Christmas in The Netherlands 2002
Susan's Birthday; Happy New Year 2003!
photos by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

The setting is December 26, 2002, the 2nd day of Christmas, at Stan's brother Victor's house in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Utrecht is a main city and about 25 miles south of Amsterdam. Together were Susan, Stan, Victor, Simon, Tobian and Ma and Pa - Truus and Kees Schaap - the parents of Stan and Victor, and grandparents of Victor's sons Tobias 14 1/2, and Simon 16.

1. Ma, Pa, Tobias and Simon in front of their 'Christmas' tree.

2. Simon, Ma, Pa, Tobias. It is about 4pm and still light. Darkness descends by 4:45pm and the sun is again up about 9am this time of year.

3. Susan and Ma before dinner.

4. Stan, Ma, Pa, and Simon opening a birthday present; Simon's 16th birthday was Dec. 23rd. Look out the window - it is getting dark already.

5. Stan, Pa, Ma and Simon.

6. Proost, Salut!  around the dinner table getting ready to enjoy Victor's 7-course annual feast. Victor closest, Ma, Pa, Simon, Tobias, Susan.

7. Ma and Pa after first course; pork pâté with cranberries.

8. Dinner continues; the boys washed dishes after each course - L. to R. Susan, Pa, Ma, Simon, Tobias, Victor.

9. Ma and Pa preparing to go home. Victor, Ma, Pa, Simon, Tobias as Father Christmas.

10. Tot ziens - adios, till later: Ma and Pa with Simon at elevator door and Tobias with Ma.

11. Susan's birthday party December 30th - Victor and Simon and Tobias came to Stan and Susan's apt. in Amsterdam for lunch to celebrate. L. to R. Tobias, Susan, Simon, Victor.

12. Susan's birthday party December 30th.

13. It's New Year's eve and we are eating our way into New Year's Day 2003 the Dutch way - with oliebollen (balls in oil) - a yeast dough with raisens and currents that are fried like doughnuts. These 4 pix show the process.

Stan and I wish everyone a blessed NEW YEAR 2003!




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