California - Sean and Sarada's Wedding and Parties
  September 2004
photos by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

Stan also made a wedding album of 120 photos at this link:

1. The day before the wedding - dinner at the Good Earth Rest. Clockwise from top left: Tim Lahart (daughter Mary's husband), Roger Svensson (Sarada's father), Dave Lewis (Sean's father), Kathy Lewis (Sean's stepmother), Amy (Sean's sister), Susan, Maggie Svensson, Sarada.

2. Wedding on Sept. 25, 2004: L to R: Beth Kaitlyn (Sean's sister), Sarada, Sean, Chris (Sean's mother)

3. Sean, Sarada and Mason Lyte. Overlooking Channel Islands at La Mesa Park.

4. Sarada and her siblings: Sarada and Mike in tree. Standing: Mary Anne, Polly and Marjorie. 9/25/04

5. Stan on scooter in front of Mike and Lisa's house.

6. Jessica and Susan on scooters.

7. All the grandkids on the walkway by Mike and Lisa's house. L to R - Michelle 13, Jessica 11.5, Erin 10, Hannah 7.5, Stephen 5.5, Nicole 6, Haley 4.5, Ben 18 months.
Heelal by Truus Schaap-Groenen

8. Stephen playing snakes - see he has just tossed the 'snake' - 2 golf balls attached to a foot long cord - he is trying to wrap it around one of the  horizontal poles about 15 feet away, like the one behind him.

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California - Sarada and Sean's wedding Sept. 2004

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