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Cloth Bunny Dolls - Baby's 1st Doll


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Susan Kramer



Bunny Doll Pattern

This page has reduced patterns for you to enlarge after drawing on to 1 inch square graph paper.


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1. Bunny Doll Pattern



Here is my Bunny Doll Pattern! I have traced the pattern pieces on 1 inch square paper. The one eighth inch seam allowance is included on all pieces.


The completed bunny stands 12 inches (30cm) tall from tip of ears to soles of feet when stretched out. This pattern is my original design, copyrighted, and may be used for personal use, but may not be reproduced for commercial use.

I embroider the eyes, nose and mouth in 6-strand floss before sewing doll together. I suggest a small print fabric. By the way, it makes a great first stuffed toy for a baby because they can grab any extremity and ears.

To make: sew seams of ears, arms, and legs. Turn all pieces right side out and loosely stuff arms and legs.

For ears, after sewing and turning right side out, fold sides together at center front of each ear this makes them stand up from head. Carefully align ears together, pointing down across embroidered face of bunny and stitch across top. When doll is turned right side out the ears will stand up above head.

To stitch tops of legs and arms, bring seams to match at center rather than at sides. This lets the arms and legs move nicely.

Sew stuffed arms and legs to right side of fabric on doll front, at side of body at shoulder, and across lower body, right next to each other.

To finish: With extremities folded in toward center of doll front, place doll bodies right side together, and stitch around perimeter leaving a space for turning right side out between one armpit, and side of body down to top of leg.

Turn right side out and stuff; blind stitch opening. Have fun posing and playing with your new bunny!


All doll reviews and content on this site are copyright Susan Kramer
 and may not be used in any manner without express written permission.

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