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Regional Costume 19th Century Groningen, The Netherlands

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Susan Kramer

Regional Costume from Groningen, The Netherlands

Regional women's costuming in the 19th century in Groningen, The Netherlands reflected the family's financial abilities and wealth.

Styles that were the fanciest were influenced by Paris designs of the time.

The dress in this photo shows an under blouse with full wrist length cuffed sleeves. Then there are the layers of the dress and skirt.

An interesting detail is the fine smocking on the front of the bodice horizontal to the shoulders.

Just a few rows of smocking give a structured fullness to the bodice that is cinched back in at the waist to give a small defined silhouette.

The bodice ends in the pointed front going below the waist to further delineate the torso.

The shoulders of the bodice fall over the shoulders in very full flounces in at least 2 layers, gathered in the middle of the upper arm to form puffs. There is a simple ribbon edging at the lower edges of the flounce sleeves.

The dress fabric is a fine woven pattern in earth tones with tiny pleats inside larger pleats at the waistline.

The beautiful little scalloped white collar completes the outfit!

Article by Susan Kramer; photo credit Stan Schaap


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