Christmas 2001 in The Netherlands
photos taken by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

1. L-R: Simon, 15, Tobias, 13.5, Victor, Ma (Truus Schaap), Stan (Victor is Stan's younger brother - father of Simon and Tobias). Victor's house in Utrecht.

2. Pa (Kees Schaap) resting at AZU hospital - the Utrecht University Medical Center.

3. Susan holding a Noh mask - a birthday present from Victor and the boys.

4. L-R: Tobias, 13.5, and Simon. Simon's 15th birthday was 12/23/01.

5. L-R: Victor, Tobias, Simon serving a course of Victor's 7-course 4th annual Christmas dinner.
Courses in the dinner consisted of: 1. liver pâté with cranberry sauce; 2. cream of lobster soup, crusty cheese bread; 3. tiny rolls with wild game sauce (in this photo); 4. sautéed fresh tuna, salad garnish; 5. rolled wild boar braised with mushroom sauce - brussel sprouts, peas and corn alongside, potato croquettes; 6. fruit salad and separate green salad; 7. chocolate covered icecream balls (like small eskimo pies) with hot chocolate sauce drizzled atop.

6. L-R: Ma, Tobias, Susan. Tobias and Simon did the serving. Dinner spanned 2 hours.

7. L-R: Susan, Ma and Simon.

8. Victor with Simon in background and Tobias.

9. L-R: Susan trying on the Noh mask, Victor, Simon and Ma.

10. Simon laying the corner stone for a new construction of the train layout both boys build and manage - located just in front of their bunkbeds.

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