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In Consciousness There Is No Time


Susan Helene Kramer


non-fiction story


I had an experience outside of time consciousness on a visit to my childhood home in September, 2000. My husband and I were visiting my father and siblings for a family reunion. I had walked down the front yard to sit on the bank of the Magothy River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

This mossy spot was at the base of an old white oak where I had sat as a child watching mallards, herons and all varieties of smaller birds fishing and nesting, rearing their young.


Were these the same speed boats of 40 years ago zooming ahead, or circling more majestic sailboats, all making their way toward the broader expanse of bay, just beyond Gibson Island?


For me it was possible to go home again, I felt just as I did sitting there as a child. In contradiction, it is said we can't go back, but I found that in consciousness we are not bound by a knotted time line; we really can go back, simultaneously enjoying the present, by sinking into the fullness of experience.


As my body and mind relaxed, there was ease and comfort in discovering what was experienced in the past is alive and real today in my consciousness.


Events come and go. What survives are memories and love once experienced. Love is continuous regardless of worldly limits of time and place. Our dear ones remain with us and us with them behind closed eyes, relaxed body, peaceful mind.


In consciousness there is no time.

Closed eyes see events of earlier today

The same as those from yesterday.


In Consciousness There Is No Time
Copyright 2000-2017 Susan Helene Kramer | Photo credit Stan Schaap 

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