Christmas in America 2002
plus a few more pix
contributed by the Ryckman and Lahart families and Sarada

1. From daughter Mary Anne and husband Tim in Chicago: grandchildren Stephen Lahart, 3.5 and Erin Conoboy, 8.25, December 2002.

2. Todd's mother, Cathy Zeidel, with daughter-in-law Marjorie and granddaughters Hannah 5.5, and Haley 2.5, Disneyland, California, winter 2002.

3. Hannah and Haley Ryckman, December 2002.

4. Haley and Hannah Ryckman, December 2002.

5. Hannah followed by Haley on the bluffs near Sandpiper Golf Course, Goleta, California, January 19, 2003.

6. Haley and Hannah waiting for their 1st batch of Christmas cookies to finish baking, Christmas 2002.

7. Still waiting - now taking this time to get caught up on reading...

8. Haley Ryckman with 1st cousin, Sam - Geni and Elmer's son, almost one year old. Christmas 2002. Geni is Todd's sister.

9. Marjorie with Hannah and Haley, Christmas at Mike's house.

10. Ryckman family: Todd, Hannah, Haley, Marjorie, Christmas at Mike's 2002.

11. Five of the granddaughters posing:
The Rice children are son Mike and daughter-in-law Lisa's children.
L. to R. Jessica Rice, 9.75, Hannah and Haley Ryckman, Michelle Rice, 11.25, and Nicole Rice,  4.5., Goleta, California, Christmas 2002.

12. In the Rice backyard. Mike watching niece Hannah on the tarzan swing. Christmas 2002.

13. Christmas, 2002, in Goleta, California. Sarada snail-mailed us this photo, it is scanned.
L. to R. Sarada, Polly, Lisa and Mike, with Nicole, Jessica and Michelle in front, Marjorie holding Haley and Todd holding Hannah.

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