of a traumatic happening—as in the death of or separation from a loved one—can impact so strongly that our reality takes a major turn.

And conversely, we can imprint lightly, or temporarily, by using less energy, or being less affected by happenings.

An example of a temporary impression in brain matter is remembering a phone number just long enough to dial.

Temporarily or long term, the mind's impressions turn into physical action via the chemical reactions of the brain cells.

Impressions imprinting
thought into action
ongoing reality
through arrangement
of molecular creations
within the brain

23. Input's Influence

Input influences
when we are not in contact with our stand
or when we feel we need outside help

People, environment, and circumstances influence us in proportion to what we allow. When our mind is clear, not much from a different tract influences us negatively.

Clarity of mind
Result of holding
positive attitudes
Lovingly surrendering
to the highest good
So that input's influence
reveals our harmony

24. Is Lying Ever Justified?

When a lie spares another's feelings
it is justified
If revealing information
would cause more harm than good
it is best to keep quiet
On the other hand
If a lie would cause blame
to be shifted away from ourselves
to one who is innocent
the lie is not justified
In thinking about whether or not to tell a lie
the test should be to first consider the outcome
If the outcome is from our own selfishness
it is not justified
Even if we are the only ones
who would suffer by telling the truth
it is better to go ahead and tell the truth
As how we think and speak and act
forms our consciousness
Each of us is ultimately responsible
for our own actions
Even if we feel coerced
it was our choice
to let another person influence us
We are ever in charge of our destiny
moment to moment

25. Journeying

Taking a leisurely drive, we enjoy the passing scenery without worrying about our destination. During the journey of living we should enjoy what every moment holds—without putting off our goal of happiness or fulfillment for the distant future.

We limit our opportunity to enjoy the present, by thinking that the future will be better.

Life's a string of connected events giving shape to our time
Inter-joining links creating the experience of living

We enjoy the present moment with the depth and insight we have gained in living till now. Past positive attitudes and choices compound, leading us to naturally fulfilling outcomes in the present. And today's positive actions continue this process into our future.

Today's decisions shape tomorrow's outcomes
Living each moment from our highest consciousness
insures a continuously more fulfilling experience of life

26. Loosening the Knots in our Heart

When we leave this life
the only thing that we take with us
is the content of our heart
Everything we do in our daily life
Everything we do in our whole life
has but one purpose
That purpose is to open wider
To expand the clear spaces between our egoistic thoughts
That through these openings
unconditionally loving energy
is able to flow upward into our conscious mind
giving us the experience of inner happiness

The flow of unconditional love is so vibrant and energized that it loosens, and undoes the knots of constricted energy that we have placed in our precious sensitive heart—the place in our consciousness where we’ve been holding past hurts, and the unproductive idea that we need to get certain possessions, or control of a person or people, in order to feel important, in order to feel happy.

As the knots in our heart
loosen, loosen, and are forever lost
we come to understand
that our happiness comes instead
from our own ongoing loving attitudes and thoughts
which we then manifest by our caring actions

This is a complete turn around in attitude from the animal kingdom, which truly does need to get in order to survive. But that attitude, that we have in us from our instinctual nature, that also motivates us to do what we need to, to sustain our biological lives, is very incomplete and inadequate in providing our state of sustained happiness. This is the point of place where we rise above the animal kingdom into our state of humankind. And in our state of humanness we can choose to maintain or regain our feeling of happiness at any time, by adjusting our own attitudes and thinking toward caring about others and everything around us.

27. Love and Science, One in Consciousness

Science is absolutely loving
instilling harmony, balance, into every action in our lives
Love is absolutely scientific
instilling harmony, balance, into every action in our lives

From the perspective of overall consciousness, love and science are one. One plus one equals two—whether on an addition chart or in a relationship. Scientific law—harmony—pervades the entire universe. Predictable mechanisms, predictable responses—interwoven, interrelated as with the workings of a fine watch.

As we interact harmoniously, we align with the basic precept of nature: cooperation. Through harmonious cooperation we become increasingly aware and conscious of ourselves and the world; we find we can harmoniously function with anyone, anywhere, under all circumstances—just as mathematical scientific principles are present and function interrelatedly everywhere.

Abundant energy comes into our body when by our positive attitudes we align with nature's laws. We become an asset to everyone as we manifest within the principles that keep our universe running rhythmically, harmoniously. When we are feeling enlivened by our state of harmony, we most easily manifest acceptance and unconditional love. Our energy radiates from us, warming everyone, as predictably as the sun radiates and warms everything by its rays of energy. Radiating as the sun, we feel exquisitely good, as we are being sustained by our alignment within the harmonious mathematical workings of the universe. If alignment with the harmonious scientific laws of creation is so enlivening, can we imagine what direct alignment with the source of creation would lend our consciousness?

In fact, we can't imagine, but we can experience an ever-expanding consciousness by loving unconditionally! Basic consciousness is our state of awareness at any given moment. Consciousness is scientific because we grow in awareness using the natural principle of cause and effect: Our loving actions are the cause, and the effect is our ever increasing awareness of being interconnected with the rest of creation.

In order to come to our full state of consciousness we go through a scientific process of evolution. An analogy can be seen by the various stages of a human life, from babyhood to the accumulated wisdom of old age. In general, the individual progression can be seen awakening, and gradually integrated into the whole of living over time.

These aspects make up a pathway to the full potential of human consciousness:

1. Instinct—preservation; reproduction;
2. Mind—analysis, planning, arranging the situation to suit personal desires;
Loving, giving, caring, sharing—considering the needs of others and acting for the best resolve of the situation;
4. Self -Realization—experiencing happiness as a quality of one's own being;
Universal Consciousness; Communion—vibrantly experiencing one's self within every atom of creation; by will power, using the infinite resources to create that which uplifts, energizes, and harmonizes.

With a fully developed consciousness, we flavor well how we act upon our instincts, desires, and caring concerns—all aspects of mind working through our brain cells which direct the functioning and movements of our body. We notice that when we are feeling best physically, it is easier to both think creatively, and use deductive reasoning. Our mind functions best when our brain cells are healthiest. And that is deductive reasoning—showing the interdependent functioning of brain and mind!

Intuitive and factual information as well as input from our sense organs are stored in brain cells. And conversely, our thoughts direct our brain cells, which in turn send out the messages to make our body function as we wish. Our brain plays the role of receiver, storer, and sender—all under the direction of our will. We, to whatever lesser or greater degree we are aware of doing so, decide what instructions to give our brain to be carried out to the whole of our body for action. When conscious thought is not directing our brain activities—such as in deep sleep—the instinctual functioning of the brain takes over to keep the body alive.

All sources of information influence our thoughts. It is by our will power that we decide what to do to have the fullest experience of life. We move towards our full consciousness—reversing digressions—by following the outer guidelines set forth by ethical, moral, religious, and civil codes of behavior. These guidelines serve as our safety net while we develop our own strong conscience—and the consciousness that follows it.

Compartments of mind
arranging through compartments of brain
for expression
Balance and harmony
preserved or regained
by willpower applied to living consciously

28. Loving Wisdom

Lovingness incorporated with wisdom
allows our natural harmony to flourish

Harmony is prevalent in every atom of creation—seen in the cooperative interaction of atoms forming molecules, then combining into the complex systems of the universe. Our own body is built by the harmonious interaction of each organ and system, cooperating for the good of the whole.

Nature's way is to keep us
and all of the universe functioning harmoniously

We make the choice to follow nature's lead, achieving harmony in our daily life, by acting caringly, lovingly, for the best resolve of our problems—the wisest good.

Our loving actions, when combined with wisdom, give us the feeling in our body and mind—felt by our sense of easefulness—that we are in tune with the situation of the moment; acting rightly in the complexities of the moment.

Wisdom lovingly applied
cooperates with the natural harmony

29. Making Memories

Events having the most impact on our emotions and mind and body make up our lasting memories.

We can also consciously make memories by willing ourselves to hold an event as a memory. We do this by noticing many details of the situation we are in. By observing our physical surroundings—scenery, our clothing, the furnishings, the people near us, the food we are eating. And while noticing these things very closely for a period of time making the affirmation that we will remember these details later.

A few years ago I took a 2-week trip to visit a friend in the wilderness of Finland. I really wanted to remember as much as possible of this land. And I do have such strong memories, because I followed my own guidelines of paying concentrated close attention to the details that I wanted to remember. I even made memories of my feelings while there that I can pull out of my mind and relive as I imagine a hologram might be.

I found through my experiences that we have the capacity to enjoy deeply the replay of our memories and re-enjoy the events of the past in the present.

This experience helped me to understand first hand that there are no gaps in consciousness between our past and present. Yes, we live our days by a ticking clock, but on the levels of our experiences that are not bounded by physical constraints, we can relive experiences from the seeming past as if they are our current experiences—and indeed they then become our current experiences.

So, making memories is not just something to be taken lightly. We truly can enjoy our past and present in the one consciousness that they are. For in consciousness there is no time, or place, or space limitations.

30. Mastering the Master-Disciple Relationship

The Master lives within us
as our Higher Self

Until we learn how to access our Higher Self consistently, we can rely on a spiritual master for guidance.

A spiritual master is one who has achieved Self-Realization, and is usually dedicated to guiding other souls into daily connection with our Creator-Sustainer.

No matter what we want to learn while on earth, we need to study and practice to refine our skills and ourselves. It is the same on the path to Self-knowledge. We inherently 'know' we have to refine ourselves to recognize and enjoy the esoteric aspects of ourselves. Having a spiritual master as a teacher, an example, and guide in Self Realization, teaches us the way and corrects our 'homework' as we put into practice our newly refined attitudes and actions.

When we practice
we progress
By refining our actions
by acting for the best in a situation
with kindness and care
we progress in consciousness
Experiencing ever more fully
our inherent happiness and harmony

The master-disciple relationship has another unseen plus for us. In addition to being taught how to conduct our lives to receive the most happiness in life, a spiritual master is able to give us an energy boost—an energy boost of divine love—when we are making self-efforts to refine ourselves. This energy boost spurs us on even more as we climb step-by-step up the mountain path to the summit.

At the summit of Self-Realization
we become one in consciousness
with our spiritual master, our preceptor
Becoming consistently open and receptive
to the prodding our own internal, eternal Higher Self
In alignment with our Creator-Sustainer

link to Part II; writings numbered 31—59

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