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2. Christmas Ornaments for Kids to Make


When you are working with a group of kids with mixed abilities or learning disabilities give them as much help as needed so they have fun and don't get frustrated. At the same time, encourage as much independence as possible.
Supplies and tools:
1/2 sheet 8.5" by 11" construction paper
18" length of yarn, ribbon or string
Hole punch

Photo below - tools laid out

How to:
Child or helper cuts out 2 trees in triangle shapes traced on construction paper for each ornament. Each shape needs a hole punched at top center for hanging. Child punches holes at random on shapes to represent balls on tree.

The 2 shapes are laid over each other and folded down the center. Helper or child puts in 1 staple in line with the fold. Then tree can be opened to a 3 dimensional shape.

Child threads yarn through top holes, leaving a loop for hanging, and then ties a bow.

Skills practiced:

Recognizing a triangle shape.
Cutting shapes out along pattern line with scissors.
Lining up a stapler.
Using a hole punch.
Threading through holes.
Tying a bow.

Article by Susan Kramer


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