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Susan Kramer
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Doll dress designed and made by Susan Kramer
Page 5a. Decorative Edging Stitch &
Stitching on Ribbon Trims

5. Attach Lace to Finished Side of Skirt Hems
5. Contrasting Top Stitch
5a. Decorative Edging Stitch
5a. Decorative Stitching on Ribbon Trim
5b. Horizontal Trims
5b. How to Attach Lace and Ribbon to Sleeves
5c. How to Attach Lace to Underside of Skirt Hems
5c. How to Gather Skirts
5d. How to Hand Sew Doll Bodies and Clothes
5d. How to Make a Lined Bodice
5e. How to Make a Ribbon Waistband
5e. How to Make Contrasting Panels in Skirts
5f. How to Make Rolled Hems
5f. How to Sew Skirt to Bodice
5g. How to Sew On Sticky Tape Closures
5g. Press then Sew Doll Clothes
5h. Ribbon and Lace Collars
5h. Stand Up Collars
5i. Vertical Trims
5j. Circle Skirts

5a. Decorative Edging Stitch

I’d like to share my technique for edging doll dress sleeves and necklines in what I call an open buttonhole stitch.
Raggedy Ann costume made by Susan Kramer
- I proceed as if I am making a buttonhole stitch along the folded edge.

But, I do not pull the thread tight; instead I leave about 1/4 inch of loop, and then take one small plain overlapping stitch at the base of the buttonhole stitch to anchor the loop, and I pull that tight.

- I keep the open buttonhole stitches spaced about 1/4 inch apart.

- Mostly I use 6-strand embroidery floss in either a contrasting color to the material or closely matching a color in the material.

Article and photo credit Susan Kramer

5a. Decorative Stitching on Ribbon Trim

This tutorial is for learning how to make decorative stitching right on top of ribbon trims on your doll making projects.

In the photo you will see my 18 inch Amanda cloth doll modeling a dress with decorative embroidered ribbon trims - and Floppy is at her side keeping her company. In case you are new to the Cyber Doll House, Floppy is our resident mascot dog, store-bought, but loved nonetheless.
18 inch Amanda cloth doll in a dress with decorative embroidered ribbon trim; photo credit Susan Kramer
It is easiest to stitch decorative designs overtop of one quarter inch wide ribbon or wider. And that is what you see in this photo.

How to

- First complete sewing together your project, such as a dress, skirt or blouse.

- Lay out several ribbons and decide which colors to use, and where you will put them. Choose washable ribbons if your project will be laundered.

- Either satin or cross grain ribbon work well. Remember, it should be at least one quarter inch wide.

- Using tiny running stitches hand sew the ribbon onto the material. I make 2 rows, each just inside the outside edge - that is where they are least visible.

- Now for the decorative stitches - pull out your collection of floss and decide which colors look best overlaying the ribbon trim.

- What I like to do first is sew Xs as in the photo, either using one color for all the Xs or every other X in a contrasting color. I use 6 strand embroidery floss so the design will stand out nicely above the surface. And I space the Xs one inch (2.5cm) a part.

- Alternately, between the Xs I embroider a French knot in a contrasting color.

That is really all there is to decorating ribbon trim. The most important part is the foundation, and that is sewing the ribbon securely to the doll clothing before beginning the sewing phase.

Article and photo credit Susan Kramer

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