Visit by the Rice family to The Netherlands
Mike, Lisa, Lisa's dad Charlie, Michelle, Jessica and Nicole
August 2003
photos by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

1. August 15, 2003. Mike's first view of the North Sea at Castricum aan Zee.

2. August 22, 2003. Pictures 2. through 11. are at Muiderslot Castle near the inner sea, the IJsselmeer, east of Amsterdam. L. to R. Mike, Lisa, Susan, Nicole, Michelle, Charlie.

3. August 22, 2003. Here we see Nicole, Mike, Jessica, Lisa and Susan on the bridge over the moat.

4. August 22, 2003. Charlie, Lisa, Michelle, Jessica in the herb and vegetable garden in front of the castle. All the individual plots are lined in English boxwood.

5. August 22, 2003. Stan and Susan in front of the Muiderslot Castle.

6. August 22, 2003. An owl on a line, the trainer nearby. Location is next to the vegetable garden.

7. August 22, 2003. A large buzzard from the desert with the trainer nearby.

8. August 22, 2003. The inner courtyard. Having a picnic: Lisa, Mike, Jessica, 10 1/2, Nicole, 5, Michelle, almost 12, Charlie.

9. August 22, 2003. Starting top L. Charlie at 11pm. coming down the stairs in the tower, Mike at noon, Nicole at 1pm., Lisa at 3pm., Jessica at 5pm, Michelle at 8pm.

10. August 22, 2003. Climbing the tower stairs, Nicole, Mike, Lisa.

11. August 22, 2003. A side view of Muiderslot Castle. Charlie walking in the center, Lisa with back to camera and Michelle and Jessica wrestling.

12. August 16, 2003. The village of Zaanse Schans. Michelle, Nicole and Jessica - Lisa at far right. This big wooden shoe is in front of a small factory that makes the wooden shoes, which we were able to watch. The sign on the teddy bear that says Koop Mij means for sale.

13. August 20, 2003. Back at home, our bounty of plums from our back garden tree - these we shared with our neighbors.

14. August 20, 2003. Susan up in the plum tree doin' some pickin'.

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