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Aligning with Our Function on Earth

Susan Kramer



God shares His function with you in Heaven, and the Holy Spirit shares His with you on earth. (A Course in Miracles: T-12.VII.4:6-8).


I find these are inspiring thoughts and they feel right to me, but Ive been asking myself what they mean in daily living?


I see God as Creator and Sustainer, and the Holy Spirit as energetically revealing the truest and purest way to live on earth.


Listening to the Holy Spirit in meditation sets the tone for my daily thoughts and actions; it gets me on the right track. When Im feeling relaxed, I think clearer and work through situations with a positive attitude.


I can contact the Holy Spirit within my mind when Im feeling calm. First, I sit still and begin even breathing, such as one count to inhale and one count to exhale. Then I listen for the soothing stream of sound vibrations seemingly emanating from under the crown of my skull. This is not a sound coming in through my ears. It is the sound of the presence of the Holy Spirit.


In this state I feel clear and positive. I bring a problem or situation to mind and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Usually some ideas come to mind, which I write down in my daily journal to follow through on. I am so thankful to have the Holy Spirit as my best friend, my wisest friend while on earth.


When Ive completed my assigned time and tasks on earth, I look forward to energetically sharing in the ongoing work of God: Creator of All, Sustainer of All.


Holy Spirit

Be always with me

My wisest friend on earth

Preparing me for a

Holy Relationship with God.


Aligning with Our Function on Earth
copyright 2021 Susan Helene Kramer; photo credit Stan Schaap: farm in North Holland



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About the Author:

A meditation and yoga practitioner since 1976, Susan Kramer writes on practical spirituality, family and social issues, and dance. Her instructional books are listed at her web site





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