May 17-23, 2002
Goleta and Santa Barbara, California
Michelle's 1st Holy Communion
Sarada's Graduation and Other Events
photos by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

1. Susan and her long-time good friend Ann Winter.

2. Susan in the middle with two of her children, Sarada and Michael. Pepe's Restaurant.

3. L. to R. - Marjorie, Sarada, Todd, Hannah, Grammy Susan and Haley.

4. Jessica holding Haley.

5. Sebastian and Sarada and Nicole at Michelle's 1st Holy Communion May 18, 2002.

6. Michelle Rice - 1st Holy Communion, May 18, 2002.

7. Michelle's 1st Holy Communion group portrait.

8. Susan Kramer's 1st Communion, July 1954 - fashions have changed ...

9. Susan and Sarada just prior to her graduation with an Associate Degree in Nursing from Santa Barbara City College, May 18, 2002.

10. Sarada giving the concluding speech at her graduation ceremony.

11. Sarada's father, Roger, 'pinning' Sarada with her nursing pin.

12. Sarada with Gene Hoffman-Knudsen, with whom Sarada lived for a time during her nursing studies.

13. The couple in black are J'Nelle and Stephen Holland, friends of Sarada and long-time friends of Susan. Roger is in red sweater and his companion, Maggie, is in white blouse looking toward camera.

14. L. to R. - Lady in white hat is Peggy, with whom Sarada also lived with for a time at the beginning of her nursing studies, Sebastian and Sarada, Gene Hoffman-Knudsen, Roger and Michael holding Nicole.

15. At Lisa's Dad's Carlos' house in Santa Barbara for the 1st communion party. L. to R. Sebastian, Sarada, Sole, Carlos, Susan.

16. Todd and family and friends.

17. Michelle trying to break the pinata. Cousins in background.

18. Sarada trying to break the pinata.

19. Stan and Susan driving through Ojai on May 21st.

20. A view down into Ojai Valley from atop Meditation Mount.

21. Purple cactus atop Meditation Mount, Ojai, CA - the only place in the world it grows.

22. Well-irrigated plants atop Meditation Mount.

23. Note how the strong gale is blowing against Stan  and the palm tree in the background at Goleta Beach on May 20th.

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