Family and Travels in The Netherlands &
Family in Maryland USA, 2001
most photos taken by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

1. Tobias, 12 and a half, and Simon, 14 - Stan's nephews - Victor's sons; January 2001

2. Ma's birthday party; March 2001
Ma, Pa, Simon, Susan, Tobias, Victor in Stan and Susan's apt.

3. Ma's birthday party; March 2001
Pa, Victor, Susan, Tobias, Simon

4. Ma's birthday party; March 2001
Pa and Susan

5. Groningen - the northern-most town in The Netherlands; March 2001
street scene

6. Groningen - a university town in the north of The Netherlands; March 2001
street scene

7. Groningen - March 2001
on the plaza

8. Mother coot with babies in a canal in Amsterdam; April 2001

9. Queen's Day - a yearly event where just children perform held in Vondel Park; May 2001
young girl in orange sweater playing the violin

10. Tobias' 13th birthday party; May 2001
Simon, Tobias, Victor and Pa

11. Tobias' 13th birthday party; May, 2001
Ma and Pa (Truus and Kees Schaap) in Victor's apt.

12. border garden lining our front street; July 2001
note windmill at end of street on canal and Susan (in denim skirt) busily planting ...

13. border gardens; July 2001
Susan planting a new garden - she turns the pavers on end and fills in with top soil and plants; also a view of her shopping cart that not only transports grocery but plants, etc. We live one story up. Each paver weighs 15 lbs.

13a. Border gardens update - August 2007 - 6 years after above photo - Susan feels like Johnny Appleseed.  The border gardens now extend down the whole street that you see here:

border garden update on the Krayenhoffstraat

14. Enkhuizen - an hour by train north of Amsterdam on the IJsselmeer (the IJ is considered one letter) - inland sea; July 2001
The IJsselmeer is a land-locked lake, formerly called the Zuidersee before the afsluitdijk - dike - was built blocking access to the sea. The pictures below are of the museum-village showing the way houses looked in olden days that bordered the Zuidersee.
In pix 14. note boy suspended in air after jumping off bridge ...

15. Enkhuizen - old wooden boat in local museum; July 2001

16. Enkhuizen - Stan with inland sea in background behind boats; July 2001

17. Enkhuizen - view of the museum-village with canals; July 2001

18. Enkhuizen - July 2001
refinery buring oyster shells to make lime; canal in foreground; inland sea in background

19. Enkhuizen - sparrows eating our left over crumbs of 'appeltaart' - July 2001

20. Enkhuizen - fish being dried against wall in museum-village; July 2001

21. Enkhuizen - fish nets drying out; July 2001

22. Hoge Veluwe National Park in the east of The Netherlands; August 1, 2001
Susan looking at sculpture by Auguste Rodin in garden of Kröller-Müller Museum

23. Hoge Veluwe National Park in the east of The Netherlands; August 1, 2001, our 1st wedding anniversary. Stan relaxing along savannah portion in park

24. Christmas dressing our front window; December 2001
Nativity stable built by Stan last Christmas - Angelina, our Raggedy Ann doll watching the children pass by as they look up, and our 'artificial tree' suspended by a line from the ceiling decorated with 75 miniature lights and 50 red and blue balls.

25. Sharon and Jim are in escrow to buy this house located in the town of Delmar, Delaware which straddles the Maryland - Delaware border, 6 miles north of Salisbury, MD and 30 miles inland from the Atlantic ocean. Pix taken by Sharon and Jim, November 2001. [note: 3/02 Sharon and Jim have moved in]

26. Sharon and Jim on their steps with Buggy and Muffit, fall 2002.

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