Stan's Family in The Netherlands, 2002,
Victor, Simon and Tobias Vacationing in Europe,
May, 2003 Events
photos by Susan Kramer, Stan Schaap and Victor Schaap (Stan's brother)

1. Pa and Ma - Kees and Truus Schaap at home. Pa is beginning to make day trips home. Utrecht, August 30, 2002.

2. Pa and Ma in the living room of their home. Utrecht, August 30, 2002.

3. Pa phoning his sister on the mobile phone ...

4. Pa and Ma at home in Utrecht. August 30, 2002.

5. Victor's sons - Tobias, 12, and Simon Schaap, 13.5, in Paris, France. August, 2000.

6. Simon, 13.5,  and Tobias Schaap, 12, in Carcassonne, France, an old walled city. August, 2000.

7. Tobias, 10, and Simon Schaap, 11.5, on vacation in England. 1998.

8. Simon, 15.5, with his father (Stan's brother) Victor Schaap. Sicily. August, 2002.

9. Simon, 15.5, and Tobias Schaap 14. Sicily. August, 2002.

10. Victor Schaap. Sicily. August, 2002

Photos eleven through seventeen are from May 11, 2003, at Victor's house in Utrecht, celebrating Mother's Day, Stan's 56th, Victor's 51st and Tobias' 15th birthdays. The hit of the party was the musical doll that dances and sings and does a risque show to entertain the ladies.

11. Pa, Ma, Victor and Tobias.

12. Stan with his gift of the infamous dancing doll.

13. Tobias, 15; Simon, 16.5; Victor; Stan, Ma and Pa sitting.

14. Ma dancing along while the doll is singing.

15. That doll sure got a lot of attention. Next to the doll is a sheep piggy bank that was a present to Ma for Mother's Day. The name schaap in Dutch means sheep.

16. Tobias pumping up the tire on Pa's chair; Simon playing a game on the computer.

17. We're all relaxing and watching the doll - smiles all around.

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