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Forgiveness Healing Prayer and Meditation

Susan Helene Kramer

Forgiveness Healing Prayer

Forgiveness loosens the knot of hurt
It lightens my body-mind burden.
If feeling guilty for negative thoughts or deeds
I forgive myself, and let that go, too.

Forgiveness does not mean forgetting. Instead, it replaces negative feelings brought up by remembering a hurt, with positive feelings of healing and well-wishes.

Guided Meditation

Lie on your back on a comfortable surface in a warm place; cover yourself with a light blanket if desired. Let your arms rest at your sides, near, but not touching your body; feet resting about a foot apart. Close your eyes.

Begin breathing evenly in and out: breathe in 2 counts; breathe out 2 counts; continue. Do not hold your breath. After a minute or more of even breathing begin thinking about a situation where you have been hurt. Stay with the thoughts a few moments while you are lying there comfortable and safe.

Now mentally say something like: "I forgive you (the person who caused the hurt) for what you did. I send you healing light that you will choose to act in a positive way in the future. What you did to me was wrong; I'm not saying it was okay. I am saying that I choose to think positive thoughts of healing and love toward you now, rather than dwell on negative thoughts of blame and anger."

Next, rest easy for a few moments to balance any fragments of upset, which may have been brought up in your body-mind from thinking about an old hurt.

After a few minutes resting and breathing evenly, either sleep or take a deep breath in and out, stretch and get up; energized.

Article copyright 2017-2018 by Susan Helene Kramer; photo by Stan Schaap, Dusseldorf, Germany. "Blame delays constructive action." Verse by Susan Helene Kramer

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