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Commentary Inspired by Ecclesiasticus 43, 11-26

By Susan Kramer


This commentary was inspired by Ecclesiasticus 43, 11-26, which was the 1st reading at the funeral service for Prince Philip of Great Britain on April 17, 2021 at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, London, England.


I saw the entire reading as diverse, yet interrelated and clear images in my mind.


And looking at the ending sentence: “By his own action he achieves his end, and by his word all things are held together.” I was especially uplifted that it is “his word” that holds every element of the world together.


His Word as Holy Spirit


I perceive “his word” as the Holy Spirit, 3rd person of the Holy Trinity that energizes and interweaves every atom in all realms and levels of creation.


This rang in accord with my understanding of the Holy Trinity:

1st,  Father Creator;

2nd, the birthing of his Son, his manifestations;

3rd, the energy of pervasive intellect, the Holy Spirit, sustaining His creation.


We live in a diverse world here on earth, seeing it from the angle we choose. I choose to recognize that the world is powered by the word of God as the power of the Holy Spirit. This attitude lends grace to my life, my outlook on life, because it is the eternal and unlimited power within every atom in every dimension in the here and hereafter.


Here is the complete reading from Ecclesiasticus 43, 11-26:


"Look at the rainbow and praise its Maker; it shines with a supreme beauty, rounding the sky with its gleaming arc, a bow bent by the hands of the Most High. His command speeds the snow storm and sends the swift lightning to execute his sentence. To that end the storehouses are opened, and the clouds fly out like birds. By his mighty power the clouds are piled up and the hailstones broken small. The crash of his thunder makes the earth writhe, and, when he appears, an earthquake shakes the hills. At his will the south wind blows, the squall from the north and the hurricane.


"He scatters the snow-flakes like birds alighting; they settle like a swarm of locusts. The eye is dazzled by their beautiful whiteness, and as they fall the mind is entranced. He spreads frost on the earth like salt, and icicles form like pointed stakes. A cold blast from the north, and ice grows hard on the water, settling on every pool, as though the water were putting on a breastplate. He consumes the hills, scorches the wilderness, and withers the grass like fire.


"Cloudy weather quickly puts all to rights, and dew brings welcome relief after heat. By the power of his thought he tamed the deep and planted it with islands. Those who sail the sea tell stories of its dangers, which astonish all who hear them; in it are strange and wonderful creatures, all kinds of living things and huge sea-monsters. By his own action he achieves his end, and by his word all things are held together."



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Commentary Inspired by Ecclesiasticus 43, 11-26 copyright © 2021 Susan Kramer


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