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Going Forward Courageously

Susan Kramer

There are times in our life when we know we should be doing something more or different. These are the times when, for our personal growth, we need to go forward, courageously, into the unknown.

And, this may not be an entirely unknown future. We may see what lies ahead, and be hesitating to take the steps in that direction, because of the changes to our daily life.

But, going forward courageously benefits us, and everyone around us, because when we improve ourselves, everyone around us is improved by contact with us.

The growing consciousness in each of us
spurs on and encourages
the growth of consciousness in all of us

Courage requires intention, strength of will, and applying our energy in the new direction—what we want to do, we usually find the time and energy for. It is the combination of these factors that push us forward successfully.

It is up to us:
1. to make the mental intention to improve;
2. to be strong enough in character to go for the good;
3. to apply our time and energy in the new direction.

When we begin taking responsibility for our actions, we reclaim our personal power. When we stop placing blame on others or circumstances outside of ourselves, we reclaim our personal power.

When we put ourselves back into the driver's seat of the car of our life—we determine the roads we will follow to our destination.

And, when we pick a destination that will bring about good, we set ourselves on the course that keeps us feeling harmonious while journeying.

The bottom line is that we are in charge of our decisions, so we may as well make those that are for the best—as that is what will create harmony and happiness in our life.

Reclaiming our personal power is both a realization that we are in charge of ourselves, and our hand hold on maintaining a positive attitude. A positive attitude, in general, allows productive thoughts for the best solution and direction to follow, to come to our awareness—ready for our action.

We reclaim our personal power when we self-determine our actions

As adults, we have rights and responsibilities, personally, and in our family or living situations. We need to make the choices—not let someone else choose for us, unless we specifically are in such a debilitated position that we can't choose for ourselves. When we

delegate our care or decision making to another adult, when we are still able to decide for ourselves, we are giving away our life to them. That both gives away our life and puts an unfair burden on another person—as we could come back to them with the words "it was your idea," or "you made me do it."

To reclaim personal power, when we have been used to delegating decisions on our own behalf we can:
1. Identify our ultimate and short term life goals;
2. Plan a course of action to reach those goals that does not harm ourselves or anyone else;
3. Take responsibility for the results of our actions—eliminate the habit of blaming someone else or circumstance for the outcome of our own actions;
4. Increase our awareness of Self through regular meditation, and the practices of positive attitudes, thinking and acting.

The outcome of reclaiming personal power is a relaxation and peacefulness in our body-mind, and a sense of contentment with life in general. We are the drivers in the seat of the car of our lives—determining our destination and the roads to travel. It is our right as an individual to be self-directed—Self-directed.

Our lives and everyone around us benefiting
by our courage to go forward
in a new or better direction
Taking what is our reality in the moment
and making an upgraded life for ourselves
through intention, strength of will
and energy applied to following through on
what we 'know' is best
Happiness lighting our daily lives
as we courageously take steps
fostering our growth in consciousness

copyright 1999-2011 Susan Kramer