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Free to Move While Learning

by Susan Kramer

How to teach elementary students kinesthetically, in a fully illustrated text, outlining body placement and anatomy, rhythms, large motor skills, dynamics, creative movement, beginning mini-lessons, the one-hand alphabet, and a 40-minute lesson plan divided into 5 minute segments. Also for special needs students.

Master text for teachers on how to use a kinesthetic approach with academics. Included in the Rhythmic Movement Dance Series of The Gateway to Educational Materials of the United States Department of Education - GEM.

92 pages; 8.5 by 11 inch PDF ebook and paperback
Copyright 2002-2013 Susan Kramer
ISBN: 978-0-557-42465-8
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Publishing

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Part I Anatomy as Applied to Teaching Movement
1. Body Placement, 2. Foot, 3. Legs, 4. Knock Knees, 5. Bow legs,
6. Spine, 7. Poor Posture, 8. The Spine and Jumps, 9. Muscle Groups

Part II Rhythms

1. Theory, 2. Clapping in Meter, 3. Listening and Clapping
Clapping Syllables, 5. Rhythmic Accompaniments

Part III Dynamics of Energy; Creative Movement

Gradations of Movement
Rebound; Suspension; Sustained Movement; Overtones; Expending Energy
Elements of Motion
Axial; Levels; Directions; Dynamics
Body-Mind; Mind-Body Interaction

Part IV 16 Basic Rhythmic Movements

1. Theory

(1) Walks, (2) Runs, (3) Marching, (4) Gallops, (5) Slides, (6) Hops,
(7) Jumps, (8) Leaps, (9) Pedaling, (10) Prancing, (11) Toe Pointing,
(12) Skips, (13) Waltz, (14) Minuet, (15) Schottische, (16) Polka

Part V Floor Exercises

1. Descriptions
(1) The Leaf, (2) The Flower, (3) The Cricket, (4) The Bird,
(5) The Squirrel, (6) The Chipmunk, (7) The Rocker, (8) The Seal,
(9) Back Exercise, (10) The Turtle, (11) Cat Stretch,
(12) The Starfish, (13) The Owl, (14) Swinging

Part VI Mini-Lessons for learning academic concepts
1. Practice with Letter Shapes

Straight Line, Curve, Circle
. Language
Words, Sentence
Syllables: Clapping Accents for Native and
Foreign Language Learning
Punctuation Exercises: Comma and
Period; Exclamation Point;
Question Mark; Colon; Semicolon
Diagramming Sentences
2.A. Fingerspelling; One-Hand Alphabet
Reasons for Learning the One-Hand Alphabet
Using the one-hand alphabet to re-teach
or strengthen coordination in a weak hand
for people of all ages
The Letter Shapes
Resources on the Internet
2.B. Spelling
Using 'scrabble' game pieces or wooden alphabet blocks
3. Visual Directional Exercise; Non-verbal 'Which Way Game'
4. Counting
Basic Math

Sets, Addition, Subtraction,
Wholes, Halves, Quarters
5.A. More Addition
ABA Sequencing
Directions of Movement

Forward, Backward, Sideward;
Clockwise, Counter-clockwise;
Right and Left Side of Body
8. Geometric Shapes
9. Telling Time
Moving Left to Right as in Writing; Reading

Part VII Basic Lesson Plan

1. Theory
A Full Lesson or a 'Sponge' Activity?

Providing Space; Protocols/Benefits
2. Basic Lesson Plan
1 - Floor Exercises, 2 - Clapping Rhythms,3 - Rhythmic Movements, 4 - Resting
5 - Technique or Mini-Lesson, 6 - Creativity and Dynamics,
7 - The Melody and Rhythm of Music, 8 - Expanding
3. Special Circumstances


About the author - Susan Kramer has been teaching dance and academics kinesthetically as a dance specialist since 1965 and maintains a large educational web site at She has a M.A. in educational research and Ph.D. in religious counseling.

Review by GEM

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