Castricum, The Netherlands
our new home
March 14, 2003
photos by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer; page updated March 14, 2003

1. Looking at the front. House built 1955-56. Has 1 & 1/2 bathrooms plus a sink on 3rd floor.  View shows living room below, library and bathroom on 2nd floor. Living room has fire place.

2. Living and dining area, looking front to back. Kitchen is to right of wall where the pass through is. We will take out the wall between kitchen and dining area.

3. Another view of living-dining room with gas fireplace to left which currently heats 1st 2 floors.

4. Looking out dining window at back yard. To right is kitchen, workshop and garden storage rooms. Behind back green gate is a narrow walkway to take out garbage.

5. Looking down on back garden from 2nd floor, master bedroom window.

6. Standing in dining area looking out front window in the spot where our new baby grand piano will sit.

7. Coming in front door; kitchen ahead; (living room door at left), curved stairs up to 2nd floor at right. Behind Susan are doors to the new service room for the computers and next to the kitchen the door for the downstairs toilet and sink room.

8. Standing on stairs looking down into foyer and front doors.

9. Front bedroom to be the library; wall we are looking at will have our sofabed, wall to right bookshelves and under front window our current rectangular dining table to serve as a work table.

10. Backyard looking at back of house - that is our realtor.

11. Master bedroom facing backyard; we have a nice sink.

12. Small bedroom facing backyard. Double doors opening out over kitchen roof. The dryer will be moved down to the laundry area.

13. 2nd floor toilet room off hall; stairs to right.

14. View of bathroom on 2nd floor. Some will see that this house was built during the same period as the family home in Severna Park, noted by the blue bathtub!

15. Again, the main bathroom with sink, tub and shower over.

16. The stairway configuration. This is a very interesting photo that Stan took: On the left are the stairs coming up to the 2nd floor and to the right are the stairs leading to the 3rd floor; the view shows the carpeted portion and as you follow the line up the underside of the risers are seen. Both staircases are curved.

17. Another view from the library looking out to the hallway.

18. Now we just getting up to the 3rd floor which is divided into 2 rooms; this smaller room has a sink and storage under the roofline (silver insulation).

19. Walking into the larger room; a gas fireplace; backyard window to right; small closet lower right.

20. Susan looking out the 3rd floor window over back yard. See trees in the distance - the sand dune park and North Sea are just 2 miles away as the crow flies.

21. Enjoying a break in the sun; this was about 4pm. There are so many birds singing outside now.

22. Back down to the kitchen area. Susan standing in the laundry area. See the pass-through to the left - that is the wall that will be opened up. A skylight illuminates the laundry area. The door beyond Susan leads to the workshop and beyond that the garden shed.

23. In the workshop looking into the laundry room and kitchen, foyer and front door. We bought this frig from the old owners, which we've put in the work shop for its roomy freezer space.

24. Again, another view of the laundry and kitchen area looking toward the front of the house.

25. In the living room looking out the front window and to the left the beveled glass door to the foyer. The former owners gave us all the plants in the front window!

26. Standing in front of house looking to left. Primary school to right. A large pond is to the left of where the person on the bike is.

27. Mallards at the pond - 100 feet from house. The pond (man-made) runs all the way across town.

28. Now, over to the west of housing to the dunes, about 5 blocks west of our new house ... August, 2002.

29. Sarada at North Sea after bike ride through dunes. This was about 2:30pm so by Sarada's shadow we can see the coast faces west.

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