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Interrelating with Departed Loved Ones

By Susan Kramer


When a loved one departs in physical death we are so sad we will not see their physical face again. That is one of the painful sides of death.


A positive side that I have experienced is that we can relate with our dearly departed and “see” them again in regular and lucid dreams.


My mother died in 1984, and now we interrelate in dreams that I remember upon waking. We talk back and forth and we hug. It is as comforting as when we both walked the physical earth. And I’ve had similar experiences in dreams with my father who died in 2002.


The transition from seeing a loved one in the physical to only seeing them in the non-physical world of mind takes time.


But for me, after years have passed, I have gotten used to communing with my dearly departed in my mind, and it is real and fulfilling.


I recommend keeping a journal by your bed, and when you have a dream interrelating with a dear one, record it immediately upon waking.


Blessings of precious love

Stream to us, through us, from us

In the universe of Spirit.


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Interrelating with Departed Loved Ones copyright © 2021 Susan Kramer; photo of Mt. Shasta from family archive


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