Visit to Family in America, September 2003
photos by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

1. Sept. 14, 2003. First stop, Mary and Tim's house in Des Plaines, Ill.  L. to R. Susan, dog Annie, Erin and Stephen with Tim on floor.

2. Stan and Stephen, 4.5, making a paper airplane.

3. Sept. 15th. We picked up Erin after school - here she is on right with a close friend on left.

4. Sept. 15th. Trailing home from Erin's school. L. to R. Stephen, 4.5, Susan, Erin. 9, Mary with Annie leading the way.

5. Sept. 16, 2003 - Erin's 9th birthday! L. to R. Mike Conoboy, Erin, Tim and Stephen.

6. Sept. 16th - We visited the Shedd Oceanographic Museum in downtown Chicago. L. to R. Mary, Stephen, Tim, Erin, Susan in front of Mary's car in parking lot.

7. Sept. 16th - the Chicago skyline along Lake Michigan. Shedd Museuum low circular building at left. Sitting on the wall L. to R. Erin, Susan, Tim, Mary, Stephen. Many sail boats moored along beach. A public park lines the shore. The tallest building in the center is the Sears Tower.

8. Sept. 20th. Now we're in Goleta, California at Marjorie and Todd's house having a pizza dinner. Starting at baby Ben and moving clockwise are Ben, 6 months old, Todd, Sean (Sarada's boyfriend), Susan getting a foot massage, Haley, 3.5, Sarada, Hannah, 6.5, and Marjorie.

9. Sept. 20, 2003 - L. to R. Hannah, Haley, Susan holding Ben.

10. Sean holding Ben and Sarada.

11. Haley with her back to camera, Marjorie holding Ben and Sean.

12. Ben and Haley playing.

13. Sept. 21, 2003 - Michelle's 12th birthday family party at Mike and Lisa's. L. to R. Michelle, 12, Todd, Nicole, 5, Polly, Jessica 10.5 and Mike.

14. Sept. 21st, Sarada and Sean sitting, and in front, Michelle, Haley and Nicole.

15. Stan on Mike's tarzan swing.

16. Sept. 21st - Michelle's birthday party. L. to R. Lisa, Haley, Michelle, Jessica, Marjorie, Polly, Susan, with Hannah standing with her back to camera and Nicole mostly hidden.

17. Here are 3 scenes of the sunrise approaching Europe, flying at 36,000 feet west to east. Sept. 25, 2003.

18. This view of the very dark sky almost looked like we were in outer space looking down viewing the earth - the first smidgeon of daylight beginning to the east.

19. And now the beautiful dawn full bloom as we were flying over Ireland back to the Netherlands.

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