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DOLLS  Ebook Patterns List

A group of dolls in different dresses

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Doll Reviews, Online Patterns and Ebooks
by Susan Helene Kramer


Page Contents:

Doll Days Poem

Doll Reviews and Ebook Patterns

1. 18 Inch American Girl Doll Julie

2. 12 Inch Corolle Calin Medium Baby Doll

3. 13 Inch Gotz Muffin Baby Doll

4. 16.5 Inch Gotz Maxi Muffin Baby Doll

5. Ebook Patterns

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Doll Days Poem and Thank You Note:


Doll Days Poem & Doll Reviews


Thank you note I received which touched me, so I decided to share with you:

"Dear Susan, I just came across your website this morning & I want to thank you for sharing your patterns for doll blankets and clothing on-line.  I have a few little girls whom I need to give Christmas presents too, and as with many people these days, money is tight.  Thanks to your directions I'll be able to use some of my fabric remnants to make cute doll accessories for them. It's a big relief to know that I can give them something nice without causing more budget strain.  Thanks again for sharing & happy crafting! Sincerely,"

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Happy Holidays from me and my cat


photos just below - Susan helping kids with their dolls and some of her dolls

Doll Days Poem 


by Susan Helene Kramer

Doll sewing days are always my best
I never feel a need to rest.

The fabrics are pressed and sorted by color
Perhaps I'll choose this - no maybe another.

The dolls wait so patiently sitting in line
Silently wondering - is it my time?

To be taken away to the upstairs workroom
And later come back in a brand new costume!

Raggedy Ann has a new skirt, lace ruffled
While Raggedy Andy pulls on new pants with a tussle.

Helene from France gets pink shoes for dancing
While Claudia from Germany fancies primping and prancing.

Emily, always a girl from the South
Takes time to straighten out a new flounce.

Our big baby Ashley high on the shelf lounging
Stays safely above all the dancing, carousing.

Rosa looking on finds her turn's come at last
A Fiesta full skirt lets her twirl, oh so fast!

Betsy McCall and Addy both
Are mini dolls with new dresses - they boast.

And baby doll, Muffin, ever so cuddly
Is wrapped in a bunting to be extra snuggly.

We can't forget Floppy our mascot, so dear
Who wishes all doll lovers in friendship that's clear
Joy, peace, prosperity every day of the year!

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Susan helping kids with dolls.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: More of Susan's dolls

Doll Reviews:


1. 18 Inch American Girl Doll Named Truly Me

This 18 inch play doll is named Truly Me and is a full-bodied American Girl Doll - with vinyl arms and legs.

She has a cloth body that is packed very well to keep her shape and she can stand independently.

She has sleep eyes and a long blonde hair wig with color highlights.

A doll with long hair and a book

Description automatically generatedIn case you didn't know, sleep eyes close when you recline your doll back and open wide when she is upright.

I own her 18 inch sister, Gwen, that I enjoy dressing up. And, of course our mascot Floppy is always near her side.

She is shown in the photo at right. The book is included in price.

The line of American Girl dolls are made for a lifetime of playing and I believe they are fine collectible dolls.

Moms and grand moms might enjoy adding Julie to their collection, also. Highest recommendation!

Details - by American Girl; ASIN: B0B3QVWZ23

Click here to buy the 18 inch American Girl Truly Me Doll from


2. Corolle Calin 12 Inch Medium Baby Doll

I recommend the Corolle dolls, in general because I enjoy them myself. I have the 17 inch sister, Helene, of the 12 inch Corolle Vanilla Blonde doll.
Corolle Calin does not have any hair which is not important to a toddler who has yet to use a brush on her own hair. She has a softly stuffed body with vinyl limbs and she and her clothes are machine washable. She has blue eyes that open and close.

I should note that she and all Corolle dolls have a slight vanilla scent imbedded in the vinyl to mask the vinyl smell. Be sure the person this doll is intended for likes the smell of vanilla.

The photo shows the outfit she comes with - pink patterned top, pants and a pink knitted sweater.

I highly recommend her for kids and moms and grand moms, too. In my opinion the family of Corolle dolls are collectibles.

Details - Corrolle Doll Maker, Product ASIN:

Click here to buy the 12 Inch Corolle Calin baby doll from


3. Gotz 13 Inch Muffin Baby Doll

Muffin has realistic features, which you can see by looking at her wrists, fingers, ankles and toes. Her torso is cotton and the lower parted is weighted like a bean bag, to help her sit. She has rooted hair that can be combed and styled. She's the middle sister in the Gotz Muffin Doll series, and isn't she adorable! Muffin comes in a precious blouse, pants, and pink clips in her rooted hair.

Like her larger sister, she can sit up and lie down, which I definitely feel is an advantage with baby dolls.

Children can have fun spending hours dressing her up and playing with her. A doll like this is lightweight for younger children to carry around and is made to sturdy standards.

I like posing her amongst my other 'older' dolls in the Cyber Doll House. And Floppy stands guard of the smaller dolls, especially.

She has sleep eyes - they close when she lies down, making them even more realistic.

What little child wouldn't love to put Muffin to bed alongside herself for naps or nightie-night? I know when I was a youngster I sure enjoyed my doll this size and spent lots of time in creative play.

In fact, during my naptime as a little girl I used to sit on my bed and spend that quiet time dressing and undressing my dolls and pretending they were in little plays.

Dolls are such basic toys that children play with over the long haul without tiring. I think a doll like Muffin is a good basic doll and certainly worth the price as she continues to hold up, looking good for a long period of time.

Highest recommendation!

Details - by International Playthings; ASIN:
B09VQ43K3Q Several styles of this 13 Inch doll are available at

Click here to buy Gotz 13 Brunette Muffin Baby Doll at


4. Gotz 16.5 Inch Maxi Muffin Baby Doll

Maxi Muffin comes with brown rooted hair when you buy her in a pretty pink outfit and sandals.

Maxi Muffin is a great doll to play with and keep fresh and clean. She can be washed in the washing machine. And being washable she can be a bath-time companion, too. I love to dress and arrange my 16.5 inch Maxi Muffin doll with her friends in the Cyber Doll House!

I really like that I can pose her sitting and not just lying down as with some baby dolls. Her soft stuffed body allows this flexibility.

Did you notice how detailed her body is with natural looking toes and fingers and even realistic sculpting at her wrists and ankles, with creases in just the right places.

The photo at right is a brunette Maxi Muffin.

I think you can tell from my glowing praise this is a doll that is worth the money in creative play your kids can have with Maxi Muffin - making her a real part of your doll family.

Highest recommendation!

Details - by International Playthings; ASIN:

Click here to buy the 16.5 Inch Maxi Muffin Baby Doll from





5. Ebook Doll Clothes Patterns: DOLLS  Ebook Patterns List






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