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Hoffman and Melocik Family Photos
mostly submitted by Kathy Hoffman F. Branch and Joseph Melocik

This will be an on-going picture page ... such as 15a  15b  etc

Hoffman, Melocik, Kramer, Pribyl, Kaspar photos continuing at: and and and


The Hoffman Family: Aunt Mae Hoffman is the older sister of Susan Kramer's late father, Walter Roland Kramer. First cousins, children of Aunt Mae and Uncle Tom Hoffman are Patty - Sr. Marguerite de Notre Dame, a Little Sister of the Poor; Kathy F. Branch; Mary Sue Recker; Jane Jordan.

1.  Kathy says... cousins, Diane, who I may add has had a remarkable recovery  from the removal of a brain tumor, last year, then my cousin Marilyn, my sister Sue, in the red, then my sister Jane, me (Kathy), and my mom (Aunt Mae Hoffman). September 2002.

2. L. to R. back row - cousins: Gerry, Carrie, Sharon, Anna Marie, Cindy (this is her baby shower), Anita, Sue, me (Kathy), and the proud pappa, JJ. In front is Diane, Marilyn, Jane, and my mom (Aunt Mae).

3.  Kathy and her father, Tom Hoffman, age 87. September 29, 2002. Baltimore, Maryland.

4. Kathy and her mom, Aunt Mae, on her 83th birthday, September 29, 2002. Baltimore, Maryland.

5. These 3 photos joined together are from Kathy Branch, March 2003.
Top pix is Kathy, and her two sisters, Jane, Mary Sue, and my sister, Sharon in Easton, Maryland.
Middle pix is Jane, Kathy and Judy who used to live next door to the Hoffman's when Kathy was 10.
Bottom pix is Aunt Mae, Patty (Sr. Marguerite) and Mary Sue.

The Melocik Family: Aunt Regina Melocik Wright is the only living sibling in a family of 17 brothers and sisters. Aunt Regina's mother, Anne Karvasek Melocik, was born in Prague, Bohemia, and the Melocik family is from Slovakia. Susan Kramer's maternal grandmother, Helen, was one of Regina's sister. Sonny's mother, Agnes, and Joseph's father, Joseph, were Aunt Regina's siblings. Sonny is also related to Susan Kramer through the Hoffman family. His late father, Harry Hoffman was the brother of Tom Hoffman pictured above who was previously married to Aunt Mae Kramer Hoffman, pictured just above, who is the older sister of Susan Kramer's late father, Walter Roland Kramer.

6. Dotty and Sonny (Henry/Hank) Hoffman and Aunt Regina Melocik Wright (sister of Susan Kramer's maternal grandmother, Helene). Sonny's late mother, Aunt Agnes, was a sister of Aunt Regina. Sonny's late father, Harry, was the brother of Tom Hoffman in photo 3. above. December 2002. Note added later - Regina passed away January 2003.

7. Aunt Regina Melocik Wright, and cousin Joseph Melocik. Aunt Regina is the sister of Joseph's late father, Joseph, and my (Susan Kramer's) maternal grandmother, Helene. December 2002.

8. Photos 8. and 9. are from Joseph and Bernadette Melocik taken at the christening of Robert, the grandson of David/Joyce Melocik and the son of their youngest son Alexander and wife Ginger. In the picture is Bernadette, myself (Joseph Melocik), Joyce, David, their daughter Gabrielle & her husband Frank and their four children, Mary's daughter Celia & her husband Richard and their two
children. October 21, 2007.
Description: Melocik family

9. Robert Melocik Christening October 21, 2007.
Description: Melock family

Going back to the Melocik ancestors: My sister, Sharon Levadnuk, scanned these and emailed to me 12/31/08:

10. This photo is labeled Great Grandmother Melocik and posted here 12/31/08, (7/5/13 - Chip Vantine said this is his mother, Lillian Melocik.)

Description: great grandmother Melocik

11. Great Grandfather Melocik. Posted here 12/31/08.
Description: Great Grandfather Melocik

12. Eight of the Melocik siblings: L-R: Regina, Joseph, Frances, Vera, Martha, Lillian, Anna, Agnes. Posted here 12/31/08.
Description: Melocik siblings

13. Mary and Josephine Melocik became nuns: Misionaries of the Sacred Heart. Posted 12/31/08. Between this photo and the one above are 10 of the 16 siblings.
Description: Two oldest Melocik sister became Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

14. Birth and death dates of Melocik family. Posted 12/31/08.
Description: Melocik family

15. Vera Melocik, Anna Melocik (their mother) and Anne Melocik. Baby is Susan Helene Kramer being held by her great grandmother, July 1947 at Fair Oaks on the Magothy, Severna Park, Maryland.

16. mid-1960s - L. to R. Aunt Martha Melocik, Aunt Francis Melocik Kessler, Aunt Anne Melocik, Uncle Raymond Kessler, cousins Richard and Mary Rita Hoffman. (Richard's mother is Agnes Melocik Hoffman.) Richard's brothers - Sonny and Adrian in photo just below.



17. 2008 - L. to R. Sonny (Henry) Hoffman and Dotty (Dorothy) Hoffman, with Viola and Adrian Hoffman celebrating Vi and Adrian's 50th wedding anniversary.

more family photos:

Hoffman, Melocik, Kramer, Pribyl, Kaspar photos continuing at: and and and


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