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"moving ~ remembering"
Description: Susan Kramer and student moving to learn

Dance Meditation Handbook 

Susan Kramer

A comprehensive handbook of elements to include in dance meditations, with stretching exercises, expressive dancing elements, reflection techniques, 6 guided lessons, and an appendix of musical suggestions. A companion you won't want to be without in your practice, or for teaching. For teens and adults. Illustrated with photographs and line drawings. 3,000 words.

40 pages; 8.5 by 11 inch Ebook
Copyright 2004-2021 Susan Kramer Publishing


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5: Dance Meditation Handbook

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Table of Contents

4    Introduction
5    General Notes
6    The 3 Elements of Dance Meditation
7     A. Stretching
                    Exercises 1 - 7
15    B. Expressive Dancing
                    Elements 1 - 9
20    C. Reflection Techniques
22    Lesson Plans Introduction
25    Lesson 1. Energizing
27    Lesson 2. Rejuvenation and Renewal
29    Lesson 3. Feeling Composure
31    Lesson 4. Maintaining or Regaining Personal Peace
33    Lesson 5. Inspiration or Harmonizing with the Higher Good
35    Lesson 6. World Peace
37    Appendix of Musical Selections for Dancing
39    About the Author and Contact Information


About the author - Susan Helene Kramer has been writing on dance, meditation, practical spirituality, yoga, and social issues since the early 1980s. Her web site is

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Dance Meditation Handbook


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