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Communing with Our Dearly Departed

By Susan Kramer


We each have our own mind whether we are alive or disincarnate.


Since we and our departed ones have an eternal mind, we can talk with them and receive their answers mentally.


We use our physical body on this physical planet, and when we lose our physical body we still have our mind. It is our means of communication no matter what dimension we are in – living on earth and working through a physical body, or in spiritual realms.


Do talk with the dearly departed. Casually and in a relaxed way have conversations.


In mind and spirit we are ever present with each other as much as we wish to be. And isn’t that a comfort to know we can always feel close to anyone, here or there.


Here or there

No matter where.

Mind to mind

In conversation or prayer forever.

An eternal treasure.



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Communing with Our Dearly Departed copyright © 2021 Susan Kramer; photo of California desert from family archive


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