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Greenhouse Construction from a Kit
Photos by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer


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Greenhouse construction from a kit

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Meditation Garden Design, Layout, Planting

Greenhouse dimensions: 2 meters wide; 2.5 meters long; 2 meters high. This is a project that Susan really wanted, almost a lifetime dream fulfilled!  Thanks go mostly to Stan for the patience in laying a concrete foundation in each corner and putting the kit together. A labor of love. Note there is one roof window and it automatically opens at 66 degrees F. and closes when the temp. goes down that low. Stan removed the top glass pane on the door to aid in air flow and keep the indoor temp. down. I've seen it at 100 F. inside during a sunny afternoon. Susan is now working on scooting the path pavers away from that side glass wall so bike handle bars don't hit it while walking by. Susan put in 3 ivy trees to act as a visual barrier to stay away from the side wall. And, now that Stan has completed the construction Susan is busy planting in the ground and seeds in pots on the table. Even under the table Swiss Chard will be growing, ha, ha. Susan has started zucchini and pumpkin seeds indoors and will move those to the outside garden area when they are about a foot high.

1.  Newly completed greenhouse, wooly bully (the palm tree) at right along back fence.

Description: Description: overview of finished greenhouse

2. Greenhouse foundation. The 3 poles spaced the length of the greenhouse are a visual barrier to keep bikes from getting too close to the glass wall.

Description: Description: foundation

3.  Greenhouse aluminum framing.

Description: Description: framing

4. Susan raking soil, sliding door is at right short side, roof is plexiglass, side walls are glass.

Description: Description: Susan raking soil

5. Stan by sliding glass door.

Description: Description: Stan by sliding glass door

6. Inside greenhouse.

Description: Description: inside greenhouse

7.  Greenhouse showing ivy trees - ivy planted to go up poles.

Description: Description: greenhouse showing ivy trees

8.  Greenhouse showing shadecloth in summer on side sun shines in directly. Also notice that heavy chicken wire was placed along the poles outside greenhouse to prevent bike handlebars from hitting glass. Also pavers on path were move a foot away from glass and a narrow band of plants sown in the bed. Tomatoes growing along far wall.

Description: Description: greenhouse showing shade cloth

9.  February 2011 - Yes, it is a gray winter day! Stan just built these wood borders for a raised bed to grow mainly tomatoes. We left the ground under the bench clear to place large pots. The ground has been double dug for 3 years now and I am filling the beds with potting soil from the garden center. The tomatoes should love it. If you look through the glass to outside you'll see the raised beds put in last summer which worked out nicely, as I didn't have so far to bend over to tend them. The new borders could be extended even higher in the future, as Stan used tongue and grove floor boards to constuct so far.

Description: Description: greenhouse raised bed borders


10. Tomatoes thriving


11. June 14, 2015 - 3 big boy tomato plants have been in a month now. Plants L. to R. Arugula (rocket) lettuce, tomato, bok choy, potatoes, 2 tomato plants


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