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Qualities of Friendship

By Susan Helene Kramer

To have a friend, be a friend; be friendly.

As in the word, a friend is like a ship that carries us, abides with us unfailingly, through the calm and rough seas of life.

Is there any purer relationship than friendship? It is unconditional loyalty and love. Friendship is a bond of steadfastness and acceptance that allows us to be who we are, fully, without fear that love will be withdrawn.

Over a lifetime, it is the bond of friendship that allows us to explore our depths with non-judgmental feedback and supportiveness.

Sometimes, the friendship we give is not returned, but we benefit in another way: The process of extending friendship expands our consciousness. While giving and in the afterglow, we feel a sense of connection.

Once we experience the connection we feel while giving with care, we know that it is not just what we receive in life that makes us happy. It is mainly the connection that we feel when our own boundaries of self-centeredness break down through our lovingness, that we feel our internal sense of peace and happiness.

HONESTY in friendship:

Honesty is a quality that allows us to look in the mirror and see the reflection of how we really are. In honesty we see clearly and can make course adjustments. If we live each day in accordance with our conscience, our reflection in the mirror and how others see us will be well-balanced.

Thoughts are forms of energy and produce their exact genetic offspring. Good thoughts produce good; selfish actions lead to repeated dissatisfactions. Just as swimming in cloudy water puts us at risk of facing hurtful obstacles, a cloudy thought process keeps us from viewing and resolving situations clearly.

Congruency between our words, feelings and actions, keeping our intentions for the highest good, breeds happiness in living.

Honest to good feelings with an attitude for the best resolve reap honest thoughts and actions.

LOYALTY in friendship:

Loyalty doing what one has committed to amidst changing circumstances.

Loyalty is a quality that develops our consciousness. Loyalty leads us deep into a situation, through it, and out the other side emerging as a more developed person.

Loyalty is an essential in friendship. Acquaintances become friends through mutual loyalty.

Loyalty is an essential in friendship that has developed into the commitment of hearts between two people. Loyalty in a heart to heart relationship develops mutual trust.

Above all else in this world is friendship, unconditionally given, unconditionally received. And with the addition of love, life is made beautiful. Above all else in this world is loving friendship, unconditionally given, unconditionally received.

Unconditional love the best quality of friendship.



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