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Family, Friends & Views in Europe and America
Going Down Memory Lane at Fair Oaks on the Magothy, 1941 to Present
present day photos taken by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

1. Amsterdam: The windmill Gooyer at the south end of our street; the row of houses on our street can be seen just below the right-hand big green tree on lower right side of picture. This pix is taken from a bridge crossing the canal in front of our building. If you could look further straight on into the pix for another 3 blocks (looking north) you would see the Amsterdam harbor where passenger ships dock as well as cargo ships from ports all over the globe. The windmill has a thatched roof and the building just to the right of it is a working brewery. We live on one of the 4 Oostelijke Eilanden - making up the northeast corner of central Amsterdam; we are surrounded by 3 canals with the harbor on the 4th - north side.

2. Hoge Veluwe National Park, July 2000; Susan riding into sunset. Many bike riding trails wind through the park; the bikes are free to use in the park -  one speed bikes in The Netherlands because the land is relatively flat having once been peat marshes; now drained of water by canals that continually pump the water uphill to the ocean. Dikes and sand dunes around the perimeter of The Netherlands at the ocean keep the inland from flooding. Also, in this picture note the low sand dunes that I'm riding toward; blown there by the wind. The land west of the inland sea is relatively flat and only starts to rise above sea level east of Amsterdam. This park is quite close to the western border of Germany; just north of the town of Arnhem.

3. Dusseldorf, Germany, bronze statue on street - spring 2000. Düsseldorf is located on the River Rhein which flows just south of Arnhem in The Netherlands. Düsseldorf is approximately 80 kilometers south east of Arnhem.

4. Scultpture of dancers on Masstricht mall; Maastricht is in the southern tip of The Netherlands and the city where Stan was born. Photo taken February 2001.

5. Amsterdam: Zula, a female Rhodesian ridgeback hound visiting our home and making herself comfortable. Zula and her 'mom' Hanneke live in the apt. below us. Zula was born Sept. 19, 2001. This pix taken January 13, 2002.

6. Lake Tahoe, California; Susan at lake edge - fall 1999.

7. Maryland, November 2001. David Kramer, Susan's one-year-younger brother. The pix on the wall behind David appears to be of Major David Henry Jenkins from the era of the Spanish-American war in the late 1800s. Uncle Dave was the owner of Fair Oaks on the Magothy plantation. Photo taken by Sharon Levadnuk.

8. Maryland, November 2001. Sharon and Jim Levadnuk's (Sharon is Susan's sister) two dogs - Muffit under the table, and Bugsy on the chest in the kitchen of the family home. Photos taken by Sharon Levadnuk.

9. Maryland, late summer 2000.  Jim Levadnuk (Sharon's husband) and Dave with Muffit and Bugsy on the front lawn at the family home at Fair Oaks. Magothy River. Old boathouse at right.

10. Maryland, late summer 2000. Standing from the position where Jim and Dave are above looking up to the family home in light green with Susan on the left and Sharon on the right. Wagon shed behind house. As a child I remember tools being stored in there as well as barrels of dog food for the Chesapeake Bay retrievers which Uncle Dave raised. There was a sandstone knife sharpener that one sits on to sharpen tool blades that I loved to sit on and peddle. A little story: Looking at the house, 2nd story, left side middle window was my room as a teenager. One night I was bored and the bedroom walls were white plaster, so I painted in watercolors 4 feet high a mural of a windmill. I wonder if that was a premonition of the windmill at the end of our street here in Amsterdam?!

11. Maryland. Susan's father, Walter Kramer, and Susan's first cousins - Mary Sue Recker and (Patty)-Sr. Marguerite de Notre Dame, Little Sisters of the Poor. Mary Sue and Patty are 2 of my father's sister, Mae's 4 daughters, Severna Park, Maryland, Dec. 3, 2001. (photo taken with Jim's new digital camera by David Kramer, Susan's brother and emailed to us in The Netherlands by Susan's sister, Sharon.) note: Walter died January 22, 2002.

12. Maryland. Susan's father, Walter Roland Kramer, age 58, and Susan's daughter, Sarada, age 2, in 1982 at the family home in Severna Park, Maryland. This was a poloroid picture.

13. Maryland. Mary Larche and Jane Kramer (Susan's mother) - possibly 1945.

14. Maryland. February 13, 1943. Fair Oaks on the Magothy. Walter R. Kramer and mother (Nanny), Susan Ann Powell.

15. Maryland. February 21, 1943. Susan Ann Powell (Nanny), her brother Henry Powell, and sister May Powell (Auntie). Standing in front of the barn at Fair Oaks.

16. Maryland. February 21, 1943. Ben II. Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Fair Oaks on the Magothy.

17. Maryland. December 14, 1941. Auntie, Uncle Dave (Major David Wheeler Jenkins) and Badger. Fair Oaks on the Magothy. They were my (Susan Helene Kramer) godparents.


17a. Gravestone of Major David Wheeler Jenkins, son of Thomas Warner Jenkins and Teresa Jenkins, buried at New Cathedral Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland.

Born November 10, 1873, died November 17, 1958.


17b. Headstone at Woodlawn Cemetery, Baltimore, for Uncle Dave's wife May Powell Jenkins, January 12, 1887-July 21, 1956, and my grandmother, Sula Powell Kramer, December 13, 1889-October 30, 1963.


18. Maryland. 1944. Walter's sisters: Mary Rachel (Aunt Mitchie) and Cornelia Mae (Aunt Mae).

19. Maryland. 1944. Walter's mother, Susan Ann Powell.

20. Maryland. February 10, 1942. Back row L. to R. Bill Kroeger, friend of Walter's; Aunt Mitchie; Uncle Tommy - married to Aunt Mae. Front row  L. to R. Nanny; Aunt Mae holding Kathy; Auntie holding Patty.
At this period of time Aunt Mae, Uncle Tom and the girls were living at Fair Oaks and Uncle Tom was tending the farm - gardens and chickens, pigs, and cows. The cows grazed on the point. The pigs were kept where the dog graveyard became.

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