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11. The Story of the Felt Santa Claus - Craft by Susan Kramer




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The Story of the Felt Santa Claus - Craft
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This is a true story. Long ago, in my childhood I met Santa Claus every year when he came to hang out in our living room window. You see, he appeared in a six inch tall felt body, decorated all over with glitter, out of reach of my prying hands.

Rather, I let my imagination carry me away to a sparkling Christmas land each year when Santa appeared this way. I'm sure my mother enjoyed the fact of my fascination and almost scary feelings knowing Santa was looking down. She made sure to sing the song "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" with the lines, "he sees you when you're sleeping / knows when you're awake / knows when you've been bad or good" and we know the rest.

Even when I grew up, grew wiser, I treasured the felt Santa and hung it in the window when my kids came along.

So, here's how you and your kids can make him and perhaps Mrs. Claus, too. Kids of most abilities can help with this project with supervision as needed. This helps develop small motor skills.

Supplies needed:
A 6 or 9 inch square of red felt
Scraps of white and black felt
Craft glue
Liquid glitter
A Santa cookie cutter
Yarn or ribbon for the hangar

To make:
I suggest the adult trace and cut out the Santa pieces and then help the kids glue together.

First cut out a red Santa body, then draw on paper first and cut out of the felt scraps a Santa beard, boots, and belt.

Place a finished Santa on the table as a sample.

Then let the kids glue on the pieces to the Santa body and swirl on liquid glitter.

Lay out the Santa figures to dry and glue on a yarn tie at the top so you can display Santa in a window.

I'm sure your kids and the neighbors will smile when seeing these felt Santa Claus images and maybe the adults will be transported back to memories in their own childhood. Merry Christmas!

Article by Susan Helene Kramer

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