Getting the House and Garden Together, April 2003 and
Father's Day, June 15, 2003 in Utrecht (19. to 24.)
photos by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

This series is mostly inside our house with some of the new backyard layout. The bare patches in the backyard are for planting vegies around the 2nd week of May.

1. Susan fixing supper; picture taken from inside the workshop. Stan is building 3 book cases for one of the walls in the library on the 2nd floor.

2. Here is Stan working on those bookcases.

3. This is the layout of the dining and piano area facing the backyard. The bookcases on the left are mostly holding videos.

4. Looking out the dining window at the 'new' backyard plan. We just tried out our new barbecue. The surface where the patio table is sitting will be covered by a raised wood deck - 13' wide and 10' deep. In the foreground are 2 new dwarf fruit trees - apple and bing cherry. Around the corner out of view is the small winter patio (It gets the winter sun in that spot and is protected by 2 brick walls.)

5. Now, a view of the living room area. Susan's computer in the right far corner where I am sitting right now typing this page - and Stan's computer on the desk on the left, just out of sight.

6. This bookcase on the back of the kitchen wall also holds videos. See the port-hole between the kitchen and dining area.

7. Looking out the porthole from the kitchen into the dining area (I mean piano area).

8. Kitchen layout. On the other side of the frig is the butcher block table and then the kitchen door leading out to the deck-to-be.

9. Looking from the foyer through the kitchen and at Stan in the workshop. The first door to the left leads to the living-dining area.

10. The small bedroom on the 2nd floor with a single bed and the cabinet at the head of the bed holds my sewing equipment. The double doors open out to the kitchen roof.

11. Up to the dormitory on the 3rd floor; this view is in the bedroom with 3 single beds, looking out at the storage cabinet behind a wash basin.

12. Looking in the dormitory door.

13. Looking out the back 3rd floor window; built in bookcases.

14. From the 3rd floor window looking down on the backyard. The roof below is over the workshop and garden shed.

15. Another view of the backyard. Rose bushes are along the fence on the left. A grape vine along the wall on the right. A mature prune-plum tree at back right.

16. The library on the 2nd floor overlooking the front street; the blue wood at left is the side of the set of bookcases Stan made. The paint is ultramarine with a little white mixed and then sanded when dry. This wood color reminds Stan of the Provence of France. The sofa bed is from our apt. and opens out to sleep 2.

17. Now you can really see the bookcases in their ultramarine blue wash. We bought the bookcase to the left. Facing out to the hall.

18. And, another look at the 'bought' bookcases. Stan put the overflow of books in the built in bookcases in the 3rd floor dormitory.

19. through 24. are in Utrecht with Ma and Pa for Father's Day. Here is Ma, Stan and Pa. June 15, 2003.

20. Pa is revving up his electric cart for a drive down the street - follow along ... June 15, 2003.

21. In front of Ma and Pa's apt. building - Ma, Pa and Susan. June 15, 2003.

22. Here you can see to way the cart is operated. June 15, 2003.

23. Pa was enjoying himself very much - we could hardly keep up with him. June 15, 2003.

24. So many flowers are blooming in the front gardens - here is a bank of pink roses. Pa, Susan and Ma. June 15, 2003.

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