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Growing in Consciousness Reflections

Susan Kramer


31. Meditation—Our Most Reliable Medication
32. Music as a Means of Awakening
33. Nature's Gold
34. On-Line
35. Our Body of Energy
36. Our Composite Body
37. Our Deepest Roots
38. Our True Identity
39. Panorama of Unlimited Consciousness
40. Perceiving, Receiving, Integrating Spiritual Teachings
. Personal Integrity in Daily Living

42. Personal Peace Multiplied: World Peace
43. Prayer: Supplication, Meditation, Appreciation, Application
44. Purpose of Guilt

45. Reflection for Problem Solving

46. Relevance of Religious Doctrines, Moral Precepts
47. A Sad Ending for Some Babies—commentary
48. Safety-Grip of Conscience
49. Searching Within at the Coming of Age
50. Shadings of Reality
51. Shortcomings
52. Soul Force
53. Surrendering to the Highest Good
54. Symptoms of Bliss
55. Tapping into the Main Computer
56. Thoughts
57. Visualizing with Feeling
58. Voice of Conscience
59. Why Are We Here?
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31. Meditation—Our Most Reliable Medication


The medication for healing
ignorance of our eternal Self
We know about our sensory organs
We know about our thinking mind
But until we still our body, emotions, and thinking mind
we do not have conscious contact with our soul
part of the main eternal
Core of Self

Our eternal Self is experienced by diving deeply through the narrow gateway into our own heart—at first initiated by ignoring the input of our bodily sensory organs and mind. The permanent joy that is the hallmark of our permanent Self comes into reality for us when we sit very still—immobile—while emanating lovingness for our Creator, creation, loved ones, everyone.

The joyful effects experienced in the outward stillness of meditation eventually carry over into daily life.

Joy invigorates us with plenty of lively energy for caring and sharing. In joy we feel happy and fulfilled. It is our destiny to discover our joyful nature—ever within us—replenishing us with lovingness.

The medication
healing ignorance
of our permanent nature of Joy

And even when we are not sitting in the formal posture of meditation sublime feelings of love can exist. Feeling love's existence in our mind relaxes our mind-body into fullness, easefulness, wholeness.

Feelings of lovingness
penetrating, permeating
cells of our soul
Our Self in the soul of all
And when we start experiencing ourselves
in the cells of all
we develop clear thinking—
useful for our everyday living

With clarity in thinking we are able to assess and make decisions for the higher good of each situation. By acting out the best solution consistently, we grow in consciousness—soon thinking and acting for the greater good spontaneously.

How do we develop clear thinking?

1. Practicing the esoteric qualities, such as kindness, charity, and love;
2. Holding positive attitudes;
Spending time in meditation and reflection;
Doing useful work or community service;
Taking in a clean, drug-free diet;
6. Exercising and getting proper rest;
Thinking over all the options, then taking an overview and choosing to act on that which benefits without harming anyone.

Clarity in thinking and living
Choices made for the highest good
of each situation consistently
Our most reliable medication
From the peacefulness
the stillness of our body-mind
the clearest and best answers
arising quite naturally
for our use in daily living
Quite naturally energized
for our use in daily living

32. Music as a Means of Awakening

We know that we hear music with our ears
Music also affects, by resonance
specific areas of our body
depending on the degree
of vibrational harmony

Forethought on the intended effect guides the composer. The listener can adapt the composer's original intended effect, somewhat, by increasing or decreasing the volume—reception of energy vibrations.

What we hear with our ears
are sound vibrations
Other parts of our body
perceive sound vibrations, as well

Think about how our bodies respond to a sonic boom. It causes a response in all parts of our physical body in that we physically move upon perceiving a sonic boom. Another example is to put your hand in front of a speaker and by adjusting the volume up and down, feel the waves of energy change against your hand.

Musical notes produce their own specific sound vibrations of energy. Waves of sound energy travel from the source and resonate in our ears, and in specific areas of our body. When we feel uplifted by music we are feeling the energy waves—the energy vibrations—in our upper torso and arms. Increased energy in our upper torso and arms come up in our mental thoughts as kindness—toward ourselves and with others. This is a biological effect. It has also been shown that increased physical energy stimulates the flow of endorphins in our body, which, in turn, increase our mental thoughts of well being, as well as blocking physical pain perception.

Science has shown
that our thoughts
are acted out in our body
And that bodily influences
affect our state of mind

In essence, we are affected by and affect all parts of ourselves, and others through our thoughts and actions, by the interaction of our ongoing, moment-to-moment, mind-body processes. Knowing the effects of sound vibrations on our mind-body process, we can choose to listen to music that uplifts us, energizes us, when we are:

1. feeling low in energy;
2. feeling sick;
3. mentally down;
4. emotionally upset;

Even when we use headphones to listen to music, the effect comes out in our body. As the mind-body are ever intertwined, what affects our mind is made manifest instantly in our body. We see the joggers along the road with their headphones on—the musical vibrations they are receiving through their ears are setting and maintaining the rhythmical pace of their routine.

As musical vibrations are perceived by us
in our emotional, mental, and physical mind-body
we can choose to listen
to uplifting music
to bring out and make us aware
of the esoteric qualities:
kindness, charity, and unconditional caring—
Unconditional Love

The esoteric qualities are made manifest in us from the energy that is made available to us by uplifting music, uplifting thoughts, positive attitudes, and positive emotions. The more we align ourselves with, and manifest in our lives the beautiful esoteric qualities, the closer we align ourselves with the unchanging reality. The reality of energized changelessness that sustains us through emotional, mental and physical ups and downs of daily living.

Awakening is expanding in awareness to perceive what is beyond the ups and downs of emotional, mental and bodily experiences. Awakening is staying in or being able, at will, call on the energy that uplifts our lives into mental-physical action for the higher good of each new moment.

Harmonious music
serves in our awakening
Uplifting our energy
into awareness of unconditional love
That we may remain in happiness
by acting on the higher good of each moment

33. Nature's Gold

Nature's gold
lies in its invaluable examples
of harmony
for patterning our lives

A rose bush blooms so beautifully because it is putting its energy into what it does best—manifesting fragrant blossoms—which in turn provide nectar for the bees--the bees producing the honey we use for sweetening.

The rose bush, in the perfection of doing the best job it can, nourishes another aspect of creation—on and on.

As we put our energy into blossoms of caringness, for the highest good, by following our conscience, we fulfill our humanity—beings of lovingness that connect harmoniously with others and each aspect of creation.

We are a universal network, with creative minds and free will to make choices that allow us to feel our transcendent happiness. Using our mind to choose and act lovingly for the highest good allows us to be filled with knowledge of the golden gift of harmony that nature inspires.

Golden harmony
transcendental happiness
through lovingness
and attitudes for the highest good
of nature's gold in our lives

34. On-Line

Loving actions
purifying our mind
We becoming
knowingly re-aligned
within the flow
of intelligent
life-giving energy
Loving actions
Aligned with the
Highest Good of the moment
with the Highest Good
of the moment

35. Our Body of Energy

The pervading energy arises within us
flows through us
for our use in expressing the best of ourselves
Emotionally through lovingness
Mentally through positive thoughts
Physically through caring actions

Energy is just energy. It is up to us to decide how to use it—emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Energy pervades the universe. Every atom is powered on this pervasive energy. Energy originates from a more internal source than modern science has uncovered. Energy flows through us unbidden, sustaining life in our emotional-mental-physical body.

A positive attitude brings in a more intense stream of energy. Notice that when you want to do an activity, you feel the energy arise in your body, and when you don't want to do something, you feel lethargic. That is the effect of our own attitude on our available energy.

Energy also arises in
and is stored in our body for our present and future use
By the practice of stilling the body
By the practice of meditation

Interaction with another person stimulates the flow of energy. One interacting with the other builds the energy to a level greater than the two people would each have separately.

Improving and keeping
our emotional, mental and physical aspects
in good health
allows the flow of optimal energy through us

36. Our Composite Body

Our body is a composition of interrelated aspects. When we look at another person we only see their outermost aspect: the physical. Our physical body is our only aspect having boundaries limited by time, place, dimension, mobility.

Directing our physical body is our mental aspect. Each physical action is reaction to thought. Having no boundaries at all, thought waves travel anywhere; unlimited as our physical aspect is in time, place, dimension, mobility. In that our thoughts are unbounded by physical limitations, they radiate from us randomly, and by the energy of our will, intentionally. We receive others' thought vibrations the same way, as there are no physical boundaries obstructing.

Shaping and coloring our thoughts and reasoning is our emotional aspect; our feelings. Because emotion precedes and influences thought it is even more fundamentally primal. Emotions of anger and fear form into negative thoughts and their subsequent negative actions. Loving emotions form thoughts of concern and compassion, bearing out in caring actions.

Our physical, mental, and emotional aspects respond to our changing world of cause and effect; action, reaction.

Stepping just beyond the changing world
is our aspect of individual Self

Our individual Self stands beyond the limitations of cause and effect. Always. Individual Self is our aspect that observes and has master control over, but is unfettered by our emotional, mental, and physical aspects.

When we are not yet aware of our master controller of individual Self, we cannot make use of its inherent harmony and we still flounder as a fish out of water. Flip flop; flip flop; flip; flop.

It is difficult to use words to describe the properties of our individual Self as its nature is beyond understanding of the physics that science knows about today. We can experience, but as yet not explain. But even so, we can come to experience and consciously use our master controller by acting for the highest good we are aware of in each moment of our existence.

Searching out the experience of the unchanging reality is an emotional and thought process that works by first having loving feelings. Loving feelings birth an intention in our mind to know the origin of love. Then, the fast-held intention to know the ultimate experience of love eventually creates enough space in our life so that we begin to align our subsequent emotions, thoughts, and actions with the unchanging characteristics of unconditional love which is the sole 'soul' quality of our individual Self.

And here we come face to face with the reality
that yes, we live in a changing world
and have diverse emotions and thoughts
directing our actions
but yes, we also can exert free will
to apply love in our life
and thereby align ourselves
with the greater than individual aspect
We can align with the individual Self aspect of all
the Universal Self

By living every moment with unconditional lovingness we keep our consciousness in alignment with the reality superseding the cause and effect world. We succeed in mirroring the individual Self in all. And we succeed in becoming the mirror of the Universal Self pervading all.

And remembering, all of our aspects are present and interacting concurrently whether or not we are aware of them all. Those we are aware of we can make use of consciously.

To become aware of and use all our bodily aspects—physical, mental, emotional, individual Self, Universal Self—is a discovery process born of loving emotions and reflection in our mind. Love that is carried out through the intention in our mind and the actions of our body as unconditionally caring actions; love as a flame within, intense in its desire to know the harmonious Truth supporting our world of cause and effect.

Our body
A composition
of many aspects
Aligned with harmony
powered by lovingness
boundaries unlimited

37. Our Deepest Roots

Deep within each of us is our place
where no disturbance can exist
Like the roots of a tree below the ground
secure and steady
Our deepest roots
channel our life sap of vital energy
into our limbs for interaction in the world

Our deepest roots are our natural state of peace and bliss. In meditation and quiet introspection we bore deeply into our internal-eternal Source—consciously widening those life-giving channels of nourishing contentment and bliss.

The opening channels allow us to integrate peacefulness and balance into our fast-paced living—taking the edge off our worldly state of frenzy.

Incorporating lovingness into meditation and introspection opens wide the access to our even deeper universal roots, where we are all interconnected.

Ever-flowing harmony and love energize us completely—allowing us to extend the branches of our arms into the many leaves of action in our life.

Roots set in harmony
Holding us upright
Balanced in everyday living

38. Our True Identity

We assume varying roles during the course of each day and at the different stages of our life. Underlying all these roles, we have an identity that is unseen by our eyes, but ever present; observing all we do in the world. We are blind to this reality—we are unconscious of this reality till we become awakened spiritually. This reality is our true identity. This is the identity of our True Self.

In the consciousness of our True Self, we are not affected by the on-going changes in our emotional, mental, and physical realities. In our True Self we are steeped in contentment amidst worldly turmoil.

We can perceive, and identify our True Self when we are in an elevated state of consciousness. Eventually, we can stay in awareness of our True Self, in this elevated state of consciousness, while concurrently being active emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Being conscious of our True Identity is as if we are wearing an unseen life-preserver in the ocean of life's events; we float above the turmoil. We remain aware that every situation we are in now and forevermore has a resolve that can retain our peace, (the state in which we can have contact with our True Self), as long as we act for the best at each moment.

The elevated state of consciousness where we are aware of the true identity of ourselves is a state of "active" meditation. The state of meditation—communion with the reality of our True Self—is achieved through a step-by-step process:

1. The mental desire to know the identity of our True Self;
2. The emotional longing to experience the state of permanent love;
The practice of keeping the body still for short periods of time, such as by sitting in a meditation pose, (in order to not be distracted by physical activity); allowing time for loving introspection;
Holding positive attitudes in thinking and living;
Acting in alignment with the best resolve for each situation;
Practicing unconditionally caring love for all.

Of these 6 conditions, the most important one is to love all with unconditionally caring love. Unconditionally caring love sets our mind in a positive direction, and automatically raises our consciousness so we can perceive what our physical eyes cannot see. We gradually rise above outer and inner turmoil to experience the permanent consciousness of joy. The permanent joyful state is the quality of our own dear True Self.

By acting lovingly with others, we come to further experience that our True Self is infinitely expansive; with no physical, mental, or emotional boundaries, as our own physical body seems to have. There is much comfort in the consciousness of knowing the identity of our True Self. Wherever we go, whomever we are with, feels like our home and our family. We feel our very own Self in all.

Our True Identity

The Identity of our True Self
An elevated state of consciousness
we can be in while awake and living fully
emotionally, mentally, and physically
by loving unconditionally
and acting in alignment with the best resolve
of every situation

Our True Self
Our Self of permanent joy
unfazed by events in living
ever full and self-supporting
Supporting us in every way
with contentment that never wavers
Love that is ever present

39. Panorama of Unlimited Consciousness

Integrating consciousness
into everyday living
by following the prodding of our conscience
Teamwork between our conscience
and subsequent actions
improving our experience of life

Our conscientious actions expand our consciousness of who we are, why we are on earth, and our role in the universal plan.

An analogy: The higher we climb up a mountain side, the more our view expands. First, we see other hillsides enclosing us—continuing the uphill climb we at last look way beyond other mountain tops, freed of barriers to our vision.

Standing on the mountain top
the feeling of expansiveness we experience
in our body and mind
in viewing such an unlimited panorama
is an example of how we feel
as we get closer to the peak
of our possible consciousness
We can really attain our peak of consciousness
by continually acting
in accord with our conscience, consistently
day by day

The air at the mountain top is clean and clear, and the actions of a clear and clean mind are simple and pure, loving and expansive—no hills of ego or self-centeredness blocking our view point and actions.

Why stay down in the tangled undergrowth of self-centeredness when by walking upward, and looking outward from our self-centered interests, we can enjoy the panorama of unlimited consciousness?

Consciousness expanding
through an outwardly loving view

40. Perceiving, Receiving, Integrating Spiritual Teachings

Every event in our life
is a guidepost and imparts teachings
for the events following
Today's current events
the makeup, the background
of tomorrow's happenings

Example is a Teacher…

When we see a person happy and content we want to know how their happiness was attained. We observe the way they act in all situations, what they say, and their lifestyle. The example of their very life teaches us the way to find happiness for ourselves.

In everyday living we observe the interaction of adults and children. Children follow the example of the adults they are around. Children are molded more by example and their own experiences, than by book learning or what they are told. If a child is treated well with fairness and respect, he grows up possessing those same qualities. If a child is abused or lied to, that makes up the background for his adulthood.

Our own pure thoughts, words, and actions can bring about change in the hardened ones if they are given enough time and exposure. Because all are in search of happiness, and happiness is a soul quality, apart and unaffected by changes in the natural world and human mind, eventually a person exposed to good will find their inner source of happiness. (Perhaps not in this lifetime, though, in reflecting on the states of mind of hardened criminals.) Sometimes many lifetimes are spent in the search for happiness; going down paths of selfish living before turning around and following the path up the mountain to the ultimate summit where the clear view stretches out forever—free of any briars, any obstacles encountered from the limited convoluted attitude of selfishness.

To raise our own level of fullness in joy and happiness we need to live lovingly and conscientiously. Every day. Every moment of every day. Then we are also being a good and uplifting example to those around us. In the interim, the lives of spiritual masters and saints serve as role models—their lives showing us how to attain lasting happiness.

Recognizing a 'Spiritual' Teacher…

In the early stages we are attracted to a spiritual teacher by our level of comfort and synchronicity with that person, or through their teachings, by observing and agreeing with their lifestyle, or admiring the way they handle events in living—and whether they love all non-partially, with equal caring concern. We feel uplifted thinking about this person and in their presence. We feel inspired to do good and be good for the sake of ourselves and all humanity.

The impact on us by a spiritual teacher crosses many planes of our existence. Upliftment, inspiration to become better people, these are the feelings we receive through contact with the spiritual teacher. The spiritual teacher's job is to show us the way to become masters over our actions—to be able to control our mind and not have our whims control our thinking and action. The spiritual teacher can inspire us because he or she has found the Self, and this realization opened the door of access to infinite wisdom.

The spiritual teacher's ability to raise our consciousness into enjoyment of self-effulgent happiness is proof of the direct transfusion—mind to mind—soul to soul. That is the gift of such a relationship with a person that pure.

The perception and reception of this gift
is possible only
from one who has contact with his own Source

We can not teach what we do not know and understand firsthand. Every moment we experience change. The backdrop is the conscious spirit that energizes and guides the movement in every atom of mental and physical existence.

The spiritual teacher leads us to realize that our own pure conscience is our ultimate guide. Till we can calmly follow our own cleaned up conscience, a person, a master—in person, or through the guidance of written recordings, is there for our assistance.

Integrating Spiritual Insights into Everyday Living…

When we get a flash of insight about our lasting nature, we bask in its warmth for awhile—then we seem to forget its message. After many similar flashes we consciously start thinking about the revelation's usefulness in our daily life.

A plan for integrating perception of knowledge from the first flash is:
1. Keep a small notebook handy and write down the insight as it occurs.
2. At day's end review what was recorded.
3. Allow a minute to think about how the insight could be useful in daily living—to bring a greater sense of harmony into life.
4. Plan and put the new insight into a written affirmation.
5. Next morning, upon waking, repeat the new affirmation and repeat it often during the day. Stick with this affirmation until the next insight comes.

Spiritual knowledge is meant to be useful in regular daily living. there is no other usefulness for it. It is meant to be integrated into our moment to moment actions. A jar full of spiritual vitamins does no good sitting on the shelf. Each tablet of insight must be consumed so it can circulate fully through our system, energizing us with awareness of our inner state of vibrant lasting happiness.

L etting
I ntuition
F ind
E xpression

We perceive and receive spiritual insights by the example of others more consciously-spiritually evolved than us; by reading uplifting writings and scripture from the ages; and by feeling the uplifting effects from these sources in our own increase in joy. It is then up to us to integrate our new insights into our life.

To Be Divinely Human…

To be divinely human is to express each facet of our being with highest regard for ourselves, others, and all creation. It is taking the spiritual insights that we have integrated into our daily lives and then sharing our expanding consciousness with others through caring actions.

The divine state does not preclude any aspect of our humanness
Instead, it defines, refines or re-defines each part of our being
so the purity of Truth can easily shine through each deed
Our Creator-Sustainer provides the energy
in every atom of existence
How could we think godliness could not possibly
be present in certain states of our being and actions?
Every action we could ever think to do is a lesson for our growth
into awareness of our lasting Self
Through our experiences in this world
we learn which kinds of actions
bring us lasting happiness
And we choose to do more and more of these types of action
as we go along
We would like to be happy all the time
We eventually learn which attitudes and actions
promote the happy state
Characteristics of living as divine humans:
Our actions are done for the highest good
We live in harmony with natural laws of the universe
We serve as true human beings
by our example of living in harmony
To be in harmony
or divinely human
is to be happy inside ourselves
while radiating light and love

41. Personal Integrity in Daily Living

Personal integrity
Living in accordance
with our highest state of consciousness

We continuously create our reality by our choices, moment to moment—creating and maintaining harmony by following our conscience and acting for the highest good.

Personal integrity takes courage

We are being courageous in living according to our conscience when it would be easy to hide from others that we are not following our conscience. It is easier to slide down the hill of life, maintaining or digressing in our current state on consciousness, than to follow the sometimes hard climb up the path of what we know is right.

The reward for continually upgrading our personal integrity is that we become more conscious of our harmonious self-effulgent nature.

Through living with personal integrity others notice that we can be trusted— we become a trustworthy friend, an asset to our world family.

When we personally integrate
our highest consciousness
into our daily living
We have the most capacity to enjoy
happiness and harmony

42. Personal Peace Multiplied: World Peace

Personal Peace Retained
World Peace

When each of us begins acting from our natural state of peacefulness, the world will become one large caring home—with members of every nation interrelating harmoniously. And in worldwide harmony there is still room for personal creative expression within the national diversity.

The individual living in harmony and peacefulness has access to the broader aspect of mind. Answers to life's situations arise to that person's mind surface easily and are seen clearly, because the waters of mind are not being clouded by turmoil of dissension and unrest.

Peaceful people preserve their state by following the dictate of their conscience in all circumstances—their conscience having been developed by living moral and ethical lives.

A peaceful contented mind allows creative ideas to manifest with caring in a logical and productive manner.

The person feeling happiness
manifests happily for the whole
The mind content
holds the content
of all personal peace
World Peace

Developing our Conscience using Discrimination and Dispassion…

Discrimination: examination, analysis—then choice for the highest good.

Dispassion: choosing the highest good above personal preference.

The benefits of discrimination and dispassion are the preservation of our personal peace and harmonious relationships—resulting in ongoing contentment.

Discrimination is the process of holding back, viewing possibilities, and thinking about the results before making decisions. After seeing how to best proceed, we need to be dispassionate in order to surrender lesser desire to the highest good.

Joining hands
to effectuate
the most useful plan
Personal peace retained
World Peace maintained

Setting the Stage, Recording the Action

Each of our actions, recorded in our mind as experience, sets the stage for the next moment's reaction.

Actions flow
through our moments of living

As our pool of experience deepens, we can act from that growing depth of perception in our current actions and interactions.

creating a deepening pool
of consciousness
clarifying waters of mind
Setting the stage
for happy harmonious living
at home
and in the home of the world
Another step forward
toward World Peace

Maintaining our Native Environment Within

A fish in its native watery environment moves gracefully—washed upon dry land, it struggles till death.

Our native environment is our place of peace and harmony—experienced by following the guidance of our conscience and acting for the highest good all the time. If instead, we choose the momentary gratification of lust, greed, and anger—a price is paid: we find ourselves, as if in a churning rapid. By self-centeredness and unconscionable action, we thrash about; unsettled and discontent.

Sputtering through life
till floating upon calm waters
of harmonious action
for the highest good

Outer Life, Inner Life…

What we do in our outer life forms our inner life experiences—and strong inner values produce actions for the higher good.

Thoughts affect our actions
Actions reinforce our thinking

Harmonious living requires that our thoughts and actions cooperate for the highest end result.

Congruency—accurately doing what we say we are going to do—allows us to act out our thoughts smoothly and efficiently. And our energy is increased by the parallel alignment of actions carried out from thoughts for the highest good—as a double strand of thread increases the strength of a seam.

Outer life
reflecting uplifting thoughts
allowing harmonious living

Moving Forward in Peace…

Moving forward
Moving along
Moving along life's timeline

Through living, our experiences compound. Momentum rolls us onward—onward and onward.

Even if we wanted, we could not succeed at backtracking.

What was then, was followed by other events forming the present. All the changes that have occurred on the physical, mental, and emotional planes stand between us and the past as we knew it.

Moving along
with all the changes
just continues

Acceptance that change is inherent in the passage of time keeps us steadily on a forward roll. And lovingness incorporated into our attitudes and actions gives us full, vibrant experiences in living.

As long as we are living
we may as well be giving fully
By lovingness
completely and fully
By retaining our peacefulness
through moral and ethical living
and lovingly acting for the higher good
we do our part in creating—maintaining
World Peace

43. Prayer: Supplication, Meditation, Appreciation, Application

hand in hand
Energy uplifted by appreciation
to carry out a useful plan
communication back and forth
with our Source

1. Supplication—asking for guidance by using our own words or set prayers;

2. Meditation—being still in body, which is conducive to the settling of the turbulent waters of issues in the mind—confusion falling away so that the voice of our conscience can be heard;

3. Appreciation—caring, thankful, and loving thoughts, which in turn energize our body;

4. Application—putting the inner guidance of our conscience into action.

Directives from conscience—
Perceived through peaceful thoughts
feelings of contentment
and an energized body
Directives from conscience—
Always for the best

Sometimes we layer our mind with excuses for not acting on the directive of our conscience. These layers of mental defense fog our mind to what is best for us, blocking out the best outcome.


Supplication is asking for our prayer to be answered. The set prayers from religious traditions can set us in the frame of mind that something outside our ordinary daily thinking and experience can intercede in our lives.

The something uplifting our daily experience
becomes known to us
in the aspect of our 'Higher Self' or God

We can ask for events to turn a certain way when we want a specific outcome, or we can ask for the best (though perhaps unknown to us in the moment) outcome to happen in our lives or in others' lives in general. Both ways we are intentionally putting forth our energy.

This is an example of a prayer asking for the 'best' outcome:

Clear Mind Prayer...

Lord, clear my mind
That your beam of light and love shining through me
will reflect perfectly through the crystal of my soul
Till all that seems me becomes all that is Thee
Till everyone and all in creation reflect all that is Thee

Whether or not we use a set group of words in our supplication, we need to spend the moments following our supplication for meditation and reflection. Deep meditation and reflection—our quiet time—allow the answers for us to put into action to our specific requests to filter into our waking mind.

Meditation and Reflection

Meditation is the medication for healing ignorance of our eternal Self. We know about our sensory organs; we know about our emotions; we know about our thinking mind; but until we still our body, emotions, and thinking mind, we do not have conscious contact with our Self—which is part of the main eternal core of Self. The joyful effects experienced from the inner stillness of meditation eventually flow outwardly into daily life. Joy invigorates us with plenty of lively energy for caring and sharing; in joy we feel happy and fulfilled.

The medication healing ignorance
of our permanent nature of joy

Going within, reflecting, brings forth clarified reality. When we perceive past and ongoing events clearly, we see where we are heading. Living each moment with caringness and in our highest consciousness of good allows happiness in our present and future.

Refining perception
Perceptions refined by reflection
Quiet time
Clarified mind

We aid ourselves in fulfilling our human potential by maintaining and nurturing a stable secure base. When we are out of balance the results of our actions are also. To produce results for the highest good we need to consistently live from our highest consciousness. By living a balance of work, play, and contemplation we stay centered.

Work—for income
Contemplation—for guidance and inspiration
Play—for enjoyment
The winning combination
Allowing personal harmony
in everyday living


Appreciation uplifts both the giver and receiver
A smile is an appreciation
A gentle touch or hug conveys loving appreciation
Encouraging words appreciate a person's potential
Givingness shows we care
Appreciation goes forth through our thoughts, words, actions
And returns the same instant as uplifted energy in our mind-body
Consciousness awakening
Consciousness of love awakening

No matter what our age, we are students of life till we learn how to appreciate and preserve harmony in our life. To maintain control in our lives we must harmonize for the best resolve in each situation, regardless of temptation for personal gratification. We become masters of our destiny when we consistently act on what is best for all concerned.

Mastering our destiny
Able to enjoy on-going contentment
by living in accord with the highest good
of which we are aware
Selfishness surrendered
Consciousness expanded

The teachings of yoga, combined with appreciation for life, provide time-honored cleansing methods, spiritual practices, and guides to virtuous living, removing our layers of self-deception. Some are: bodily purification--clean diet and hatha yoga postures; positive attitudes; productive work; prayer—(supplication, meditation, appreciation, application); substituting better for bad habits; living for the best resolve in each moment.

Our eternal Self is experienced by diving deeply through the narrow gateway into our own Heart. The permanent joy that is the hallmark of our permanent Self comes into reality for us when we sit very still, immobile, while emanating lovingness for our Creator, creation, loved ones, everyone.

People know we love them
by the caring
by the appreciation we show them

Our foremost goal is to develop the quality of lovingness—which we achieve through nurturing and caring actions. The choice for acting on love faces us repeatedly till we become conscious that we are actually beings of love. By applying the attitude of caring, we come to experience harmony and contentment fully in our life.

Conscientious action
allows consciousness to develop step by step
by taking the invisible but sure way we know is right
for each and every moment
Conscientious action steeped in caring love
and appreciation for life
The invisible but sure way to consciousness of expansive joy
in each and every moment
Past layers fogging perception
Burned off by purification
Light of Self shining through
Confronting life

Applying the Gift of Ourselves…

And lastly, when we add the gift of ourselves in the application of our prayer life, we bring much happiness to ourselves. Also, the gift of ourselves does not expect a return. With this attitude we allow our caring heart to open and hold gifts beyond measure: contentment, peacefulness and lovingness—received right in the moment we are being caring. It is practical to be caring and giving—we are not wasting time thinking about what someone owes us. There is no downside after giving when we do not expect a return; we retain our natural harmony and peace. Giving freely when the opportunity arises allows energy to flow easily through our actions. And then, when we experience a true need, our harmonious pattern of living will draw just what we need to us, from within us—this happens because when we are feeling relaxed, logical thoughts come up in our mind to best resolve the situation.

Spending time in prayer—
supplication, meditation, appreciation, application
Plus the gift of ourselves
through caring and sharing
Awakens gifts within ourselves—
Abiding peacefulness and lovingness

44. Purpose of Guilt

Guilt is useful
Without feeling guilt
we would never upgrade our actions

Our conscience is the voice that speaks to us via uncomfortable feelings in our body. When our body is uncomfortable thinking about what we said or did, we are getting a mental signal—a signal from our conscience—that we need to upgrade our thinking or acting, or both.

Following our conscience
harmonizes our life

In retrospect, we can not undo what has occurred. But when we become aware that we should have acted differently, we can then make amends. And we then need to make amends.

We have this present moment to begin following the guidance of our conscience, directing us to the resolve that serves the highest good of the situation—the highest resolve being that which helps without hurting anyone physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Guilt from yesterday's actions
becomes harmony once again
when we make amends for our past
And through caring actions
align with our conscience
by serving the highest good now
The Purpose of Guilt

45. Reflection for Problem Solving

An inner journey
Then bringing out
the best
into daily life

We know that reflection gives us insight into a situation. But, reflection also opens a door to a pathway in our mind that allows us to actually gain more concrete knowledge about anything—whether that is a more intimate relationship with our Source—our Creator Sustainer—or an aspect of our Creator's creation.

The journey inward along the pathway of reflection is a step-by-step walk, bringing us ever closer to what we want to know. Each step, each successively clearer thought, shows us an additional piece of the puzzle of the information we are seeking.

Reflection is a natural process of our mind for problem solving. We spend time thinking about a situation. Eventually, a resolve comes to us that will suit the situation—whether it is with interpersonal relationships or for more understanding to resolve a technical question.

To use reflection for problem solving:

1. Maintain a positive attitude and frame of mind.

2. Identify the question, (with either a relationship issue or a technical matter).

3. Consider, by taking quiet time for step-by-step introspection, all the possibilities that come to mind, whether previously known choices or brand new concepts. (In reflection each step on the inner path opens up the view of more and new possibilities. And, by continuing the process of inner reflection, still further new possibilities open up. On and on.)

4. Evaluate the pros and cons of each old and new idea.

Finally, adapt to and carry out the resolve, idea, or new process that advances for the good, without causing a setback for anyone or anything.

The pathway of reflection
An inner journey
A closer communion with our Source
revealing the best answers
to our questions

46. Relevance of Religious Doctrines, Moral Precepts

Religious doctrines
Moral precepts
External guidelines
till we develop the consciousness
to follow our conscience consistently

The time for New Years resolutions falls right in the midst of annual spiritual celebrations for many of us. This link of a new year, a fresh start, and the time of heightened spiritual awareness gives us the added energy and incentive to carry out resolutions contributing to our personal growth.

Time-tested religious doctrines and moral precepts are our guidance system till we, through practice, develop our own conscience fully.

As our conscience develops
We develop in consciousness

Consciousness and a clear conscience flow from unconditional love. Unconditional love leads us to act with a clear conscience spontaneously and naturally in ways that are caring and respectful. And as we develop and become accustomed to following our conscience, we don't need to depend as much on the outer guidelines—they become internalized. Transferring obedience from outer guidelines to the voice of our conscience is a gradual process—the transfers complete, when we act for the best resolve consistently. And during times when we procrastinate over what is for the best, we can always refer, once again, to the time-tested doctrines and precepts.

We claim our personal freedom
from transgression
by developing
then choosing to follow our conscience consistently

Why should we follow our conscience when we would rather not? For happiness. We all want to be happy. Until we follow our conscience consistently, we stand just out of arms reach of personal contentment, happiness and harmony.

For ultimate happiness prioritize: Separate needs from desires by deciding what is really needed for basic material sustenance and comfort. And even beyond creature comforts, if we want the 'ultimate happiness', we need to seek communion with our Creator/Sustainer. In this 'ultimate alignment' we open ourselves to the most expansive potential of happiness and bliss in our life. Religious, or secular moral and ethical training provide us with the guidelines for action that preserve our personal peace and happiness—while keeping our lives in harmony with others.

Attunement with our Source of Happiness and Harmony…

Prologue: Every atom in the universe is powered by intelligence—intelligence, because atoms interrelate and cooperate forming molecules; then combine and progress into and cooperate even more fully into the larger systems of minerals, plants, animals, and our own human bodies. As our bodies are made up of these billions of atoms, we are justified is noting that our bodies are powered by the unseen intelligent energy that permeates all creation. We know about energy in the sense that we see how it works, but the ultimate source of energy is as yet to be viewed by us. Nevertheless, energy exists and energy is just energy and without its own limiting physical form.

Whatever actions we will ourselves to do are done using energy. Whatever attitudes and thoughts we choose to give our energy and time to in our mind, produce like results in our actions, circumstances, relationships, and determine whether or not we will have a happy and harmonious existence. Positive attitudes and uplifting thoughts create harmony, beauty, and love. Negative, destructive thoughts create experiences of loneliness, separation, and fear that we will lose what we already have.

Attuning our attitudes, thoughts, and decisions
with the guidelines of religious doctrines and moral precepts
makes positive use of our energy

It is for our ultimate happiness that from this moment on we resolve to live with a clear conscience—and, if we ever need to get ourselves back on track, we have the outer guidelines, which are essentially the same worldwide. Again, no matter what our background, the goal of every person is the same—to be happy.

We experience happiness and inner peace
from following the dictates of our conscience

Communion with our Creator/Sustainer—the experience of full spiritual consciousness, is essentially harmony—a connection with others that we feel as love. We are aware that we feel love because our body feels easeful but energized, and we feel contentment and happiness in our mind.

In summary: The path to experiencing this highest state of humanity begins by following the outer guidelines of religion, and secular morality and ethics—culminating in the full blossoming, the full perfection of harmony in our consciousness. And as we attune our mind and subsequent actions with the same harmony directing even the tiny atom—we reap the most happiness in our life. We fulfill the goal of humanity most fully.

Religious doctrines
Moral precepts
guiding our thinking
till consistently internalized
Our creations producing our choices
Conscientious, harmonious thinking
Happiness in living

47. Sad Ending for Some Babies: Partial Birth Abortions

A commentary…

Man is the only species that destroys its unborn progeny.

And now with 'partial birth abortions' we are killing babies that are viable, after they have been delivered feet first, face down, in the moments before the crown of their head leaves the birth canal.

After a doctor stabs the intersection at the base of the child's skull and spinal column, creating a hole—an entrance-way—an assistant suctions out the child's brains.

The current legality of this is that as long as the crown of the head of the baby is not delivered it is abortion. If the child's body slips completely out then the stabbing death is murder.

Man has a mind that is evolved enough to make a better or worse choice in a given situation. Because we can make choices does not mean we have a right to make a choice that hurts us or others.

Every human is spiritually entrusted with all that are less evolved or physically or mentally dependent on us, by setting a good example in living our lives. We are truly living in a web just like the acronym of the www of the internet. But spiritually we are even more enjoined because there are no mental or physical barriers separating us in spirit.

In order to further our individual and species evolution we need to make choices that encourage our growth in the areas of responsibility, morality, fortitude, compassion, truth, and honesty. When we make choices that excuse ourselves from practicing the positive virtues, we set aside opportunities for our growth in consciousness.

As human consciousness evolves through the practice of right, positive choices, we unlock the selfish gates of our mind; we free ourselves from the cage of limitations. As we act in kind caring ways in our daily life, our heart feelings expand to include others in our center of consciousness.

Intentionally destroying the fruit of the womb violates mother nature's perfect plan. More pain is gained, accrued when we upset nature's harmony through the psychic damage to the parents in abortion, than by facing the work and dealing with the problems of raising either a normal, or mentally or physically imperfect child—when we work out situations in a positive way we preserve our peace of mind.

The law of nature demonstrates that there is a reaction to each action—good from good, bad from bad, pain from pain, love from kindness and caring. If the universe did not operate on this perfectly mathematical basis, one moment after the physical universe manifested there would have been total chaos.

Partial-birth abortions are a barbaric procedure, reminiscent of an earlier stage of human evolution when we killed the innocent to show power and strength.

Killing the innocent shows strength, right?

Let us band together in raising the planetary consciousness by completely outlawing this throw-back act of violence that hacks away our innocent humanity.

48. The Safety-Grip of Conscience

A parent holds his young child's hand lightly, but securely, as they walk briskly along the beach. The child does not even have to watch his parent while they go along—the handhold between them providing security and guidance to travel safely around obstacles.

In daily living, we are the child
our Creator-Sustainer the caring parent
The handhold is our conscience
intertwining with the Creator's hand
of all-wise consciousness

As long as we hold to what is right, by following the guidance of our conscience, we travel safely along the paths of life; growing into fuller consciousness of our Source—fuller consciousness as humans.

Taking hold of life
by following the direction
of our conscience
leads to experiencing
Universal Consciousness

49. Searching Within at the Coming of Age

Here we are
Old enough to be reading this
Interested enough to be reading this
Here we are
Come of age

We are all making our way through the natural progression of life—from childhood, teenage-hood, and into the long stretch of 'adulthood'.

Adulthood—the time of our life when we've mastered the basics enough to be able to stand on our own—when we become masters of our destiny.

Masters of our destiny—telling us that as adults we have both the right and duty to master all aspects of our beingness to come to more fully, most fully 'know' our Beingness.

So, adulthood is the time of life for determining, directing and experiencing on our own. And when we get tired out of searching for things outside of ourselves in our quest for unbroken happiness, we finally turn to our thoughts—becoming reflective.

Leading to reflection
And in reflection
we have finally
come of age
Come to the stage of our life
when we are ready and willing and able
to spend some time
on the journey within
Somehow knowing
that the happiness we seek on the outer
somehow has its beginnings
in the deep inner recesses
of our own being
Getting in touch
with our deep
state of beingness
through reflection
Developing a relationship
with our inner state of joy
That place of unbroken
energized happiness
Justifies the time we spend in reflection
Inner happiness found
Brought into
outer living
by our actions of caring and sharing

Coming of age, the search within, is a lifelong process. The lessons of childhood setting the stage for a productive adulthood. A fulfilling adulthood--the product of time spent in thoughtfulness and reflection—brought into our daily interactions when we care and share in the world.

From the search within
at the coming of age
The true 'adult stage' of our life
blooms and bears a luscious fruit
for our enjoyment
The ripened fruit of Self-Realization
where we know fully in Technicolor 3-D
who we are

Functioning beautifully in the world is the icing on the cake in our lives. It is the just reward of the attention we have paid to developing the inner aspects of ourselves—not just the outer achievements and acquisitions, which wax and wane.

Lending a helping hand in the search within as we come of age are the time-tested virtues of ethical and moral living, combined with the practice of meditation.

Meditation cleans the mind of the debris of attachment to achievements and acquisitions in the outside world—making space and time for us to experience our self-effulgent joy and bliss.

And in experiencing our Beingness of joy and bliss we become whole and holy people in everyday living. When our bodies are energized with bliss we love best—we love unconditionally. We love ourselves, too, because we are experiencing our unseen depth—the depth that is infinite—that is infinite in love, energy and knowledge of what is just right for us in every moment. We are ever newly inspired with the best solutions while making each moment's decisions. That is the power and glory of Self-Realization. Our limited self has reattached to the infinite Self of harmony energizing every single atom of existence.

Coming of Age
via the search within
for the Self within
Experiencing all the love
we can possibly hold
through each moment of our existence
Coming of Age
via the search within
Our Self-Realization
overflowing into
every nook and cranny of our existence
Spreading outwardly
through our caring and loving lives
Reflecting back to us
in the happy faces
of the recipients of our love
Our heart blossoming most fully
A fragrant flowering rose
The actions of our lives
The petals of our lives
falling gracefully upon our laps
into the laps of all

50. Shadings of Reality

Darkness of night
subtly illumined
by moon and stars
Brightness of day
subtly muted
by atmosphere and clouds

As with nature, conditions and situations are in shades and gradations.

To understand and work within reality requires thoughtful introspection, followed by action for the highest good. Following our conscience produces the highest good. We hear the voice of our conscience, our inner guidance, when we are feeling relaxed, in harmony.

Keeping a positive attitude while thinking over issues, aligns with our conscience, producing conscientious plans and actions for the highest good.

The more we practice being conscientious, the more easily we act conscientiously, expanding our consciousness of the many shadings and gradations of any situation.

Shadings of reality
opened to consciousness
by acting conscientiously

51. Shortcomings

Shortcomings are areas where we are lacking in virtue. It is good and useful for us to take a personal inventory of our personality and actions to see where we can improve ourselves.

We can all stand some improvement
therefore time should be spent
in the re-movement of obstacles
blocking our full experience of the Divine

Shortcomings are obstacles to enjoying life fully. If another person points out a shortcoming to us because they care about us, we should consider and evaluate their point of view. And if they have nailed a shortcoming in us, we have the opportunity to develop the virtue that we are lacking—propelling us onward toward our full capacity for fulfillment and happiness.

The pathway to Self-Realization is a refinement process—a process that includes making efforts to remove our shortcomings. As we grow in consciousness we become aware of our shortcomings, and sparked by the desire to enjoy more and more happiness we, ourselves, take steps to refine our ways of being and doing.

Only temporary obstacles and setbacks
when we are highly motivated
to enjoy the fullest capacity
of happiness as humans

52. Soul Force

Every experience in our life has but the soul (sole) purpose
of developing consciousness of ourselves
as an infinite body of bliss
The force of our Soul
to develop itself more fully in consciousness
ever driving our mental thoughts and actions

What is Consciousness?

Pertaining to our soul, consciousness is awareness of and alignment with the highest good as we perceive it, in every new moment of our existence. As our level of consciousness rises, our desire to harmonize prevailing circumstances with the highest good becomes automatic. Consciousness aligned with the highest good is like waking up—with a sigh of relief—from a dream where events were happening beyond our control. Awakening into consciousness allows us to enjoy our natural peace and contentment. As we become more fully awakened we harmonize with the greater picture, because we are adapting more ease fully to changing circumstances and relationships as they occur—without resistance.

The 'conscious person'
considers the whole situation
before making personal decisions
affecting others

To develop our own consciousness, and its result, a life of contentment, requires maintaining an ethical lifestyle combined with the choice to act for the highest good that we are aware of in each moment, even when we would prefer to do or have something different.

Our Unlimited Soul Dimension…

Our soul truly is of unlimited dimension. But at physical conception our soul centers its seat of consciousness in a 'bodily' disguise. We dress our soul, (along with the mind it uses to assimilate and relate with), in the costume of a body for the purpose of gaining more consciousness of ourselves.

Our body and mind are composed of elements that derive from energy. The body elements are composed of earth elements and at physical death go back to their elemental form. The elements composing the mind are of a finer nature in relation to the elements composing the physical—but they are still definable as energy. At physical death the mind survives and accompanies the individual soul until man no longer needs the mind's help in realizing his only permanent nature: his soul.

The soul is not composed of energy or elements. Its property is permanence. The property of the body-mind changes form, energy to matter back to energy. In the written word and on the intellectual plane the body-mind and soul can be explained. But the soul can only be realized by experiencing its nature—and this happens quite easily through the practice of meditation. In meditation the body becomes still. The still body helps by example to still the running of thoughts through the mind. The mind should be give none thought to concentrate on to still itself—an uplifting word or phrase is appropriate. By this continued practice the body-mind is made aware of its permanent self or soul or individualized spirit.

Contacting and Experiencing Our Soul…

In meditation the soul observes a constant hum of energy at first observed in the head. By deduction we analyze and find it is not part of the mind because the mind can have thoughts going on while the hum is still present in the background.

The property of this cosmic hum is one of constancy—always present in us in our every atom, in every atom in nature and every atom of the mind. This cosmic energy vibrates continually, upholding all creation. Scientists can see that the movement within the atom is continuous. The fine form of the cosmic hum is what sustains this atomic movement. In scripture this intelligent creative aspect of God, this cosmic hum, is known as 'The Holy Spirit', third person in the Trinity, the force creating and sustaining the manifest universe. (This is but one example of how parallel scientific and religious understandings are.)

Who is listening to or observing this cosmic hum? The Soul. Our individual soul observes the actions of our mind and mind-controlled body always. But the soul is never touched negatively by our thoughts or actions. Our soul observes as if from a grand stand, watching the parade of events go by. We get so involved with the passing changing events that we identify with each new 'float' as it goes by and forget that we are just observers. In meditation we have the chance to sit back as observers once again and watch the parade go by.

Peace is experienced when we realize
that all of life's changes cannot really affect
our state of consciousness negatively or permanently
We were Soul before we took on this body-mind

For eons, our soul carries along the package of an unseen mind—an unseen mind that reacts to input; processes data; stores and processes and stores ever more data—data that is acted upon in our subsequent mental thoughts and physical actions. This package of evolving mind aids our continual growth in consciousness of the very soul that is carrying it along. And when we grow so much in Self or Soul consciousness that we need not use the package of mind or body to gather experiences leading to our fullest bliss; we then abandon the limited baggage of both our mental aspect and physical body forever.

In Summary: Through meditation we have contact with our soul and come to feel our integral link with every other soul. And through meditation we become aware of our life's purpose—growth in awareness of our everlasting home in joy, peace and never ending perfectly fulfilling love. We each then stand at the center of the universe; aware that we, as Soul, are an infinite body of bliss.

A body of bliss
that is what we are
We become
through experiences on earth
ever more aware of ourselves
Our Soul
our Self as bliss

53. Surrendering to the Highest Good

The highest good
is a win-win situation

By accommodating ourselves to the guidance of our conscience we win—we remain peaceful and content, able to rationally consider and decide on a best resolve in any situation.

Surrendering to the highest good allows the pieces of the puzzle to fit together, even before we know how the finished puzzle will look.

From our individual viewpoint we cannot see around the corner, but from the vantage point of the overview—the view of harmony—the path to the highest good is visible.

Our conscience is tuned in
to the channel that has the overview
By aligning with this higher view
we can see the best course of action to follow

As we align within our situation, we experience our state of harmony, and those around us are able to more easily see their place in relation to us.

Personally surrendering
to the harmony of the whole
allows our insightful peacefulness
to overflow

54. Symptoms of Bliss


1. Uplifting thoughts flow through our mind;

2. We become more aware of the underlying reality of creation, while simultaneously seeing the overview; (The expansion of consciousness is both inward and outward.)

3. Our body feels energized for no apparent reason;

4. Even while our body feels energized we are physically at ease;

5. We feel interconnected—a vital part in the web of creation;

6. Kindness spontaneously flows from us, without forethought, through our actions—interactions.

Conditions that bring on blissful energy:

1. Environmental: the companionship of kind and caring people; beautiful surroundings—such as nature, art, and music that stimulates a vibratory resonance in our physical body in the area of our upper torso and arms;

2. Emotional: caring actions with our family, friends, and community;

3. Mental: holding a positive attitude; reading literature that expands our consciousness; practicing reflection on esoteric qualities; meditation; making choices for the higher good and then acting on them, consistently;

4. Physical: eating the cleanest diet possible; remaining drug free; participating in a regimen—such as a combination of hatha yoga stretches, postures, and regulated breathing, along with walking or swimming.

Optimum energy
coursing through our body
Nurturing and nourishing us
Expanding our consciousness of
who we are and how we actively participate
in creating
the Creation

55. Tapping into the Main Computer

As our barriers
of preconceptions and judgmental attitudes
are replaced by the desire to experience Truth
a trunk line forms between our mind
and the main computer-mind
of universal law

In our quest to know Truth, we climb over solid walls of limiting formats into the brilliant sunlight of illumination—illumination transforming our mind with the Truth that unconditional love is the bearer of harmony and balance in our world of physical, mental and emotional aspects.

Our mind, when freed of preconceptions and alive with curiosity for Truth, harmonizes, aligns, plugs into the main computer—aware of and able to use the universal principles of harmony and unconditional love.

From mind to Mind to mind
Open communication
Usefully operating
Through our harmonious attitudes and
Expressions of unconditional love

Compartments of Mind…

Our mind functions
through the compartments of our brain

The flexibility and coordination that is possible within our brain tissue allows analytical and discriminative thinking to cooperate with orderliness and harmony—reaching the clearest understandings and best solutions.

We have a hand in balancing our mental state effectively, based on our brain matter's current state. If our brain matter is deficient, mind works through a distorted vehicle. But our mind can train healthy brain matter to take on new functions. We see this in people who have suffered brain damage and have had to relearn information and functions with a part of the brain that normally is serving a different function.

The will to express seeks
till a way of expression is found

By will-power we implement positive attitudes—overriding urges and compulsions that come from the instinctual part of the mind. And we move towards balance, reversing digressions, by following guidelines that serve as our safety net till we develop a strong conscience. These guidelines include: ethical, moral, religious, and civil codes of behavior.

Compartments of mind
arranging through compartments of brain
for expression
Balance and harmony
preserved or regained
by will-power applied
to living consciously

56. Thoughts

Thought precedes action
Negative thoughts breed negative actions
Positive thoughts breed positive actions

Thoughts flow through our mind in a continual succession—by free will we decide to give or not give additional energy to a passing thought. By developing a positive outlook we naturally begin to follow up on positive thoughts.

The following practices, used as a group, develop the habit and ability to choose a wholly (holy) positive life:
1. reflection;
2. clean diet;
3. ethical and moral living;
4. caring actions.

As our mind and body are partners in expression, when we're physically weakened we don't think out solutions as rapidly as usual—thinking as well as the body is sluggish.

When we're physically healthy we feel good. We are most capable and likely to have a positive attitude and act with care—fostering expansion of our consciousness.

Ever present
Ever changing
Opportunities for growth
in consciousness
By using our free will to choose
the positive course of action
Visualizing with Feeling
As we feel in our thoughts
we will feel in the actions following
The fullest experience
of body, mind, emotion
results from
incorporating lovingness
into our visualizations
With a loving attitude
we reap harmony
One seed of lovingness sprouts
producing many fruits
Every time we act lovingly
we awaken or reinforce lovingness
in ourselves and others
Every vision we imbue with lovingness
manifests love in our own life
and in everyone that touches our lives
We feel most complete
when we completely give ourselves up
to living lovingly
Loving feelings
in our visualizations
manifest lovingness
in our realizations

57. Visualizing with Feeling

As we feel in our thoughts
we will feel in the actions following
The fullest experience
of body, mind, emotion
results from
incorporating lovingness
into our visualizations
With a loving attitude
we reap harmony
One seed of lovingness sprouts
producing many fruits
Every time we act lovingly
we awaken or reinforce lovingness
in ourselves and others
Every vision we imbue with lovingness
manifests love in our own life
and in everyone that touches our lives
We feel most complete
when we completely give ourselves up
to living lovingly
Loving feelings
in our visualizations
manifest lovingness
in our realizations

58. The Voice of Conscience

We each have a personal open line to an 'Advisor'
Known to us as our conscience

Our conscience lets us know the best resolve to our questions via the degree of peacefulness and relaxation we experience in our mind and body while thinking about a situation.

We develop a clear and pure conscience gradually when, with a caring attitude, we make repeated efforts to act for the highest good.

We are following our conscience when:
1. Our body feels relaxed;
2. Our mind is content and peaceful;
3. No one else is affected negatively by our action.

While we are in the process of developing a conscience we can rely on the dictates and moral guidelines laid out by religions and society. These outer rules guide us safely while we develop the strength of character to follow our conscience consistently.

Our conscience is our personal inner directive from our inner Source. It is worth the effort to develop this intimate relationship that always serves to produce our clearest experience of peace and happiness.

Also, acting for the best resolve we are aware of nourishes our self-esteem. We feel more in control of our lives knowing that there is a best way to resolve any situation.

As our self-assurance and self-esteem increase, we experience a growing sense of fulfillment and joy in living.

Joy in living is the goal
of every conscious human soul
Attained by consistently following
the voice of conscience

59. Why Are We Here?

We are here to become conscious
of our inherent roots
Roots that nourish us
from the ground of changelessness

A tree grows from a seed planted in fertile soil, its systems developing into maturity. The underlying roots, (sunk deep, and hidden in stable earth), supporting exposed parts.

From this example, we see that underlying structures though hidden from view, support outer forms.

As humans
we could not have our visible outer form
without a strong underlying reality
Each of us is planted in a womb
maturing in the process of growing outwardly
before using much energy to look inwardly
for the source supporting our visible form
It is in our stage of maturity
that we take the time and energy
to search out our roots

Like the tree, our roots are hidden from our physical eyes and senses. But, by following our inner guidance, with a loving heart, we travel the labyrinth till meeting with and experiencing our Source. Then we feel the completeness of knowing ourselves, and understand that we are here to become aware that we are one of the parts and part of the wholeness of uncreated and created reality.

Growing daily outwardly
Then diving
into the crystal pool of consciousness
Coming up clear and refreshed
in the knowledge of
of outer, inner
Universal Self

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