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How to Become an Earth Angel


By Susan Kramer

Would you like to become an Earth Angel? Follow the plan in this book to reach the goal of being happy and spreading joy to others. Twenty five paths to choose from are described, and combined with meditation fulfill your goal. An uplifting spiritual book. 7,200 words.


Copyright © 2021 Susan Kramer

Windward House Publishing

7,200 words

EPUB ISBN: 978-1-716-04169-3


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Review – “What a beautiful book to read on the first day of the year! 
So many wonderful suggestions for living a loving and caring life. 
So many new year resolutions can be found in it too.” – A.W. Santa Barbara 1/1/2022.



I. Introduction

II. Paths to Right Action

1. Caring

2. Citizenship

3. Compassion

4. Consideration

5. Contentment

6. Courage

7. Fairness

8. Faith and Trust

9. Friendship

10.  Honesty

11.  Integrity

12.  Kindness

13.  Love

14.  Loyalty

15.  Manners

16.  Peacefulness

17.  Respect

18.  Responsibility

19.  Selfish or Selfless?

20.  Steadfastness and Perseverance

21.  Tenderness

22.  Tolerance

23.  Transformation

24.  Trustworthiness

25.  Truth

III. Meditation

IV. Epilog


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PDF ebook in large type | EPUB | Indigo.CA | Google Play | Barnes & Noble Nook |



Susan Kramer is author of The Rhythmic Movement Dance Series of the Gateway to Educational Materials of the United States Department of Education, and graduate of Peabody Preparatory Dance of John's Hopkins University. Her educational website is http://www.susankramer.com





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How to Become an Earth Angel copyright © 2021 Susan Kramer; Cover photo by Stan Schaap


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