Kitchen Remodel in Castricum
  Spring 2004
updated 2/28/06
photos by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

This will be a blow by blow pictorial of our kitchen remodel, started March, 2004.

1. The old cabinets still in - set for removal. This old set was installed in 1971.

2. The upper cabinets are removed and we're patching the holes in wall.

3. Wall primed and textured and frame-work up for back splash under upper open cabinets that Stan is constructing. They will be 9.5 feet long (285cm) to match the new cabinets Stan constructed around Christmas 2003.

4. April 28, 2004. Stan finished the first upper cabinet - 2 more to go to reach the right-hand corner.

5. May 17, 2004. Stan finished all 3 upper cabinets!  Now for the lower set, new counter top, double sink and wood laminate floor.

6. June 8, 2004. Stan has all the old lower cabinets removed by 10:30am.

7. June 8, 2004. Stan finished installing all the lower cabinets by supper time.

8. June 9, 2004. Stan installed the counter top, sink, the plumbing and cabinet doors - a happy Susan!

9. June 24, 2004. Just about finished!

10. June 24, 2004. Isn't the floor beautiful with the new cabinets - the kitchen is a blend of white lower cabinets, white appliances, wood laminate beech floor and pine upper cabinets and backsplash. I love it!

11. June 25, 2004 - This is our final proud picture of our new kitchen (2 more light fixtures were installed after this pix was taken, one above the towel bar even with the top of the door frame, and one to my right over the doorway to the patio)!

12. February 2006 - Stan just built the little table Susan is using.

13. February 2006 - another view of the new little table with sunlight streaming in now. To the left of the table is a kitchen door to the patio and the door beyond the kitchen leads to the workshop and beyond that to the bike shed and another door to the garden.

more family photos: - just keep substituting numbers chronologically to see more recent pix ...

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just keep substituting numbers chronologically to see more recent pix ...

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