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Bodysuit Pattern for
Slim 15, 16, 17 & 18 Inch Dolls
like Sasha, Kathe Kruse, Magic Attic

Short and Long Sleeve Dress Pattern
Sleeveless Dress Pattern

Description: Sasha doll from Trendon, 1970

Trendon factory Sasha Doll from Stockport, England, 1970

Doll model courtesy of
Gillian Buchanan


Description: 15 Inch Kathe Kruse Toni  in bodysuit with Floppy
  15 Inch Kathe Kruse Doll
in bodysuit without bow -

Description: 18 inch Magic Attic doll, Rosa in bodysuit; photo credit Susan Kramer
18 Inch Magic Attic Slim Doll
in bodysuit with small bow -


Body measurements page for these dolls



Dolls & Costumes Website
Susan Kramer



Here are instructions for making a one piece bodysuit to fit slim body dolls like Sasha, Kathe Kruse and Magic Attic.

The bodysuit can be used as underwear to keep the doll's cloth skin clean. Also it can be made up in print or flowered fabric as light weight summer wear outdoors.

Supplies needed:

You’ll need one quarter yard (one quarter meter) of material.

Two sticky dots for front shirt and back shirt closing, (no buttons for kids doll clothes, please).

Bodysuit Sewing Directions:

This is a very easy to make bodysuit pattern with just 1 piece.  The pattern piece is below. Cut 4 pieces of the pattern. 2 for front and 2 for back.

Sew center front seams together beginning 2 inches below bottom tip of diagonal neckline.
Description: front opening of bodysuit

Sew center back seams together beginning 2 inches below bottom tip of diagonal neckline.
Description: back view of body suit
Place good side of front and back toward each other and sew underarms all the way to bottom hem on both sides.

Sew front to back at shoulders.

For all hems roll edges in 1/8 inch twice and blind seam: Lower legs, lower sleeves and all the way around front center up to neck, around neck, down to back center, up to neck around to front and back to starting place.

To finish sew a sticky dot on center of front and back opening.

Having openings in front and back makes the body suit easy to put on and take off.

Bow detail:

Description: closeup of bow on bodysuit

Pattern Piece:

The pattern is traced onto 1 inch (2.5cm) squares of graph paper. You can try printing out the patterns and see if the squares are 1 inch square, then cut out the pattern.

Pattern piece includes 1/4 inch seam allowance unless noted differently..

These pattern is my copyright but you may use it for personal use and gifts but not commercially.

Body Suit Pattern:

Description: bodysuit pattern for slim 15-18 inch dolls

Article, pattern and photo credits copyright 2010-2017 Susan Kramer


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