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Garden Green Roof Installation of Sedums

Photos by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer


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Garden Green Roof installation of sedums

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Now - here it is - our new garden green roof. Stan built the borders first from 2x4s of an outdoor wood to match last year's trellis. The outside border has a facia board to match. The felt material is to protect the roof from  being punctured by the black crushed lava rock which hold moisture for the roots of the sedum plants. By the way, most of the time it was pouring down rain.

1.  Stan spreading the felt material.
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2. Stan spreading the granulated lava rocks over the felt. They came in the white bags you see. The board standing on end is the facia board.
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3. The sedum came in rolls 1 meter by 2.5 meters in size. Stan is unrolling and laying it over the rock base.
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4. Katje and Stan checking out the progress.
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5. We had the delivery guys carry the rolls - 16 meters - up to the 2nd floor. Susan laid out an oilcloth table cloth and some rugs to catch some of the soil - but, I tell you, especially with the rain it was a bear to clean up the front foyer, stairs, and this room.
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6.  Ah, it was all worth it! View from 2nd floor.
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7. Now, the sun is out and here is a view from the 3rd floor.
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8. Update after 3 months growth - November 18, 2006 - nice and lush ...
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9. Photo July 2012 - six years after green roof installed. I sprinkled on meadow wild flower seeds a year ago and planted small succulents 4 years ago which have spread nicely. Our next door neighbors commented that they like looking at it. We have since cut back the vines laying on the green roof.


10. Photo July 13, 2013 - seven years after green roof installed. Still doing great and getting ever more lush. Notice how the patches of yellow and pink succulents in the center have spread out in the last year. Stan fertilizes each spring.



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