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Christmas and Holiday Craft Lessons for Kids by Susan Kramer


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4. Fabric Animal Chains for Christmas Trees
5. Inexpensive Holiday Earth Gifts to Make
6. Make a Hexagon Shape Puzzle
7. Make a Wreath Project
8. Make an Easter Egg Puzzle
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10. Spicy Apples to Hang on the Tree
11. The Story of the Felt Santa Claus
12. Yarn Tree Ornaments
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7. Make a Wreath Project

I love making these simple wreaths during the holidays, and they are easy enough that kids of all abilities can participate with a little guidance from an adult as needed.
Wreaths add a festive touch to the front door and can be hung on the wall indoors or in a front window for the neighbors walking by to enjoy, also. This is a project that develops small motor skills in the manipulation of the materials.

Age level: 4 and older (help for younger kids and those needing it)

Materials needed for each wreath:
One metal hanger
Real or artificial green branches
Roll of clear sticky tape
Large roll of red ribbon

To make:
Spread all the materials out on the worktable with the kids sitting all around.

Have a wreath made up and in the center of the table, so the kids can see what it will look like when finished.

Give each child a metal hanger, and help them bend it into a circle shape. This forms the shape of the wreath.

Lay out six inch sections of the real or artificial greens in a circle around the perimeter of each hanger.

Tape the first branch onto the hanger frame at the base of the branch.

Tape the next and succeeding branches on with the tip of the new branch covering the base of the previous branch.

Take a very long length of ribbon and starting at the curved hanger part wrap the whole circle of the wreath to hold the pieces of branches in place.

Tie the ribbon at the top when it's gone around the full circle.

Now to make it fancy, hang small Christmas tree balls on the ribbon that is wrapped around the wreath.

Tie a big bow at the top of the wreath.

Now your wreath is ready to hang on your front door or in the front window, and the child can proudly say, "I made it myself!"

Article by Susan Kramer

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