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Crab Soup Recipe

By Susan Helene Kramer, alà Jane Frances Kaspar

When I was a child, my mother would make this crab soup during the summer when we were having lots of relatives visiting – we caught the crabs off the pier in front of our house on the Magothy River. In my version in the photo of the pot of crab soup I used 6 cups of water instead of the 6 quarts my mother used. She cooked hers in our dark blue enamel crab pot, mine is cooked in my 4 quart Revere Ware that I've had since the 1960s. First I'll show the photos of the ingredients, cooked soup, and photo of recipe, then I'll type out the recipe below. The photo is my mom and dad.


1. Some of the Crab Soup Ingredients:



2. Crab Soup Cooking



3. Crab Soup Recipe from my Mom in 1964



Ingredients as written out by my mother:


To 6 quarts of water add a chin meat or small piece of chuck, or ham bone, or fried bacon with crab for ½ to ¾ lbs.

Add 1 can of tomatoes,

cut up 4 stalks of celery of tops of 1 bunch celery

4 to 6 carrots cut up

½ head of cabbage, cut small

2 medium onions, diced

2 tsps salt and ½ tsp pepper, ½ tsp thyme

½ cup dry barley or rice or pkg of soup mix.


Fresh  or frozen:

1 cup peas and 1 cup string beans

1 cup lima beans

1 can corn


Last, 3 or 4 tsps of fresh parsley.


Put in crabs or crab meat last ½ hour.


Note: add in Old Bay Seafood Seasoning to taste if using crab meat. If adding in steamed crab pieces or claws, they probably have enough hot seasoning for the soup.



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