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Disneyland Park in Anaheim

Susan Helene Kramer


Disneyland first opened its walkways to the magic lands in 1955. The park was built on what had been 160 acres of citrus orchards in Anaheim, California – and is located at 1313 Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, California 92802. Today it is accessible by freeways. From the north take I-5, turning off at Disneyland Drive, and from the south on the I-5 exit at Katella Ave / Disney Way. From north or south follow the signs to the Disney parking lot.


Disneyland has grown over the years from strictly an amusement park to include a resort. You can go for several days and stay in or near the complex. I think this is the best choice for families that are coming from a distance and staying overnight or longer.


If you are coming in for one day I recommend the traditional park entrance of Main Street, USA. From there you can circle around to the different lands, stopping longer at your favorite rides or attractions.


There are plenty of amenities for all members of your family beginning just after entering the park.  On one visit we rented a large stroller for our 3 year old. She resisted because of her age - but when little feet get tired it is such a worthwhile investment. I do want to warn you to have someone in attendance with a stroller at all times. My daughter’s stroller started to roll away, and we had to run to catch it before it crashed into people.


If you do have more children than adults, it is a good idea to have them hold a safety line to keep track of everyone. Also, there is a first aid station near the entrance – exit if that becomes necessary.


As you walk from themed land to land there are shaded benches to rest on while you have a cool drink and stay hydrated, or eat some of the treats from the little “stores.”  There’s no chance you will go hungry. If you want to be more formal check out the restaurants in the park.


For information about reservations and dates the park is open, phone (714) 781-4565. For internet information on dates and times go to the official site listed in the links at the foot of this article.


Either way you’ll get information about day and annual passes -  so you can decide which plan is better for your situation.

I feel really lucky to have visited Disneyland several times - once even by myself when I was on my own for a day in Anaheim. And that was okay, too. With all there is to do and see I didn’t get bored or feel lonely.


If I had to choose one park to visit in all of California it would be Disneyland. If you want to visit for more than one day check out the Disneyland Resort offerings at the official Disney web site.




Rand McNally Road Atlas for driving route

Official Disneyland site for contact information


Article by Susan Helene Kramer

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