March 2003 and Beyond
photos by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

1. Stan on a trip through the dunes - his new 'birthday' bike, April 2003.

2. This little lake is just next to the North Sea near Heemskerk; this is a cormorant with a twig for a nest on the little island to the right in the photo, April 2003.

3. These are small overnight cabins to rent at the North Sea, April 2003.

4. The full moon our first night in house, March 17, 2003, taken by Stan from our backyard with chimney in view, facing east.

5. Now our first sunrise looking out the front window.

6. Susan in garden with new position of pavers, April 15, 2003.

7. Backyard with some landscaping done, plum tree blooming in back right corner, April 15, 2003.

8. Looking up through branches of our plum tree on the day the blossoms opened, April 15, 2003; about an inch up and in from the left side see the bee on a blossom.

9. So much to see in this picture; to left see Stan taking photo of Susan inside house at new baby grand piano, the window is also reflecting the back of houses behind Stan. March 19, 2003.

10. Photos 10. through 15. are from May 18, 2003 in our backyard. All the hard landscaping is finished and all the trees and bushes planted and mulched. The bare patches are for summer vegies - maybe in another month some will be visible - when it warms up. Temp. on this day is about 58F. and windy.

11. Blue bells and lilies of the valley in foreground; along back fence. May 18, 2003.

12. Our neighbor's viburnum - golden chain tree. May 18, 2003.

13. Stan taking a much-deserved rest; to his left on wall are blackberry vines. May 18, 2003.

14. Another view - looking toward back fence; in near foreground is dwarf apple and just beyond a bing-type dwarf cherry tree. The small patio in center is for using the barbecue. May 18, 2003.

15. A view from the 3rd floor overlooking the garden with all the hard landscaping, bushes and trees planted. Bare spots for vegies. The plum tree in back right corner now has its leaves. May 18, 2003.

16. May 25, 2003. Just a week since the flower/vegie gardens were bare earth; now outlined in clay brick (a special edging brick that is twice the depth of what is visible above ground) and planted. I am doing companion planting. To the right in foreground are tomatoes with stakes, geraniums and parsely. To the left foreground purple felicia, white geraniums, spring onion plant in center with bush beans to be added, and the next garden in center has marigolds and strawberry-pink daisies with green bell peppers to be added.

17. Another view of the flower/vegie gardens with their new brick borders. I added potting soil before planting to create raised beds. May 25, 2003.

18. To the left in the fruit tree garden see the little Buddha garden statue for peace and in the right background is a still unplanted (actually planted a few hours after this picture was taken) vegie garden for vine plants - squash, cukes and round orange pumpkin squash - marigolds will be interplanted. The vine on the wall at right is grapes, and at the base strawberries and pansies, which here are called violas. May 25, 2003.

19. Front garden with rose tree about to fully bloom. Raggedy Ann watching from window. May 25, 2003.

20. Thursday, May 29, 2003, Ascension Day. Here in the Netherlands celebrated as a national holiday. Victor and Simon and Tobias became our first house guests for an afternoon barbecue. After eating, Simon and Tobias took our bikes out for a ride through the village. In this picture: Susan, Simon 16.5, Tobias 15, and Victor.  No more cold weather; the temp was 98F in the sun and 86F in the shade!

21. Another view of the barbecue crew. May 29, 2003.

22. Reflected in the window, Susan taking the picture, and left to right Stan, Simon, Tobias, Victor. May 29, 2003.

23. In the living room left to right - Stan, Victor, Simon and Tobias. May 29, 2003.

24. Susan playing the piano; notice the pix of Stan and Susan on the bookshelf, taken on the beach in Goleta, California, on the 2nd day of their meeting each other in person, September 1999. For the record, Susan is playing Franz Schubert's Ave Maria. May 29, 2003.

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