Part II
The Rice Family: Mike and Lisa, and Michelle, Jessica, Nicole
Photos by Mike and Lisa Rice
Elaine Conway visiting the Lahart's in Chicago
photos from Elaine Conway

1. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, July 2002.
L to R: Jessica, 9&1/3; Mike (Susan's son); Michelle, almost 11; Lisa; Nicole, just 4 in August 2002.

2. On the beach at Puerto Vallarta. Top: Nicole, L to R: Michelle, Mike, Jessica.

3. Puerto Vallarta. Jessica preparing to parasail for the 1st time...

4. Jessica flying high...

5. The family went on a two hour horseback ride at a ranch in a little town north of Puerto Vallarta called Las Palmas. This is Jessica.

6. And, here is Michelle. At the end of the ride they swam under a waterfall.

7. In the Rice backyard in Goleta, California, Nicole, holding little friend, enjoying the tree swing.

8. Mike on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Mike rode the 7-mile rim at 7a.m. in the morning and had it all to himself, and he also biked at Sedona, AZ.

9. A sunset walk on the bluffs of the Pacific Ocean west of the Rice house in Goleta. Michelle, Skipper (the senior 'child' in the family), Nicole.

10. At a Dodger baseball game in Los Angeles. The next day they went to Disneyland. L to R: Lisa, Michelle, Jessica, Mike, Nicole.

11. Erin Conoboy and Stephen Lahart - Elaine Conway, Mary Anne's childhood friend, took the picture while visiting the family in Chicago August 22nd.

12. Elaine Conway, Erin, almost 8, and Stephen, 3 1/3, in Chicago, August 2002.

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