Emmen, The Netherlands
April 13, 2002
photos taken by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

1. On the map, the Netherlands is light gray color; area around Emmen is highlighted in yellow.
    Emmen is located about 5 miles west of the German border. The town is quaint and historic as seen in the photos following. Remains of early Neanderthal man were found in this area. It takes 2 hours to travel by train from Amsterdam via Zwolle to Emmen.
    Just wait till you see the large balanced rock in the photo below located near Zwolle.
    Today there was a folk dancing festival on the main square and we took photos of 2 dance groups plus a photo of a bronze statue on the square.
    The picture of Stan is on the side of a main street that is bordered by a wide parkway. The picture of Susan is in front of a great fabric store  - the word 'stoffen' means fabric. (Don't I look happy to have found this shop!)
    Much of the area of the town/village is tree lined. Reminds me of rural Maryland or Virginia. Much of the landscape east of Zwolle is woodsy rather than open farming land.
    Our quest today was to see if we liked the feel of the area to possibly buy our house there, and we did!

2. Decal on train window in foreground; typical farm house with thatched room viewed as we sped by.











13. Unbelievable balancing act; the rock being balanced is at least 20 feet long.

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