March 1, 2005 Snow Storm

photos from Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

We thought you'd enjoy some of the snow people built in our neighborhood today -
the biggest snow storm since Susan has been in The Netherlands these 5 years. By lucky cooincidence the kids have off school this week.

1. Around the corner these young teens used a ladder to construct their creation next to the canal. The kids really go in for big creations.

2.  Moving just down the street a mom transporting 2 kids on a sled - in any other weather both kids would have been on her bike!

3. Another snow person that looks to be sitting on his/her knees, hands in lap. This back of this house faces the back of our house.

4. Here's another wearing a scarf - just across the street from the one above.

5. Across the street from our house - using a sled to transport a big snowball!

6.  Our back yard below.

7. This gal is on snow skis!

8. Our canal mostly frozen - seagulls, mallards and another unidentified duck in foreground.

9.  Our front yard - we had a half foot in about 12 hours.

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March 1, 2005 Snow Storm
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