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5. Inexpensive Holiday Earth Gifts to Make




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5. Inexpensive Holiday Earth Gifts to Make
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All the kids in your family can help put together gifts for family, friends or teachers. If your child has a learning disability help out as necessary in a supportive way. Just sitting with the kids is an encouragement; they know you'll be there for advice as needed.

Begin your projects by creating several terrariums. Collect your largest jars or glass baking pans you no longer use. I looked in my stash of pans and found several baking dishes I had forgotten I put there when I bought ones with tinted glass, so that part was easy. I have found that a soap impregnated stainless steel pad is the easiest way to get old glass baking dishes looking clean and clear again. Second choice is scouring powder.

Haul out the Christmas decorations and pull out those that are very small which you probably don't use very often. These can be used to brighten up the little scene you will create.

To weight down the glass containers go outdoors with a bucket and collect small pebbles. Wash the small stones free of debris, then lay them out in a thin layer, about an inch deep across the bottom of the glass. It is fun to layer stones of different sizes or colors in strips.

To create a live plant terrarium layer in a couple of inches of garden earth and moss from the yard over the base layer of stones and poke in small ground cover plants. I found many little evergreen plants at the base of my pine tree where they grow in the shade.

Finish your arrangement and then clean the inside and outside of your glass container with a damp towel. Water the soil and plants enough to see water run into the gravel layer.

To finish your gift arrange small Christmas tree ornaments on the moss. Anyone would be pleased with this earth-friendly gift costing you nothing to make but your time.

Another idea, make your terrarium a winter scene without any water. First lay in a layer of stones or small pebbles to weight down the glassware. This will form the base of your scene. Then, go into your stash of Christmas decorations and pull out those small pieces that seem to go together.

Friends and relatives will love that you have given them an earth friendly gift made from your own resources and creative ideas.

Article by Susan Helene Kramer


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