Considering Marriage

Susan Kramer

Relationship communion is union. From an ongoing relationship a point in time comes where another level must be entered for the relationship to grow into permanence. Unconditional acceptance, unconditional love, the binding ingredient allowing us to successfully cross into the permanence of marriage.

The partners must feel that they will bear with each other in future situations—no matter what the other is going through. The decision to commit comes at the point in time when we become detached enough to observe how the other is on a regular basis.

From this observation point, we need to ask ourselves if we could maintain our own peacefulness and caring under these circumstances in a daily living situation. It is important to face this analysis, so that the relationship can, if seen to be unconditionally acceptable, be allowed to expand to the level of life mates.

If both partners can not accept each other unconditionally, it is time to back off into a less involved relationship.

Would this be the time to plunge ahead into a live-in situation in hopes of working through obstacles?

Pain and discomfort result when obstacles are compounded by living together. The relationship becomes a head-to-head situation, because the two minds are trying to work out issues that are inherently part of each person's point of view. Whereas, unconditional acceptance from both, for each other, is the harmony of hearts cooperating for the highest common good.

Relationship communion is union; the marriage union being sustained by unconditional acceptance, unconditional love.

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