Birthday Party, May 14, 2005
Utrecht, The Netherlands

photos by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

We're celebrating the Schaap mens' birthdays - Victor, May 11th, Tobias, May 14th and Stan, May 15th.  We had a pizza party at Victor's house in Utrecht. As it turned out, these are our last pictures of Pa. He passed away on June 1, 2005 from double pneumonia, liver failure and septecemia.


1. L. to R. - Victor, Tobias 17, Simon 18.5, Stan and Pa in front.

2.  Tobias received a digital camera for a birthday present from his father. In background, Susan at left and Pa at right.

3. A chess set with sheep pieces - this is a family thing because the name Schaap also means sheep - both Vic and Stan collect sheep momentos.

4. Vic's collection of mini violins. The squares on the table are about 6" wide.

5. Vic is building a  1/24th  scale replica of a canal house - here and next photo.


7. And finally our pizza party!

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