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Cumulative Effects of Meditation

Susan Helene Kramer


Meditation takes us out of doldrums of thinking that life is going nowhere special, to the realm of feeling radiant no matter what our surroundings and circumstances.


When we practice an instrument regularly over a long time we eventually are able to make beautiful music. The same happens when we meditate daily. We plunge deeply into our radiant core and draw out eternal radiant blessings for use in daily life.


Meditation becomes our most important source of nourishment and nurturement. What we sow in the effort and attitude put into meditation, pays in what we reap in harmony and peace of mind in an ongoing way. It's not that we only feel happy while meditating, but the results linger afterward. The time and activities that follow our meditation benefit with inner harmony brought out and made useful.


The benefits of meditation accumulate day by day until we are transformed from feeling in free-fall with problems to the state where we find in our new growing calmness the answers we need in practical living come up to our conscious mind.


Meditation in the most practical technique I know of that can make living in the world of chaos and change manageable on a daily basis. It allows clarity of thinking the space and time to provide viable answers in living.


Meditation has an effect on our emotions, too. In our deepest states of bliss we feel love for all, connected to all. This feeling gradually stretches into our waking life and manifests through kindness with people and care for material things we live with such as the welfare of our planet.


We learn through practice that self-centered living only provides momentary gratification. Introduce periods of meditation and we discover that the harmonious long-term effects allow us to float above the brine and receive light of love on this higher plane of sight and insight. When we contemplate our life from higher insight we see options that were invisible when we were living in the tight ball of self-centeredness.


It is so worthwhile developing a deep state of meditation awareness. The effects accumulate to give daily life greater meaning, greater depth. In this expansive state we find the bliss and joy we have been searching for intuitively.


Daily life reaps greater joy

Through deeper meditation.

Article by Susan Helene Kramer; photo by Stan Schaap looking north at Mt. Shasta, California

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