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Adult Fabric Duck Bill Face Mask Pattern to Sew

Tutorial and Pattern by Susan Kramer














Above: Side view showing both positions of the elastic.





I substituted this duck bill pattern for pattern I had originally posted. It is easier to breathe and talk as the fabric does not touch the end of nose or mouth.




1. Cotton material with a tight weave equal to a bed sheet, which is one choice. I used dress fabric. Each mask pattern piece requires a 8 inch by 8 inch square of fabric. So you need 4 squares of 8 inch by 8 inch fabric for each mask.

2. Contrasting fabric for outside and inside pieces.

3. At least 42cm or 16.5 inches of elastic for a man or woman. This allows for ½ inch overlap to sew shut.

4. Sewing thread. I hand sewed my masks with quilting thread. They can be machine stitched with cotton or polyester sewing thread.



1. Cut 2 masks of outside fabric and 2 masks of inside fabric. Notice that pattern is 8 inches square. Each square of pattern is 1 inch by 1 inch.

2. Working on outside mask, first sew together center seam, good sides facing each other.

3. Working on inside mask, sew together center seam with good sides facing each other.

4. Align masks over each other with good sides facing each other and pin together all edges.

5. Stitch top end together.

6. Stitch bottom end together. Do not stitch sides together – leave free for turning.

7. Turn inside out so good sides of fabric are on outside.

8. Iron carefully along sewn edges to give a smooth appearance.

9. To make casing for elastic: Fold side edges of outside mask ½ inch twice to inside and stitch close to seam.

10. Insert 8.25 inch length of elastic through each side casing.

11.  Overlap edges of elastic ½ inch and stitch together securely. Pin together and try on before sewing.


To Wear:

1. Slip elastics over ears as in photos. That’s it. Stay safe!



Wash mask daily. I have 2 masks that I alternate, one to wear and one washed out at night.


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June 21, 2020; duck bill pattern substituted August 25, 2020





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