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Begin Costuming Kids Using a Leotard

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Susan Kramer


Does you child have an event coming up like a school play, Valentine's Day, Easter skit, May Day or dance recital? Use a leotard in the costuming project!

Believe it or not, leotards have not always been around, but they are today and in ever more fabrics, patterns and colors.

Early leotards in the 1950s were made of cotton and had zippers in the upper back - those were the days before stretchy nylon and spandex leotards.

But now that we have all styles of leotards from sleeveless to cap sleeve, short sleeve and long sleeve, they can easily be the basis of the bodice of most any easy to make costume.

Here's how to make one of my favorite dancer or fairy costumes.

Materials needed

- Choose one of the basic leotard styles and colors.
- 3 yards of lightweight cotton or acetate lining fabric divided into 1 yard lengths of 3 different colors in colors that match or complement the leotard.
- 1 inch wide elastic in the measurement of the child's waist.
- Sewing thread, needles and scissors.

How to make

- Cut fabric into wide strips and lay out alternating colors.
- Sew to length of waistband elastic, stretching elastic as you go so the child will be able to stretch the waistband and step into the skirt when finished.
- Join ends of waistband with strong stitches.

Have child try on skirt and cut ends of the different color panels to a good length and to form points, and at slightly different lengths for a feathery appearance.

If desired, apply glue and glitter to panels to reflect light!

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