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Porch, Wildlife Pond and Streambed Construction

photos by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

narration by Susan Kramer


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Porch, wildlife pond and streambed construction

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This was our mildest winter on record with an average January temperature of 46.9 F. We did not have a single day of freezing temps this winter. So, we continued right on with gardening and building projects in our back garden. Stan built our wood porch deck and Susan built a pond with help from Stan in digging out the hole. We hope you enjoy these photos.

1.  Stan rightfully enjoying the fruits of his labor. The porch deck is 12 feet wide and 8 feet deep.

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2. Susan enjoying her rocking chair on the porch in March.
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3.  The porch guts ... oh, I mean framing ...

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Wildlife Pond

4. Now for the pond begun March 31st. It was basically a week's project. The space between the bricks and pavers around the pond has tiny groundcover that should spread and cover the bricks by the end of summer. We have 6 oxygenating plants in the pond and when it warms up we will put in a lotus - no fish; a heron lives nearby and just ate the fish in our neighbor's pond.

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5. Here's the hole dug - perhaps you can see it is in a couple of tiers.

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6. Now the thick polyvinyl cloth is laid in and we are filling the pond.

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7. Believe it or not, the second day of water a frog from somewhere outside our garden jumped in!

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8. Katje prancing along beside the pond which she drinks from. Susan lounging in the sun on the porch.

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9. Stan completed the deck and rail construction the first week of his vacation, July 2007 - we sure enjoy sitting out watching birds and rain!

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Streambed ...

10. July 2007 - After Stan finished the deck and rail, Susan created a streambed to take the run off from the porch roof and direct it through the garden - first stop the pond, then with an overflow at the end of the pond furtherest away from the porch another stream bed all the way to back of the garden to water the trees past the pond. It is really nice to watch the stream flow during rains. Susan laid a strip of pond liner under the gravel to create the culvert. Our hydrangea (hortensia) have really filled out this summer.

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